The Deep South

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  • 9.5

    The lost city of Atlanta!

    By that70sguy92, Jun 14, 2009

    A funny episode, that also has a corny and stupid pun. Very punny... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah.... This was a funny episode, especially the ending.

    During a fishing trip, the Planet Express crew's boat (well, their boat is the Planet Express ship for some reason, do not ask me why, because I really do not know) sinks into the water. The Planet Express crew discovers that they are in the lost city of Atlanta (no, not Atlantis, Atlanta. Yep, NOT Atlantis, Atlanta, Georgia. THAT'S the pun! LOL). While they're in Atlanta, Fry falls for a mermaid.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Fry finds the lost city of Atlanta.

    By stitch069917, Jun 19, 2008

    The Professor suggests that all the employees go on a fishing trip to relax. Fry, Bender, and Leela bet each other that they will catch the largest fish. Amy lays out to get a tan and Zoidberg eats the bait that they brought. Leela uses a harpoon to try and catch a fish, but winds up catching only boots. Fry has a little better luck and catches a fish and Bender catches Fry. Just as they are starting to wind down, Bender takes Amy's umbrella and bends it into the shape of a hook. He then takes Hermes mamwich for bait and ties it to the unbreakable tether on the ship. We'll Bender catches something big that....moreless

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  • 10

    Futurama Episode Review

    By CTUBauer24, Feb 10, 2008

    This is my favorite episode witch is a great episode with a good story to tell and it does it well as it is one of the best Atlantis spoofs I have every seen and all of the jokes made me laugh and never made me not the art of the episode good as it all ways is in this episode and the best part is the song on how the city became at the bottom of the ocean this is the reason my rating for this review of the episode of the TV show Futurama is 10.0 THE ENDmoreless

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  • 9.0

    A great parody of the lost city of Atlantis.

    By Iverson82094, Feb 03, 2008

    A bureaucratic mix-up results in Hermes receiving a mandatory fishing license. The crew takes the Planet Express Ship to the center of the Atlantic Ocean, and starts fishing. After failing to catch anything, a bored Bender fashions a large fish hook made from Amy's beach umbrella, with Hermes' Manwich on it, and attaches it to the ship's unbreakable diamond filament tether.

    Sunset comes, and the crew is ready to head back to New New York. Bender begins to haul in his line, but he has caught a colossal-mouth bass. The bass dives, dragging the ship to the bottom of the ocean before the hook slips loose. The Planet Express Ship survives its trek to the bottom, but its engines will not work underwater.

    Professor Farnsworth conveniently has an anti-pressure suppository which Fry uses to go foraging for food with Bender and Dr. Zoidberg. Separated from them, Fry glimpses a mermaid; but when he returns to the ship, no one believes him. That night, the mermaid Umbriel lures Fry out of the ship, and they leave to explore the wonders of the ocean bottom. Meanwhile, Zoidberg finds a new home, a large conch shell.

    The next morning, the crew finishes modifying the ship to return to the surface, but finds Fry missing. They set off following Zoidberg's sense of smell, and find the legendary lost city of Atlanta. There they find a civilization of merpeople with southern accents. A documentary (narrated by Donovan) explains that Atlanta moved offshore in an effort to boost tourism and become a bigger Delta hub. The city overdeveloped and its excess weight caused it to sink to the bottom. Everyone that stayed with the city evolved into merpeople, with the assistance of leaking caffeine from Atlanta's Coca-Cola plant.

    Ready to leave, the crew heads back to the ship. Zoidberg announces he is staying (as usual, no one cares) but discovers his house has burnt down, after Bender left his cigar inside (Hermes notes the impossibility of this situation). Fry settles in to enjoy his life with Umbriel, but when he discovers that the Atlantans' evolution (the "mermaid problem") has made them unable to have sexual intercourse with humans, he runs to try to catch his friends. The ship leaves without him, but Bender's hook is still attached to the tether. Fry grabs hold and is dragged behind the ship. The colossal-mouth bass returns, and is hooked when it swallows Fry whole. The bass stays caught, and Fry returns to the surface with the rest of the crew. Bender's bass sets a world record, until Fry falls out of him and the weight is lowered; at which point Bender begins choking him. Dr. Zoidberg, having lost his under-sea home, reveals he now lives inside the bass.moreless

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  • 9.2

    LOL AN Adventure under the sea.

