The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz

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  • 8.5


    By that70sguy92, Jun 15, 2009

    I thought this was a really funny episode of Futurama. I enjoyed the story a lot.

    I am not able to describe this episode, so I am going to use's summary of the episode instead of coming up with my own:

    The Professor decides to ship hazardous cargo to the outer reaches of space, but the course chartered takes the ship through some environmentally sensitive areas-including the penguin refuge on Pluto. Leela refuses to transport the dangerous cargo, so the Professor removes her from command and installs Bender as captain. While Bender is piloting the ship, he allows his attention to drift and accidentally showers the penguins with oily goop. As punishment for his crime, Bender gets 5 hours of community service helping clean up the mess.moreless

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  • 10

    This episode is such a funny episode.

    By ctm723, Jun 04, 2009

    This episode is so funny and has my favorite storyline I have seen thus far with Bender thinking he is a penguin and some hilarious parts are when Bender names Fry Wiggles and when Leela and the other environmentalists make a ring of peace and the ship just goes over them and Leela says where you aware that ships could fly up and the leader says no I was not. Also it was really funny when Fry yelled at Zoidberg because they where lost and he said he was good at navigating and Zoidberg says he is sorry then he starts crying and when the killer whale attacked Bender when he was swimming like a penguin and it was very funny when an octopus was on top of the Planet Express ship. Also the ending was amazing when Bender said ah stupid birds will survive on their own and then you see two penguins learn how to use guns. Overall because I laughed so much during this episode is why it is brilliant.moreless

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  • 9.7

    I loved this episode. It was so funny because it had so many historical references.

    By Iverson82094, Feb 09, 2008

    This episode opens with Professor Farnsworth giving the crew an extremely controversial mission: towing a dark matter tanker through the solar system, and dangerously near the penguin preserve on Pluto in order to avoid a tollbooth. Leela refuses to take part, and the Professor makes Bender the new captain. Leela joins the protesters from Penguins Unlimited.

    After initially failing to stop the tanker, Leela and the protesters race ahead to intercept the tanker at Pluto. Meanwhile aboard the Planet Express ship, Bender lets his new power go to his head. Fry gets fed up with Bender's captaining, and rejects both his leadership, and his friendship. A distraught Bender goes on a sobriety binge, and takes the tanker on an erratic course over Pluto. The tanker collides with an iceberg, and spills dark matter across the landscape.

    For his part in the disaster, Bender is sentenced to community service, cleaning up the spill alongside the Penguins Unlimited environmentalists. However, when the police officers supervising his work are distracted by a round of platonic hugging, Bender dons a tuxedo and blends into the colony of penguins.

    Leela sets off to search Pluto for Bender, while Fry inexplicably decides to take the Planet Express ship and search for Bender in space. That night, Bender is mauled by an orca, and the damage causes him to shut down. When he reboots, his boot loader reinitializes him with penguin-like behaviors.

    Back at the Penguins Unlimited facility, it is announced that the dark matter has increased the penguins' reproductive speed by tens of thousands of times. Whereas one penguin usually lays one egg a year, the penguins (both males and females) are now laying eggs at a rate of six eggs every fifteen minutes, which go on to hatch in 12 hours. In order to save the penguins from mass starvation, penguin hunting season is declared. A reluctant Leela agrees to take part; but her first shot hits Bender in the head, causing him to reboot into his normal personality.

    When the hunters arrive, Bender leads a large force of penguins in an assault (while delivering a speech reminiscent of Winston Churchill's famous "We shall fight on the beaches..." speech). After the penguins succeed in driving off the hunters, Bender takes off his tuxedo. Unfortunately, since he had taught the penguins to hate anything that wasn't a penguin ("If it ain't black and white, peck, scratch and bite"), he and Leela come under attack. The penguins corner them on a floating slab of ice, but Fry arrives in the ship to save them. When it lands on the ice, it tips the block, sending the penguins sliding into the gaping mouth of an orca. Leela and Bender board the ship, and everyone returns to Earth. Leela states that nature will set things right and the episode ends with two penguins with very serious looks picking up leftover guns and cocking them.moreless

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  • 9.5

    I think it is truly one of the funniest episodes this show has ever done

    By VideoGameCritic, Jan 16, 2008

    Well, you pretty much know that anything involving penguins is going to be great, and this episode had killer penguins. What could possibly be better? This is pretty much a Bender-centric episode, and, therefore, it doesn't have all that much in the way of emotion or character development, but I think it is truly one of the funniest episodes this show has ever done. All the characters (except poor Amy) are involved well, with Leela protesting, Bender's penguin adventure and the Fry and Zoidberg storyline, which was hilarious. Funniest bits include Bender calling Fry 'Wiggles', Fry and Zoidberg leaving space as we know it, and the absolutely wonderful gag about penguins slipping on oil with cartoon sound effects added 'to lessen tragedy'. That's probably my favourite joke on this show ever. All the penguins falling into the killer whale was funny too, like Bender said: hilariously cruel. There was even a nice little message about not killing animal for fun. Nice to see a bit of a scenery change on Pluto, the icy landscapes looked wonderful. A really brilliant ending as well.moreless

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  • 9.3

    The Planet Express ship untertakes a contorversial mission.

    By mataletea, Jan 30, 2007

    After Leela refuses to participate in a mission transporting a tanker of oil past a penguin reserve on Pluto, control of the ship is given over to Bender. After an argument with Fry; Bender crashes the ship spilling oil onto the planets surface. As punishment for his crime Bender is forced to help clean up the mess and seizes the opportunity to escape when the guards back is turned by wearing a tuxedo to blend in with the penguins.

    It is discovered that the oil makes the penguins breed at an extremely fast rate and to stop them from starving to death they will need to be culled.

    Undecided if it is the right thing to do Leela closes her eye as she shots, hitting Bender and putting him to Penguin mode. Bender teaches the penguins to stand up for themselves and gives them the ability to fight backmoreless

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  • 9.5

    Introduction of Free Waterfall Sr

    By jimbo_001, Jan 31, 2006

    This episode has one of my favourite plots of all time, Bender thinking he's a penguin. I aloso love Bender naming Fry "Wiggles" and Leela his taboggan. The other plot was great too which was to stop the penguins dying, they had to kill them ("Look, nobody enjoys shooting penguins. But if you have to shoot penguins, well, you might as well enjoy it"). Scruffy appearing as one of the penguin shooters was a little strange but not unbelievable. The whole episode was funny from start to finish, showing that environmentalists aren't always doing what's best for the environment and penguins learning to use guns in the last two seconds of the episode.moreless

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  • 9.6

    The planet express crew dumps oil on a Penguin reservation on Pluto.

    By alsaker85, Sep 30, 2005

    I admit I surprised myself a little when I realized this episode embodies "exactly why I watch this series." When I think of my favorites I think of ones with deeper plots or meanings like Parasites Lost, and The Why of Fry. Still when I rewatched this episode on DVD recently I realized how great this episode is. Not because it has a moral or character development but because of the simple fact that it's absolutely hilarious. There just are so many great jokes throughout this episode, and Zoidberg is at his peak hilarity. The purpose of the plot is simply to bring our characters from one funny situation to another and I loved it. Purpose if Futurama had remained focused on episodes like this it would have appealed more to the mainstream audience (as much as I love episodes like the Why of Fry, Jurassic Bark, and all the Fry/Leela episodes, I gotta admit that perhaps people in general weren't interested in those kind of emotions, themes, and serious meanings in an animated comedy). In short, this episode is not to be missed.moreless

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