Where the Buggalo Roam

Season 4, Ep 6, Aired 3/3/02
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  • Episode Description
  • Kif goes to Amy's home on Mars to meet her parents. They immediately dislike him saying he's too much of a wimp. Native Martians rustle away the family buggalo because they feel they got cheated when they traded away their land in exchange for a bead. Trying to prove himself, Kif volunteers to get them back. He does, but loses Amy in the process.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Katey Sagal

    Turanga Leela

  • Billy West

    Philip J. Fry / Professor Hubert Farnsworth / Dr. Zoidberg / Zapp Brannigan / Leo Wong / Mixmaster Festus / R.J. / Singing Wind

  • Lauren Tom

    Amy Wong / Inez Wong

  • Tress MacNeille

    Female Martian Natives

  • Phil LaMarr

    Hermes Conrad / Joe Camel

  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • Another great episode from a strong series.

    By Iverson82094, Feb 19, 2008

  • Kif gets a chance to prove to the Wongs that he is worthy to date their daughter.

    By mataletea, Jan 31, 2007

  • This is a sweet episode.

    By ian_ralph12345, Jun 30, 2006

  • Introduction of the Wongs' property and extended family.

    By jimbo_001, Feb 01, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (59)

    • (When Amy is kidnapped) Kif: Amy Nooooo! Bender: Don't worry, Kif, I'm sure another beautiful rich girl will fall for you...(Laughs wildly)

    • Bender: (singing) We got a right to pick a little fight with russ-lers! Somebody wants to pick a fight with us, he better bite my ass!

    • Amy: Thanks for saving my life, Kif. You're my hero. Kif: Oh, you're kind. But your parents still don't like me. Amy: Well globviously! But if they liked you then I wouldn't. Don't you know anything about girls?

    • Martian: The very bead used to crush our dreams shall be used to crush your bones. Kif: Well, actually, I don't have bones. I'm supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders that...

    • Singing Wind: Here, take. Kif: Ooh, no thanks. I'm on the peace patch. Singing Wind: You must smoke peace pipe, and you must do it peacefully. Or we'll kill you.

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    Notes (2)

    • The sound of the tornado is Billy West and John DiMaggio doing Tuvan throat singing!

    • Buggalo were first seen in Episode Two: The Series Has Landed.

    Trivia (9)

    • The sleeves of Inez's shirt keeps changing from yellow to white throughout the entire episode.

    • Look closely:
      While Kif and Amy are kissing on the ground next to the crater, Amy's watch goes from her right arm to her left arm. It stays there for 4 seconds and vanishes.

    • Look really hard:
      In the scene where everyone was caught up in the sandstorm and spinning around fast, you can actually see that Leela has wrist devices on both arms at the same time!

    • Opening theme promotion: KRAFTED WITH LUV - by monsters.

    • A sign attached to the Face Of Mars reads "Martian Reservation. Trespassers Will be Guilt-Ridden."

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    Allusions (12)

    • Great Stone Face of Mars
      Probable reference to a famous photograph, which, due to a shadow cast by a hill, looked eerily like a face on Mars.

    • Zapp dubs himself the "Man with No Name". In the western context, he is referring to Clint Eastwood's seminal character from the movies A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly who was left un-named.

    • Fry: Hey, it's that 'the barbecue's over' sound again. The call with which the native Martians summon the sandstorm resembles the sound of the didgeridoo, a musical instrument of the Australian Aborigine people.

    • Where the Buggalo Roam The title of this episode is a play on a line in the folk song "Home on the Range." The line in the song is "Where the Buffalo Roam."

    • Public Service Announcement: Crying Native American
      A native martian cries after Zapp Brannigan throws an empty Slurm can on the ground. This is a reference to the 1970's public service announcement.

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