    By FuturamaLover02, Sep 18, 2007

    Well the Planet Express crew goes on a fishing right in the middle of the ocean. There having fun not really catching fish ( they do catch boots small fish and zoidberg :D) but then Bender catches A colossal-mouth bass which takes them WAY under water! Sience its a SPACEship and not a submarine things in the ship start breaking and the crash under water. So they take Air pressure pills so they dont get crushed from presure and special little gadgent so they can breathe and they lurk out to seek for food and when everyone kinda splits up Fry sees a Mermaid, Back at the ship no one believes him. Fry Knowing he say one was angrey in his room (at night) The Mermaid goes near the outside of Frys window. He goes out side to see the ( pretty ) mermaid. She (Umbriel) gives him a easier breathing gadget, and shows him around her home [City Of Atlanta] They do many things together and fall in love. After the crew comes and finds this sunken city they meet up with fry. After staying a awhile when the crew decides to go back to the surface, Fry dosnt want to go,he wants to stay with Umbriel. So the crew leaves, Fry gets -ahem- in Bed with Umbriel but after figuring about her TAIL (if you catch my drift) He runs after the ship and grabs onto it so he can go back to the suface. everything back to normal Ü < smiley facemoreless

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  • 9.0

    Atlanta, Mermaids and Zoidberg!

    By captaindillo456, Jul 26, 2007

    This was great, I really enjoy the first sequence with the fishing, like how Bender writing "Honk If bender Is Cool" on the back of Amy with Sunscreen and the unbreakable Diamond teather sending the ship to bottom of the ocean and Leela getting boots from fishing a heap of times, never catching a fish.

    And when the plot gets into play with Fry meeting a mermaid and going to Antlanta with her, which has sunken to the bottom of the ocean and the people have turned into Mermaids and Merman because the cafeine of the old Coco-Cola plant has poluted them. The end of this episode was hilarious and this is one of my favourite episodes, I really love it.

    A great episode!!moreless

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  • 9.5

    An under-rated episode

    By mataletea, Jan 20, 2007

    After receiving a mandatory fishing license the crew head out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

    The entire scene of the crew fishing is hilarious. But my favourite part is when Bender after exchanging packages with an unknown person in a speedboat saying "Hey! Guess what you're accessories to?" The ship is pulled to the bottom of the Ocean by a colossal sized fish where Fry discovers the Lost City of Atlanta and it is inhabited by mermaids/mermen.

    During this episode we see another of Fry's short lived romances. Discovering that a relationship with a mermaid would just never work. Over all an excellent episode.moreless

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  • 9.0

    It looks like Zoidberg is finally good for something.

    By calicow, Feb 06, 2006

    In this episode, the Planet Express crew go deep sea fishing, because Hermes made a rare error and filled out the wrong requisition to obtain a pet licence for Nibbler. What I thought was entertaining about the episode was how when the group was fishing, Bender was his same rude self and ultamately got everyone caught 3 miles under the ocean on the floor of the Atlantic ocean, and results in what Leela and the Professor to call Fry' "ocean madness" when he sees a mermaid. Another thing that I liked about the episode is how it appears that Dr. Zoidberg is good for something; he leads the rest of the Planet Express group to find Fry when he runs off with Umbreil. And lastly, what I found pretty humorus was after Fry ran away from the mer-town, aka "The Lost City of Atlanta" and rode back to the surface on Bender's modified fish hook. In all, I found this to be one entertaining episode.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Introduction of The Lost City of Atlanta

    By jimbo_001, Jan 31, 2006

    This episode is very creative and unexpected. The mandatory fishing license is a classic example of the humour that futurama uses apart from character humour such as Bender putting sunblock on Amy but only so when she' sburnt that her back reads "Honk If Bender Is Great". THe real story is when the giant fish pulls the Planet Express Ship into the water and it is not long before the Planet Express crew discover the lost city of Atlanta (now that's unexpected). The suppository pressure pills that Farnsworth keeps asking the crew to use is a great joke as is Leela going on about Fry having ocean madness. (Farnsworth: Now Leela, Fry may have ocean madness but that's no excuse for ocean rudeness). My favourite scene would have to be when Zoidberg's house burns down underwater:

    Zoidberg: How could this happen?

    Hermes: That's a very good question!

    Bender: Oh, so that's where I left my cigar.

    Hermes: That just raises further questions!moreless

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