The Cyber House Rules

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Quotes (59)

  • Nina: We know robots don't have emotions but we drawed you this picture. Sally: So if you ever miss us, even just a teeny bit, you can look at it. Bender: Hey, I smoke a cigar, not a candy cane. Sheesh!

  • Fry: It's good to have the old weird-looking Leela back. Leela: Aww! You're a true friend, Fry. I guess there's nothing wrong with being a little weird. Fry: Leela, there's nothing wrong with anything.

  • Leela: Now take me to the hospital and put my eye back the way it was. Right now! Adlai: Why should I do that? Leela: Listen, buddy. By the end of the day, one of us is gonna have one eye.

  • Leela: She doesn't need an operation! She's fine the way she is! Adlai: Oh, and I suppose you were fine the way you were? Leela: Damn right I was! Fry: Yay! Leela: Shut up, Fry.

  • Leela: I've made up my mind. Let's adopt her. Adlai: Her? But there's plenty of normal ones. Leela: Come on, Adlai. She could really use a mom and dad. Kids: Ear-face! Ear-face! Sally won the ugly race! Adlai: On the other hand, the children bring up a good point. She does have an ear on her face.

  • Leela: Officer, would it be alright if we adopted one of the kids? Smitty: Might as well. They're just gonna rot in the evidence locker.

  • Smitty: You're under arrest for child cruelty, child endangerment, depriving children of food, selling children as food and misrepresenting the weight of livestock. Bender: If you had kids of your own, you'd understand!

  • Bender: Then how about this little number? Pure-bred human. No vampire in there. Leela: Uh, um. Adlai: Hmm. Bender: If you're strapped for cash, you might wanna consider this irregular unit. Cursed with a third ear but so full of that emotion I understand is called "love".

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Notes (5)

  • First appearance of Sally (the 3-eared orphan girl).

  • Bender's apartment number is '00100100', which is the ASCII code for '$' (dollar sign). His neighbor's apartment number is '01010111', which is the ASCII code for '+' or 'Shift-F4'.

  • Leela calls Bender Jose-bot. Further assuring the point that Bender was made in Mexico.

  • Alien code: When Leela runs into a blind man from her past, a sign with Alien Code #1 is seen on the side of the wall. It reads: "Humane Human Traps."

  • The orphanarium is renamed to the "Bender B. Rodriguez Orphanarium", thereby confirming his name.

Trivia (20)

  • In this episode we learn Bender's height for the first time. According to the height chart in his mugshot he is 6' 1" with his antenna extended, and 5' 7" when it is retracted.

  • Plot hole: when Bender and Fry get arrested and locked in a prison cell, the kids are seen to be locked in the same cell as well, though they apparently have done nothing to get arrested. This has been explained in a deleted scene: when Leela comes to visit Bender and Fry, she asks why the orphans are also in the cell, and URL the police robot answers that they had a tip the kids were in on it. This deleted scene can be found on Futurama Season 3 DVD2.

  • At the end of this episode, Bender sticks the picture that the kids drew for him on his door with a magnet, but it was stated in Episode Two: The Series Has Landed that if Bender is magnetized it screws up his inhibition unit and makes him sing folk music. Response: this is only true when the magnet is placed on/near his head (apparently that's where his inhibition unit is). Hence sticking a magnet on his chest door would not affect the unit.

  • At the orphanage reunion, Kirk approaches Leela and calls her by her old nickname. But if he's blind and deaf, he would have no way of knowing who she was.

  • If Sally, the orphan girl with three ears, is a mutant, then why isn't she living underground in the sewers? RESPONSE: It was never said she's a mutant. She could well be an alien.

  • Despite the fact that the pupil of her new second eye was drawn on with marker, Leela rolls her eyes and moves both pupils several times throughout the episode.

  • After the operation, Leela goes to 'Eye Robot' for her new glasses.

  • Opening theme promotion: PLEASE RISE FOR THE FUTURAMA THEME SONG

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Allusions (8)

  • Hermes: Tally me banana!/Daylight come! When Fry points out that Hermes is Jamaican, Hermes responds with lyrics from The Banana Boat Song (Day-O!) made famous by Harry Belafonte.

  • After getting her second eye implant, Leela goes to "Eye Robot", an allusion not only to retail eyewear stores, but also to "I, Robot", a collection of nine science fiction short stories by Isaac Asimov.

  • Adlai wants to stop 'living this vida bachelor loca' - a reference to the song Livin' la Vida Loca by Ricky Martin.

  • When Leela decides to go to her reunion with Bender & Fry, Bender says, "Set a course for adventure!" This is a line from the TV series The Love Boat: "Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance."

  • At Bender's apartment, we can see a picture of a hovercar on his wall. This hovercar strongly resembles Ferrari's 360 Modena.

  • The house that Adlai lives in looks exactly like the home from Leave It To Beaver.

  • Twilight Zone
    When Adlai is taking Leela's bandages off, it parodies a scene from the Twilight Zone episode, Eye of the Beholder.

  • Bender: You kings of New New England. The episode title is a pun on The Cider House Rules, a 1985 novel (by John Irving) and 1999 movie (directed by Lasse Hallström) set in an orphanage. Also, Bender calls the kids "you kings of New New England", parodying a line from the book / movie.