The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz

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Quotes (49)

  • Bender: Guys, it's me! Your lovable dictator!

  • Leela: Well, at least it'll help reduce their population. Bender: Yeah, life is hilariously cruel.

  • Leela: Look, I don't know if shooting penguins will help the environment or not. But I do know the decision shouldn't be in the hands of people who just wanna kill for fun. Waterfall Sr.: Leela, you may just be farming some free-range truth there. On the other hand, we already made up 200 pounds of batter for penguin tempura.

  • Waterfall Sr.: Why aren't you firing randomly into those birds, little lady? Don't you wanna help 'em? Leela: Not this way. Waterfall Sr.: What? Why you're not a tree-hugging kook at all!

  • Bender: I don't know why but when I look down at their little faces, it makes me wanna puke! In a good way!

  • Leela: Alright, this is for their own good. Don't leave orphans. Gotta kill entire families. But they're so cute. No! You can do this. It's just like murdering a little butler.

  • Leela: I'm sorry, but if it's fun in any way it's not environmentalism. Waterfall Sr.: Oh, really? How 'bout blowing up dams? Leela: Yeah... that is fun.

  • Waterfall Sr.: Now surely you agree that a quick, semi-painless death is a damn sight better than weeks of starvation. Leela: Well, I suppose... But- I mean- I joined Penguins Unlimited to love penguins, not to hunt them. Waterfall Sr.: This time the two are one and the same! Now are you with us or are you gonna let innocent penguins suffer?

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Notes (3)

  • The writers wanted the Penguin's theme music from Batman Returns to play when the penguins attacked the hunters, but they were unable to get the rights for it.

  • Episode writer Dan Vebber originally wanted to name the episode "Emperor Ben-guin."

  • Phil Hendrie returns to Futurama. He voiced Free Waterfall Jr in The Problem With Popplers and in this episode he voices Free Waterfall Sr.

Trivia (7)

  • The initials of "Penguins Unlimited" spells "P.U.", which indicates something smelly.

  • Opening theme promotion: NOW WITH CHUCKLELIN

  • A penguin actually bites Bender's shiny metal ass.

  • One of the penguin hunters laughing is Scruffy the janitor.

  • How did Fry pilot the ship backwards. It only has one engine, facing backwards, so how is it flying backwards? Response: In "A Clone of My Own", Cubert discovers that the Professor designed the ship in a way that the universe actually moves around it, while the ship stays stationary. Therefore, it wouldn't matter where the engines are located.

  • The Fing-Longer makes a return in this episode, however it was a fantasy of the 'What-If Machine' during Anthology of Interest I. The Professor probably got around to making it.

  • The planet Pluto was referred to as 'McPluto' in the episode The Problem With Popplers, although in this episode, there is no McDonald's on the planet. McPluto could therefore be another planet entirely.

Allusions (10)

  • The sign 'Think intergalactically, act interplanetarily' is an update of the present day environmentalist message 'Thing globally, act locally.'

  • The episode makes a number of references to the Puffin Penguins.

  • Bender's hat is made to look like Napoleon's hat.

  • Listen out for the quote about the ship being upside down, the reply about him being on a cell phone is a tip-of-the-hat to an article about the fact that most road accidents are caused by people talking on their cellphones.

  • Leela: Hey! Why aren't you two Kong Donkeys cleaning up? Kong Donkeys is a reference to Donkey Kong, a popular video game character that made Nintendo what it is today.

  • Roadkill Bill
    Right before this episode first aired, a comic strip that featured two months of "Pissed-Off Penguins," a flock that's armed and angry over environmental issues.

  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

    Bender getting mangled by a killer whale and ejected on the shore is a takeoff of the similar scene involving R2D2. Bender even makes an R2D2 sound during it.

  • Birdman of Alcatraz

    The title of the episode is a tribute to the 1962 movie "Birdman of Alcatraz", based on the 1955 book by Thomas E. Gaddis.

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