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  • 7.5

    go Homer Woohoo

    By Madchatterbox, Nov 16, 2015

    Futurarma is a very good show but it is not nearly as funny as the Simpsons ( that is probably because futurama focuses more on action than gags unlike the Simpsons ) its a very decent show and i love the characters especially Bender

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  • 1.0

    i have seen better concepts in pickel and peanut than this

    By benderisgreat, Oct 04, 2015

    this show sucks it is terrible and i have no idea why comedy central will bring this show back and not a creative show like brickleberry. brickleberry is pure genius bring back brickleberry and cancel this and south park now

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  • 9.5

    Wow, this show had me by surprised

    By mewtwo151, Aug 02, 2015

    So to be honest with you people, I started to watch this show recently. Not because I didn't like it, but seeing how this was made by the same guy who made The Simpsons, I didn't expect much. Yeah, I'm not a Simpsons fan. I just find it unfunny and outdated, but that's me personally. So anyway, when I saw that Comedy Central was starting from episode one again, I felt this was my chance. Then I watched the next the the next day came, I watched it some more. Just WOW! Who would of thought an adult show could be this great without relying on shock humor. Taking place place in the future is interesting, the characters are lovable, it has such memorable and funny jokes, and it's just a lot of fun to watch. I know it might be early to give this show this high of a rating, but i don't think my opinion would change at all as of now.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By shady_cx, Jun 23, 2015

    Really good

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    Matt Groening has the best TV shows on earth: "The Simpsons" and this show.

    By bautistakenrick856, Oct 13, 2014

    I love "Futurama". They have the best episodes, the best plot, and great characters.

    I am gonna miss those characters from the show:

    Philip J. Fry- a dim*witted, yet good*hearted delivery guy who traveled 1000 years in the future.

    Turanga Leela- a smart and fearless mutant who's Fry's on-and-off love interest.

    Bender Bending Rodriguez- a selfish, uncaring and antisocial robot who is Fry's best friend.

    Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth- a very old scientist who's Fry's distant nephew.

    Hermes Conrad- a Jamaican who's managing the business value.

    Amy Wong- a bubbly co-worker who's very naive and clumsy.

    Nibbler- Leela's pet who's responsible for Fry being frozen 1000 years.

    Zapp Branigan- a womanizing space captain who has a strong interest in Leela.

    Kiff Kroker- a shy cadet who is Amy's love interest.

    Dr. Zoidberg- a hilarious, yet creepy crustacean doctor.

    Cubert Farnsworth- Hubert's smart, yet arrogant son.

    I really love the show, and sad that it got cancelled twice.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Clever writing

    By Jesslovesadultcartoons, Sep 10, 2014

    I love how intelligent this show is, even though some episodes can be boring and it's not really laugh out loud humor, their portrayal of the future and the satire in this show is phenomenal. It also has really sweet moments and sad episodes, like the clover one or "Jurassic Bark". The whole Fry and Leela relationship and how it builds throughout the series, I find really sweet.

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    On of the best TV Shows Ever!

    By gabrielefacchini7, Aug 10, 2014

    The best show ever set in the future.

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    By NatT96, Aug 02, 2014

    Comedy Central will air the final 13 episodes in June!!!!! WHY DO GOOD CARTOONS END!

    But theres [Adult Swim] (Won't be the same, but I don't want it to go).

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    Help Bring back Futurama!!!

    By johartung, Jul 31, 2014

    I have made a signable petition (one of many existing on the internet) stating our (Futurama fans) desire for more Futurama episodes/seasons. The show has been cancelled by Comedy Central but there is still hope. Here is the link if you want to check it out:


    Many people say that they want Futurama to step out on a high note, but I say, the series was doing wonderful with no sign of weakening jokes or plot. The developers have even stated that they have plenty of more stories to tell if season 8 WERE to happen and that they are looking for another channel to bring the show back on. I have adored Futurama since episode one, and it has been one of my favorite shows EVER since then, I can't bear to see it or any of it's extremely awesome and lovable characters go just yet.

    Help me and thousands of other fans bring Futurama back!!!moreless

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    Bring back Futurama

    By giantyacht, Jul 22, 2014

    who in his right mind would cancel Futurama and South Park is running it 18 season C'mon, Bring back Futurama it even better then Simpsons oh though Simpsons rules but that means it way better then Family Guys

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