War Is the H-Word

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    By Southparkfa, Aug 07, 2010

    In this episode, Fry and Bender join the army to get a special 5% discount off of gum. However, they are quickly called into a war on a distant planet. They survive, however Leela is disguised as a man (Lee Lemon) in order to help them. Zapp is attracted to Lee(la), and is very confused as he doesn't realize it's Leela. Later, Bender nearly dies to stop a bomb, and then the army plants one in him. This episode was so funny, the war, Zapp, Fry, evryone and everything was great. Overall, a new favorite of mine, check it out. 10/10 A+moreless

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    By that70sguy92, Jun 15, 2009

    War is always an interesting plot, especially a clever war like the one in this episode (War is the H-Word). It was a very clever war, with awesome enemies, and some smart guns. The end was the best part "Bite my shiny daffodil ass!" LOL! That made me laugh for days. This is a great episode to watch, and it is one of my favorites. I encourage anyone who likes this show and war to watch this episode of Futurama.

    Immediately after Fry and Bender join the army for a discount on something at a gas station, Earth goes to war with another planet.moreless

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    Earth goes to war.

    By stitch069917, Jun 20, 2008

    Fry and Bender go to a convenience store to buy some gum when they see a military man walk up and get a discount on the purchase he makes. They decide to join the military and get a discount card then quit. Right after they sign up, war is declared. They are immediately put on a ship with Zap Brannigan, of all people. Leela tries to go with them, but Zap tells her that women are no longer allowed in the military. She uses a disguise and gets on board anyway. Nixon's head tells the soldiers that they are headed for a planet and....moreless

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  • 9.8

    ANother one of my personl favorite episodes!!!!

    By Iverson82094, Feb 04, 2008

    Fry and Bender enlist in the Earth Army to take advantage of the 5% military discount to buy chewing gum. Within seconds of their enlistment, Earth declares war on Spheron I, a planet that commanding general Zapp Brannigan describes as devoid of any natural resources and possessing no strategic value.

    Concerned for her friends' safety, Leela attempts to enlist, but is unable due to the Army's men-only policy (similar to the situation of Mulan). Leela sneaks aboard the Nimbus disguised as a man under the name of Lee Lemon, and Brannigan finds himself attracted to this new soldier.

    The troops are deployed to Spheron I and discover that the enemy is a race of sentient spherical creatures. Fry is told to hold back an assault while his fellow soldiers recharge their weapons by turning a crank that plays Pop Goes the Weasel (similar to how a Jack-in-the-box is operated). When the enemy charges, Fry blows a hole in the ground with his weapon and hides in it while his squad is decimated. Bender opens his chest plate and throws himself on a bomb, absorbing the explosion. After the battle, Brannigan sentences Fry to become Kif's assistant while Bender, now a hero, is treated at a field hospital.

    As the soldiers regroup at camp, Richard Nixon's Head sends Bender, now an officer, and Henry Kissinger's Head to negotiate with the Spheron leaders. Leela overhears Nixon and Brannigan discussing the true plan: while Bender was recovering, Nixon had a bomb implanted inside Bender; the weapon will detonate with enough force to destroy the entire planet when Bender says "ass".

    Leela and Fry steal a helicopter and fly to the negotiating hall; in the process, Leela reveals her identity, to Fry's amazement and Brannigan's overwhelming relief. Fry stops Bender from accidentally activating the bomb; however, Bender realizes that he now has the power to force the Brain Balls to do anything he wants, including surrender. The spheroids reveal that Spheron I is actually their home world, and it is the humans who are the "evil invading aliens", but Bender simply demands that they "get the Hell off [his] planet!" Without argument, the spheres all bounce into the sky and disappear.

    Back at the Planet Express office, Professor Farnsworth and Zoidberg confess that they were unable to remove the bomb from Bender's body. Instead, they reset the bomb's trigger, taking it from the list of words that Bender almost never says. Despite Bender's pleas, the crew refuses to tell him the new trigger word but during the credits Bender correctly guesses "antiquing". After a last second boom and flash, Bender states that he's OK.moreless

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    By VideoGameCritic, Jan 10, 2008

    Hilarious! One of the best episodes ever. Just absolutely full of brilliant humour and jokes all the way through, not a bad moment in the whole thing. Great use of all the main characters, and a nice appearance of Zoidberg in the M*A*S*H parody. Highlights include Leela gradually making up the name Lee Lemon, great Zapp Brannigan and Richard Nixon stuff, and, of course, Bender's top 10 words list. I love the way they put in those words throughout the episode. The funniest scenes for me were the ones with Henry Kissinger and Bender negotiating with the brain balls ("Wait, where do you shove something up a ball?"). An absolute classic.moreless

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    This episode has some of the best writing

    By snackycrack8, Feb 02, 2007

    THis episode has some of the best writing I have seen on this or any other show. For example when ZApp says this hillarios quote "If it's a lesson in love, watch out; I suffer from a very sexy learning disability. And what do I call it, Kif?" " "Ugh, 'sexlexia." " That line made me laugh so much. I also love Nixon in this episode. He is very very very funny. When he says to branigan that he doesn't want to look at another mans gizmo and branigan says kif raise him about nipple high. Ha HA Love it.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Fry and Bender join the military.

    By mataletea, Jan 29, 2007

    Bender and Fry hatch a plan to join the military to gain 5% discount cards given to all military personnel, buy gum from a store and then quit. Playing the military for chumps.

    Their plan goes awry when war is declared and their resiginations will no longer be accepted. In an attempt to help stop her friends being killed Leela tries to join as well but the military are no longer accepting female recruits, not while Zapp Brannigan is in charge, so she is forced to disguise herself as a man to be accepted into their ranks.

    The best scene is when after the first battle against their foe goes poorly. President Nixons head places a bomb inside Bender designed to blow when he (Bender) utters a single word. Ass. When Bender discovers this he turns this predicament in his favour by making demands and threatening to blow himself up if they are not met.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Lots of Zapp means a good episode!

    By ozziefan, Mar 29, 2006

    It all started with Bender and fry buying gum, but it ended in war. After "War was declared" Fry, Bender and an undercover Leela go off to war.

    Zapp Branigan is in charge and naturallyu he steals every scene he is in!

    The M*A*S*H parody was my favourite part of the episode with it being one of my favourite shows of all time. The robot doctor which was very much like a robot Hawkeye was great. I loved how he stirred up Dr Zoidberg!

    We find out Benders 10 most used words in this episode too along with his least used. (antiqueing)moreless

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    Introduction of Lee Lemon

    By jimbo_001, Jan 31, 2006

    Bender's top ten most frequently used words:

    10. Chump

    09. Chumpette

    08. Yours

    07. Up

    06. Pimpmobile

    05. Bite

    04. My

    03. Shiny

    02. Daffadill

    01. Ass

    This episode is terrific and one of my favourites from the second season (yes, second). Zapp Brannigan makes another hilarious appearance with great scenes such as his bedmaking speech and his diturbing feelings for Lee Lemon. I love the words that Bender hardly ever says(non-alcoholic, please, antiquing) and the fact that he believes life is not worth living if he can't say ass. Both Bender and Zapp were terrific in this episode as was Fry's cowardice and scam to enter the military purely for the gum discount. There are no unfunny scenes in this war episode and it is definitely a classic.moreless

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