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    Christmas Review #43

    By tigerdude22, Dec 26, 2011

    It's Christmas (Xmas actually), and Fry realizes how different it is from what he can remember. Santa Claus is now a robot who punishes the naughty people and he considers everyone to be naughty. I thought that this was an excellent Christmas (well actually... X-Mas) episode of "Futurama". This is seriously one of the best Christmas episodes from a show that I have ever seen. The storyline is completely genius and the whole concept of a robotic Santa Claus punishing the naughty people but considers everyone to be naughty is just brilliant... who ever came up with an idea like this must have a brilliant idea. I would have never come up with genius things like this. This episode was hilarious all the way and literally cracks me up. It was hilarious when Bender and the other robots went Christmas caroling. Amy and Hermes giving up their hair to buy each other combs and Zoidberg has half Hermes' hair and half Amy's hair was hilarious. More parts cracked me up as well. Like I said, the whole entire episode was just a brilliant and creative idea. Overall, an excellent Christmas (X-Mas) episode of "Futurama". 10/10moreless

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    Christmas(sorry, X-Mas)episode

    By Southparkfa, Aug 07, 2010

    In this episode, the Planet Express crew goes to a ski resort, but Fry is depressed that he doesn't have any realitives with him (except for Fransworth.) Eventually it makes Leela sad, and Fry feels like an ***, so he goes to get her present, but then he and Leela get chased by Robot Santa. The episode was nonstop hilarious from Fry choosing Leela's present to Zoidburg getting a pogo stick. Favorite quote from Robot Santa: "Your Missletow is no match for my TOW missle!" Overall, a perfect episode about Christmas that is nonstop hilarious and definitly worth watching. 10/10 A+moreless

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    Introduction of Robot Santa

    By jimbo_001, Aug 05, 2010

    This episode is hilarious, with the evil santa and the new holiday Xmas (Christmas being an archaic prononciation like ask which is now or will be aks).

    This episode cracked me up from Fry choosing between the lizards and the parrot to Zoidberg's pogo stick.

    My favourite part of the whole episode was the classic Xmas song:

    "He knows when you are sleeping

    He knows when you're on the can

    If he sees you he'll blast your ass from here to Pakistan!

    Oh, you better not breathe

    You better not move

    You're better off dead I'm telling you dude

    Santa Claus is gunning you down!"

    I'll end this review with a few classic Santa quotes:

    "Your missletoe is no match for my TOW Missile"

    "I'm gonna shove coal so far up your stocking you'll be coughing up diamonds!"

    "I'll be back. Back when you least expect...NEXT XMAS!!!"moreless

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  • 9.0


    By futuramarama, Apr 02, 2010

    i like christmas episodes of my favorite shows, and this is no exception. i liked the idea that Santa is a Robot in the future, and that he considers every earthling to be naughty. I thought that was hilarious and clever. i also thought most of the overall episode was quite hilarious, santa bot is one of my favorite minor characters, really funny and original idea. My overall grade for this episode is a B+ or so, because i honestly can not remember some of the events that took place. Of course, that doesn't mean it is a bad episodemoreless

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  • 9.5

    Merry Xmas!

    By that70sguy92, May 03, 2009

    A very clever and funny holiday episode of the show, Futurama. Robot Santa was very funny and "NAUGHTY!" as well, what with his thinking that everyone on Earth is naughty and everything. It was very clever that someone would try to create an automated Santa that went wrong. Very clever....

    It is Christmas (or, now known as Xmas) and Fry and Leela are not feeling the holiday cheer. Both are feeling very lonely. Everyone that Fry knew in the twentieth century is dead, and Leela doesn't know any of her family, or any of her species. Fry goes out to buy Leela a gift, and meets a murderous robotic Santa Claus that thinks everyone in the world is naughty for their smallest mistakes and imperfections.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Probably the most enjoyable episode ever

    By thomasmj99, Jun 28, 2008

    I love all christmas shows, and they tend to be amongst my favourites. Therefore it says a lot when I say this is not only one of the shows best epiosdes but also one of the best christmas episodes of any series ever. It is funny, well written, intresting, unique and fearures all the characters in brilliant deatail. Everyone shines, which is always best, and it is really odd which is why Futturama is so uniques and original. The second Christmas one was a disapointment, nowhere near as good as this one, and Santa felt misused in the new dvd movie, I think that if the show gets brought back to tv then another Xmas episode is a must!moreless

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    hillarious episode

    By Blind_Legend, Jun 22, 2008

    This episode has probably some of the funniest lines out of the entire series; Even Santa has some great ones. I like how it starts out like any other episode and all, but towards the end with Robot Santa well, it's get freaky. I remember when this episode first premier, my little sister was only three at the time and still a firm believer in Santa Clause and when she saw Santa's eyes turns evil looking, oh it scared her so much! My dad had to explain to her several times that it was only a crazy robot who thought he was Santa and not the actual Santa himself. But even then, she still had a difficult time watching it. She still does to this day. Not that I blame her. That the one thing I don't like about Robot Santa. Christmas is suppos to be a time of love and care and Futurama turned it into something people will come to fear. That's so sad. It's like the creators have forgotten the whole meaning of Christmas. Oh well, at least it still has some memorable lines.moreless

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  • 9.4

    It's X-mas time and Santa's comin' to town

    By stitch069917, Jun 16, 2008

    Everybody from Planet Express is at a ski lodge enjoying a break from work. Fry starts to think of Christmas back when he was younger and it starts to make him homesick. Once the crew get back to the office/shop and decorate for X-mas, Fry says something to really upset Leela. He goes out to buy Leela a nice X-mas present, but gets caught outside after hours and now Santa is coming. This is not the lovable joyous happy Santa he knows, this is a maniacal demented robot that was built to be Santa but something wind haywire. He thinks that everyone is naughty and should be punished....moreless

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  • 7.5

    X-mas is cool

    By powerking, Jun 08, 2008

    when this episode was showed, i couldn't believe that pine trees going extinict for 800 years, global warming being canceled due to nuclear winter, Bender blending in with the poor robots, Fry finding the perfect gift for Leela but ended up being with Leela and Santa Claus (robot) in a wild goose chase for survival and while the gang almost being killed by Santa Claus (except Zoidberg, he gets a pogo-stick for being nice) they push him to the chimney with the bomb he planted to kill them all to send Santa to space was good but needs to be more funnier.moreless

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