Three Hundred Big Boys

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Quotes (56)

  • Morbo: (as his wife adjusts his tie) Stop it. It's fine. It's fine! I will destroy you!!

  • Bender: My story kinda petered out without me learning a lesson. (He laughs. Smitty and URL burst through a door) Smitty: There he is! (Bender panics. They grab him and bash him with their lightsabers) Bender: Oh right! Closure!

  • Whitey: Heck, you're never too rich to enjoy a free turkey dog.

  • Hobo: Ooh! This boot's got a little pudding at the bottom. (He licks it off)

  • Gus: Pardon us, gent. Might a couple of hungry, hungry hobos take a feed from that aluminum snack box?

  • Zoidberg: (crying) Oh, what a foolish squid I've been. I'm not rich. I can't even buy one measly masterpiece.

  • Mom: Who smells like freaking porpoise hork? Amy: I do! Kiss me, Kif!

  • Holo-Roseanne: Ambergris. Noun. A grease-like product of the sperm whales digestive tract that is used as a base in the finest perfumes. This has been Roseanne, your guide to the world of facts.

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Notes (6)

  • We see Morbo and Judge Whitey's wives for the first time in this episode. Judge Whitey's wife's name is "Kitty."

  • In this episode when the gang hears about their tax refund Amy remarks "I'm slightly richer". Which is very similar to when Mr. Burns exclaims "We're slightly richer", when he and the 'rich side of town' discovered some gold in the Simpsons episode A Tale of Two Springfields.

  • The idea for this episode came from George W. Bush announcing that he would give all Americans a tax refund in 2001. If you filed as a 'single' you got $300, single parents got $500 and married parents got $600. Checks were mailed out over July-September and the idea was that people would spend the money, thereby boosting economic growth. However, with the 9/11 attacks and subsequent war in Iraq, it would appear the government would have been better off keeping the $1.3 trillion that was distributed.

  • A number of scenes were deleted for time. Some of them can be found on the Volume 4 DVD.

  • The hobos that talk to Dr. Zoidberg in the alley appear to be the same hobos that Bender met in The 30% Iron Chef.

  • This episode is very, very similar in style to the Simpsons very own 22 Short Films About Springfield, in that both are focused on individual vignettes about main and supporting characters.

Trivia (17)

  • Nixon is on the 300 dollar bill in this episode, he is also on the 1000 dollar bill as seen in "Insane In The Mainframe."

  • In Futurama comic #17 we learn that the population of Earth is 985,947,635 (986 million). Since we assume that this includes robots since Bender is a taxpayer, we can assume that Nixon awarded the people of Earth $295,784,290,500 ($296 billion). Nixon therefore kept $704,215,709,500 ($704 billion) - 70% of the profit made from the plunder. This figure is obviously greater (perhaps 80-90%) since children (e.g. Dwight) and the Hobos at the end of the episode, did not get a tax rebate. Response: The Futurama comics are not canonical. Plus, I find the 986 million number absurd - the population of Earth is around 6 billion now and there are no robots!

  • What happened to Fry at the end of this episode? After he rescues everyone from the building and puts out the fire at caffeine induced speed, we don't see him anymore in the story. Fry's is notably absent when the cast is eating turkey dogs outside of the building at the end, so where did he go after rescuing everyone?

  • When Kif sheds his skin, you notice two things; he has 3 nipples and has underwear on his new skin.

  • When Bender steals Le Grand Cigar, why doesn't he use his extend-able arms, as he did in the previous episode, The Farnsworth Parabox when he stole the Parabox?

  • Le Grand Cigar looks like a huge marijuana joint. Then we cut to Hermes.

  • Hermes' son's shirt looks like the flag of Jamaica.

  • When Fry drank his 100th cup of coffee, he moved extremely fast, which resulted in time moving really slow for him. Theoretically, this is possible, since Einstein's theory indicates the faster you move, the slower time gets for you.

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Allusions (18)

  • Commander Riker's Island The name of the New New York jail is a combination of Commander Riker, a character in Star Trek: TNG, and Rikers Island, the New York City's jail facility.

  • Misery Whitey: (to Bender) So I said to Kitty 'The only way to keep the butler from running away is to cut off his foot!' This seems to be an indirect reference to the Stephen King book (and subsequent movie) "Misery," in which Annie Wilkes cuts off Paul Sheldon's foot in order to keep him from escaping from her.

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos: Gus the hobo's inquiry to Zoidberg, "Might us hungry, hungry hobos take a sample from your aluminum snack box?" is an allusion to the popular children's board game "Hungry Hungry Hippos".

  • Leonardo da Vinci
    The flying bicycle that Kif and Amy ride seems to be based partially on the designs of Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian renaissance painter/inventor.

  • C. Everett Koop
    In the cigar store, one of the brands is "Royal Kooparillo", featuring a likeness of C. Everett Koop, US Surgeon General during the 80's, who was responsible for putting warning labels on all cigarette packs.

  • Farnsworth: One bowl of mild Farina. Farina is a bland-tasting cereal product.

  • Tattoo: Hey, Gordon Gecko! I cost as much as this whole crummy date! Gordon Gecko was a very materialistic character in the 1987 movie Wall Street

  • Zapp Brannigan's attack on Tarantulon VI is taken from Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers and the subsequent film.

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