Watch the "Honest Trailer" for Game of Thrones and Laugh (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Apr 01, 2014

It's Game of Thrones Week here at because I just declared it so! Season 4 debuts this Sunday, April 6, and the only way we'd be more excited were if Khal Drogo rose from the dead to plop King Joffrey down on a sharp stake, bum-first. But even our favorite shows have teensy tiny flaws and "complications" that sometimes stand out, especially for the casual viewer. 

The folks at Screen Junkies are in the business of making "Honest Trailers" for such shows, and today they finally went after HBO's fantasy epic. And it's spectacular. Give your funny bone a rub, check your defensiveness at the door, and take a look at this very spoilery (for Seasons 1 through 3) honest take on Game of Thrones

Yep, I'll be referring to Ser Jorah as Lord Friend Zone from now on.

Game of Thrones returns for Season 4 this Sunday at 9pm on HBO! Get pumped!

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  • pashao Apr 03, 2014

    This is just awesome! Almost choked laughing. I'm amongst friends so I'm happy to admit that I don't know all the characters names so that "10 characters whose names you know" sums me up.

  • LawrenceLiCh Apr 03, 2014

    Another kind of recap....

  • Ca3naki Apr 02, 2014


  • RamonaVenema Apr 02, 2014

    Can't. Stop. Laughing.

  • Rolamb Apr 02, 2014

    Couldn't have said it better.

  • liisterinen Apr 02, 2014

    spot on!

  • marcusj1973 Apr 02, 2014


  • MirelaPilipo Apr 02, 2014

    They finally did it! People have been asking for a GOT Honest Trailer for ages. You can't deny it, these guys are funny and their trailers are usually very honest.

    This ones another great example!

  • pashao Apr 03, 2014

    LOL. "The actors on Game of Thrones have better job security." Awesome!

  • aligroo Apr 02, 2014

    Very funny and incredibly right.

  • Whatifnuts Apr 02, 2014

    This was so funny :D but then the Honest trailers usually are :-)

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