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    how exactly? help

    By chillchick99, Apr 26, 2014

    How can I watch the episodes? Do I need to click something or go somewhere? Help, anyone

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    By rajkodjurickovic, Nov 30, 2013


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    Not perfect, yet a great way to end a great first season

    By nananabatman, Jul 02, 2013

    There really weren't many things happening in Game of Thrones' first season and therefore it seems quite disappointing that it's over by now and this episode already is a set-up for season 2. But that is definitely the only disappointing thing to find with this season finale.

    Directly continuing where 'Baelor' left off, 'Fire and Blood' shows us the dramatic aftermath of Eddard Stark's beheading. We see the reaction of every Stark family member and those scenes are some of the emotionally best in the series yet. After that, the matter changes somewhat too quickly, and Robb Stark's army is back to planning for war with all of them now recognising the eldest Stark child as the true king of Westeros, however, this was also a very interesting moment. Preventing the story from dragging in the middle part are a great conversation between Tyrion and his father and Daenerys waking up again (in case you've forgotten: there was some serious shit going on with her in the last episode too!)

    The only part that wasn't as good as it could've been was, once again, the storyline at the Night's Watch. Unfortunately, some of the acting was weak and the pacing didn't work very well either. All in all, I didn't feel as thrilled as I felt when I saw 'Baelor' for the first time. But then, there comes this awesome final scene that will impress the hell out of you. Emilia Clarke is completely Emmy-worthy in these last five minutes and the closing shot is freaking amazing.

    I really liked almost everything about 'Fire and Blood' and I would say that it's the 3rd best episode of GoT's first season. It's utterly entertaining and I could hardly think of a better way to end this excellent first season.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Fire and Blood

    By AJLane-TCP, Apr 12, 2012

    The Good:

    -"Robb, you've ruined your sword." Robb's violence against a tree represents his anger at his father's Gods, and calls to mind what Cersei muttered earlier about the things men do to show that they care.

    -The monstrous baby does not make an appearance. The notion of it is more frightening than actually seeing it may have been.

    -"You're my son." For once, Tywin admits it to Tyrion.

    -Dragons appear, to replace what Daenerys has lost. The game just got more interesting.

    The Bad:

    -It would have been nice if Jon's ride from the Wall had spanned two episodes instead of part of one. The suspense of the event was lacking.moreless

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    A Song of Ice and Fire

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Dec 24, 2011

    Fantastic ending to a wonderful season. I thought there were some things that could have been done better. The first is the storyline with Robb Stark's war against Tywin Lannister. The declaration of his coming as king came way too early in the episode. It's like they just sort of threw that early to get it out of the way. Maybe it's understandable because having three storylines coming off with a dramatic cliffhanger like that in succession may have been a little too overboard. If that's really the case, then it's better that Robb's ascension to kinghood was the first to conclude because the last two were the most important.

    It's difficult to explain, but the events in Westeros seems to be the main focus of the story, and yet the two plots that are happening outside of Westeros, such as the war with Mance Rayder beyond the wall and the coming of dragons from Daenerys, are the biggest. It creates this effect that these two less concentrated story lines are going to have a huge impact on the one getting the most attention, and those in Westeros won't have any idea what's going to hit them.

    Nonetheless though, a fantastic episode that wrapped everything together nicely. Saw all my favorite characters (Tyrion, Jon Snow, Daenerys), and the season finale set up the events of the second book almost too beautifully.moreless

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    very good episode to one of the most surprisingly good new series of the year

    By guyroy1971, Nov 13, 2011

    Fantasy often has the Syfy channel stink to Dungeons and Dragons movies they often are awful. Lord of the Rings has been the lone exception in the genre. But Game of Thrones may do for Fantasy what Battlestar Galatica did for Sci-Fi. This is a fully realized universe, like LOTR with very well thought out characters and a believable plot. This series drew me in and is my favorite new series this year. The finale did its job of setting up book two, and the next season. The series to me is like Battlestar in that although fantasy, it is realistic in the character approaches. It avoids the tropes of evil wizard or good guy and all the characters are shades of grey. The Starks are the nominally "good" family, unwillingly drawn into a game of thrones (a quote in the book by Dany's knight that regular people do not care for the high people's game of thrones, they only want to be left alone) The "evil" characters are given actual motivations for their action. In most fantasy, the evil are evil because they are evil.

    The acting is very good and it looks like dragons are back in this land and white walkers are coming. The actor playing Tyrion has perfectly captured the dwarf with the only sense and honor in his family, and this has to be the role of a lifetime for the actor. I don't think even LOTR gave such a sympathetic nuanced character, and the actors were normal sized and cgi'd to seem small. He steals every scene and his character is the most complex in the show. Tyrion is pulled between his intelligence and honor and the shark infested waters of blood and family.

