Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love

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    By futuramarama, Apr 02, 2010

    Zoidberg is my favorite character, but his episodes are really lacklustre, for the most part. I found this one too be too. It was funny of course, but it wasn't overtly hilarious. The plot was of course original enough to get it some points in my book. Perhaps a rewatch is in order for this episode, but as it stands right now, my overall grade is a C, so it felt very average with maybe an occasional chuckle or so. But again, it may go up as i decide to rewatch this on DVD or something in the very near future.moreless

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    A great Zoidberg episode.

    By ctm723, Jun 04, 2009

    This is a hillarious episode and some hilarious parts ae when Amy hit on that guy and after he came out of that cube thing he turned out to be gigantic and when Amy kept taking off Zoidberg's rings. Also it was very funny when Fry said to everyone that he and Zoidberg will always be friends and then Zoidberg cuts his arm off and when FRy was chosing weapons and he picked the clearly worse won and it was funny when the birds kept pooping on Bender. Overall this is not one of the best Futurama episodes it still is a great one.moreless

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    A bit disgusting but never mind...

    By BreezyLad, May 17, 2009

    Zoidberg must go to his homeplace to perform his mating ritual, but after a while it becomes apparent to Zoidberg that he can not get who he wants - that being Edna, a fellow crustacean. While trying to impress her, Edna tries it on with Fry... and Zoidberg eventually finds out about the 'affair' and challenges Fry to a battle to the death. During this battle, Fry stops to say that he and Zoidberg would always be friends, until he chops Fry's arm off, and they find that nobody is watching. They go home and Zoidberg puts the arm back on, but in the wrong place. A few surgical improvements won't hurt...moreless

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  • 8.5

    A Dr. Zoidberg episode.

    By that70sguy92, May 03, 2009

    Due to the fact that I am not a very big fan of Dr. Zoidberg, I did not enjoy this episode very much. His species of lobter like creatures were very strange, and kind of creepy, and they kind of weirded me out. But, don't let a Dr. Zoidberg hater tell you, this episode is still pretty excellent, and definitely worth watching.

    It is mating season for Dr. Zoidberg's species, so the Planet Express crew travels with him to his home planet so he can find a mate. He faces difficulties, but finds someone he would like to mate with, then she develops a crush on Fry. Dr. Zoidberg and Fry have to compete in a fight when Dr. Zoidberg catches his girlfriend trying to seduce Fry.moreless

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  • 8.9

    Zoidberg must go to his home world to perform a mating ritual.

    By stitch069917, Jun 16, 2008

    Fry, Leela, Amy and Zoidberg go to the gym to work out. While they are there Zoidberg starts acting very strangely. They are able to get him back to the office where Professor Farnsworth tells them that Zoidberg needs to return to his home planet to take part in a mating ritual. Zoidberg tries his best to attract a mate and fails. He sees his old sweetheart and tries to swoon her, but to no avail. Fry offers to help Zoidberg and in a scene he coaches Zoidberg on how to talk to his old sweetheart. Things start to fall in place until....moreless

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  • 8.6

    Crutaceon in love.

    By ShikaShAdOw, Mar 10, 2008

    Yay! A Zoidberg episode, a an absolutely brilliant one at that. Sometimes a quirky, funny minor character fails on trying to carry an episode, but this is an exception. It really shows how much potential Zoidy has as a character, his confusion over love and his planet's weird characters and customs are really great. The other two Zoidberg episodes the show has done were both extremely disappointing, and this goes to show what a waste they were. Sometimes a quirky, funny minor character fails on trying to carry an episode, but this is an exception. It really shows how much potential Zoidy has as a character, his confusion over love and his planet's weird characters and customs are really great. The other two Zoidberg episodes the show has done were both extremely good.moreless

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  • 9.4

    A shockingly great episode... From the looks of it it looked to be a horrible episode, but when you finally watch it it is amazing.

    By Iverson82094, Feb 02, 2008

    Amy and Leela drag Fry and Bender to the gym, and Doctor Zoidberg tags along. While at the gym, Zoidberg behaves erratically and aggressively, and even develops a head fin. Back at the laboratory, Professor Farnsworth examines a restrained Zoidberg, and determines that it is mating season for Zoidberg's species.

    The crew flies to Zoidberg's home planet, Decapod 10. After a short tour, Zoidberg sets up a mound on the beach and begins trying to attract a mate. After an unsuccessful day, Zoidberg meets Edna, an old classmate. She rejects him and Zoidberg leaves depressed.

    Fry begins teaching Zoidberg how to win Edna's heart using human romance techniques. Using his newfound techniques, Zoidberg successfully woos Edna to a date. While at a restaurant, Leela reveals to Edna that Fry is responsible for the change in Zoidberg.

    Under the pretext of discussing Zoidberg, Edna invites Fry to her apartment and begins an unsuccessful attempt at seducing him. Zoidberg walks in, sees them embracing, and challenges Fry to Claw-Plagh, a ritual fight to the death.

    In the arena, Fry is about to defeat Zoidberg, but cannot kill his friend. Unfortunately, Zoidberg doesn't feel the same way and cuts Fry's arm off with his claw. After more fighting, Fry and Zoidberg look up to discover the entire Decapodian audience has left, including Edna who has decided to mate with the king. Once every Decapodian is underwater, masses of eggs float to the surface; Zoidberg has missed the mating frenzy of his species. They soon witness the corpses of all the Decapodians float to the surface, where they are feasted on by seagulls. Zoidberg explains that members of his species die after mating and apologizes to Fry about how he acted. He felt things he never felt before: "love jealousy, and passion for disembowling". He then tries to reattach Fry's arm but he reattaches it on the wrong side. Trying again, he saws off the legs. For the last try, since with no scream of pain audible, he beheads Fry.moreless

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  • 8.3

    Dr Zoidberg returns to his home planet to find a mate.

    By mataletea, Feb 08, 2007

    This is the first of a few episodes where Doctor Zoidberg takes a lead role in the story. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of funny moments and the character of Dr Zoidberg is uttery hilarious, but whenever he takes a major role in an episode, it is left somehow wanting.

    The highlight of this episode is the scene when Fry and Zoidberg face each other in a battle to the death. Bender asking Fry to take a dive in a battle to the death, Bender causing distractions to Fry and after Fry refused to kill Dr Zoidberg and gives his speech, using the distraction Zoidberg cuts off Fry's arm with his claw. In anger Fry picks up his own arm and begings to beat Dr Zoidberg with it.moreless

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  • 9.2

    I think this is a really good episode.

    By animebender, Feb 02, 2007

    In this episode Zoidberg is the main character.It starts out with the crew going to gym because Fry and Bender are becoming slobs.Well they go there and Zoidberg goes crazy and later the professer finds out that he is just full of male jelly and that he needed to go to his home planet to mate.They get there and Zoidbergs mating show doesn't work,but Fry tells him all that he knows about love and Zoidberg ends up falling in love with Edna.The only problem is that after she finds out that Fry told him to say all that stuff she starts to love Fry.moreless

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