    Ned Stark also was a great character and I did not know he died (I'm reading the book now). The person who is pulled into a role he did not want and is killed for it is a very tragic figure, and his death was a shock and we actually cared when he died.

    The main question for season 2 is whether the rest of the cast can rise to equal Sean Bean's gravitas..they are mostly unknowns and young. If the acting remains strong, this could be HBO's first post Sopranos great show.moreless

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    Fire and ice, What i think about it.

    By XavierPaquett, Nov 13, 2011

    Really, i mean, really. This show is excellent. There is so few moment that i didn't liked, it is for me the best show i've ever seen yet ! This episode let us wonder alot about what is to come next. And i do like seeing primary character been killed. This is a fantasy world, but at the same time really realistic. This is for sure an adult show, and for a change i really like it ! I mean, most of fantasy show is not serious enough. In game of the thrones, everyone is for himself, everyone acted very good. The universe is believable, the characters aren't just good or evil, they go deep, they make us feel like it could be a true story. Nudity and adult scene is most of the time representative of reality, their reality. This is not a children game. However how much you like a character for its honor, you will learn fast enough how honor can lead even the greatest to their tomb! Backstabbing, personal gain, power, love, sex, fight, cast, gods, radical changes, even fantasy is incredible in this show. You really and easily get into this world. You feel like someone is telling you a story, but a story where you should learn lessons about the past, about humans, about ourselves. There was a profound researches by the author of the book about our past to make a believable story. But there is somethings i didn't liked as well. In the Eries, the mother, over protecting her son, wasn't good actor enough. I don't know why, but she seemed really nowhere, maybe a bad actress choice, and even her son wasn't good at acting. It was not serious for me enough to believe it. There is really few times like this in the show, and its why i like it. I really think its a masterpiece, and for someone following many shows, this one is one of the most epic i've ever seen ! -Xavier from Quebec, Canada, sorry for my English mistakes.moreless

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    Fire and Blood

    By TrueTvWatcher, Nov 13, 2011

    Fire and Blood was a perfect season finale of the first season of Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed watching this episode because every thing changes drastically for a lot of the characters, there was action, intrigue, drama, and some darker sides of humanity were explored as well. It was so cruel what Joffrey did to Sansa. It was awesome what Jon Snows brothers of the Knights Watch did to make him keep his oath. Winter is coming and their war is as important if not more so than any other over the Iron Throne. I thought it was a great idea what the men of the North decided to do, changing Robb Starks life forever. I really liked the scenes ofDaenerys, especially in the end when she gave her rallying speech which was awesome. I loved her saying I amDaenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, of the Old Blood of Valeryia Daughter of the Dragon. In the end it appears she is destined for so much more! I look forward to watching the next season of Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    By thefanof, Oct 06, 2011

    My reaction to the final moments was: What? No, not Stone Cold's catchphrase, but rather shock at the reemergence of the dragons. At least the show is trying to stay true to the book (and I can pretend like I actually read that book, or any book.)

    The finale got us forgetting about Ned's death pretty quickly, which both a good and a bad thing. A good thing because Game of Thrones needed to establish that it could survive without Sean Bean because he isn't coming back, and they did. A bad thing because as epic as last week's episode was, they didn't drill it in our brains as to what a big deal it was by showing the aftermath of it as well as they could.

    The early problem of this show was differentiating all of these characters and this series from everything else on TV. Mission accomplished by the season finale. It was original, it was entertaining and now I'm hooked as a fan of GOT. Now we just have to wait a year for more episodes: great!moreless

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    Mourning Khal Drogo

    By hermwils, Oct 06, 2011

    I'm not even going to comment on the tragic death of Ned Stark because I kinda saw it coming (plus a friend already ruined it for me weeks before I saw the final episode). But the Daenerys/Khal Drogo storyline... what can I say. Didn't turn out at all as I expected. I was looking forward to seeing Daenerys march into Kings Landing with her badass hubbie and his band of barbarians, but so much for that. I know Drogo didn't really have many lines in this show, but Jason Momoa is a celebrity crush of mine and I think it would have been cool to see their relationship develop, considering how it started out.

    Ah well, the show must go on. The really unique thing about this show is that it's totally unpredictable (if you haven't read the book, which I haven't). I have no idea what Daenerys is going to do with three dragons (it was three right?) and a little ragtag band of barbarians/sheep herding peasants, but I expect that even without Khal Drogo she will become a pretty badass character herself and a powerful player in the drama over in Westeros.

    And I was glad to see Sansa finally grow a backbone and stand up to Joffrey, even if it did take her father's death to show her just how spoilt and nasty her fiance is. I hope to see great things from her in future. The Jon Snow storyline is getting boring. When are we going to see some character development? When is he going to fight more zombies?! Only time will tell I guess....moreless

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