Channel 4 (ended 1998)
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  • S 7 : Ep 10

    Series 7: Show 10

    Aired 2/3/98

  • S 7 : Ep 9

    Series 7: Show 9

    Aired 1/27/98

  • S 7 : Ep 8

    Series 7: Show 8

    Aired 1/20/98

  • S 7 : Ep 7

    Series 7: Show 7

    Aired 1/13/98

  • S 7 : Ep 6

    Series 7: Show 6

    Aired 1/6/98

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dexter Fletcher


  • Patrick Moore

    The Gamesmaster

  • Diane Youdale Mayhew


  • Dominik Diamond

    Presenter (Series 1-2,4-7)

  • Tim Boon

    Himself - Co-commentator (1992-1993)

  • show Description
  • GamesMaster was more of a games show than a game show involving two or three challenges per show. These challenges saw people come on the programme and playing a game (usually arcade or console). It was the first video games programme. One challenge per show involved a celebrity taking part and these challenges involved commentary by a non-entity from the video games press e.g. Dave "Games Animal" Perry.Anyone who completed a challenge or got a better score than his or her opponent was presented with a Golden GamesMaster Joystick.The series was presented by Scottish stand up comedian Dominik Diamond (who now is currently a reporter for the newspaper The Daily Star). However, Dexter Fletcher presented Series 3. (Dominik left the series because of its two-year sponsorship deal with McDonalds, but eventually returned in Series 4.)The show also feature reviews of the latest games. Most episodes during the first four series saw kids come on the show and ask the Games Master: an animated floating head of astronomer Patrick Moore for tips and cheats on console games. The Games Master also introduced each challenge.Series SettingsEach series had a different setting. These were:Series 1 (early 1992) – Church Series 2 (1992/3) – Oil rig Series 3 (1993/4) – Prison Series 4 (1994/5) – Hell Series 5 (1995/6) – Heaven Series 6 (1996/7) – Atlantis Series 7 (1997/8) – Desert islandInteresting FactsEach series also featured a different servant who brought people in, out, brought the GamesMaster Golden Joystick etc. These were:Series 1 – Monk Series 2 – Diver Series 3 – Caretaker Series 4 – Goblins Series 5 – Angels Series 6 – Mermaids Series 7 – Girl FridaysA GamesMaster computer magazine was launched. It is still published today despite the fact that the series is no longer on air anymore.moreless

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    • Dominik: Hello viewers, and welcome to another series of GamesMaster. You know, life on this desert island would be horrendous if I hadn't come upon my two Girl Fridays, which was a good thing. Uh, they invited me to feast upon their coconuts, and now we encounter a simple, animalistic yet happy living, as we prepare for the final ten chapters of this great book called GamesMaster, because this is the last ever series. Yes -- the last ever series! We don't care how much Channel 4 beg us to come back. You can shout, you can scream, you can stamp your feet, you can weep great veils of tears, but in ten weeks time, we are taking this show off the air... for good!

    • Dominik: Hello viewers, and welcome to the last GamesMaster in the history of the world. Yes, after seven years of games-related hi-jinks, we are finally hanging up our pants for good. So, I'd advise you to uh, hold your television set gently but firmly, and squeeze as much enjoyment as possible out of the next twenty-four minutes. Now, when normal shows end, they invariably have a review of the best moments from their history. We've never been a "normal" show. So instead, we're gonna kick off with a look at some of the worst moments from GamesMaster's past, in a section we're calling, "Was That Really A Good Idea?" (a crew member walks past Dominik with one of the cameras)

    • Dominik: (referring to RoboCop's appearance from Series 4's Gore Special) A man can fight for many things: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Me? I fought against an out-of-work film extra coming on my show dressed like a dustbin. Unfortunately for you, I lost.

    • Dominik: (referring to The Executioner's appearance from Episode 8 of Series 5) It's not just professionals either. Every year, I'm amazed by what the general public will do to meet me, even if it means dressing up like a git.

    • Dominik: (referring to Dave Perry's Super Mario 64 loss from Series 6's Christmas Quiz) Yes, our challenges are tough, but it struck me down the years how our unsuccessful contestants always shouldered their loss with good grace and the knowledge that their lives have been enriched by taking part... Well, nearly always.

    • Dominik: (as crew members dismantle the Paradise Island set around him) Now, as GamesMaster wended his merry way through the years, other channels tried to blatantly steal our winning formula, and our infinitives, to come up with rival video-game shows, none of which incidentally are still on the air. Uh, what we had that they didn't, apart from the dubious, uh, merits of a slighty overweight bald Scottish bloke, was one vital ingredient in our TV pie: the challenges.

    • Dominik: (during a quick montage of regular gamers appearing on GamesMaster over the years) Yes, the challenges. Seven long years of young boys and girls being turned into Olympian heroes. Seven years of waggling joysticks, beated brows, and lost tempers. Was it worth it? All I know is that in years to come, generations of men and women will turn to their screens and wonder, "What was on the other channel?"

    • Dominik: (referring to Martin Mathers' Virtua Cop 2 challenge from Episode 5 of Series 6) Proving once again that "bloke + glasses = hard", Martin Mathers attempted the impossible by playing two Virtua Cop 2 machines at the same time.

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    • According to an interview he conducted with Casually Hardcore on August 9th 2010, Dave Perry was told by Hewland International that if he, Rik Henderson, Derrick Lynch, and Kirk Ewing all participated in the Christmas Quiz, there would be a play-off on a neutral game which none of them had played before.

      However, on the day the four co-commentators showed up at the studio to film the special, the neutral game was changed suspiciously to Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. Prior to filming, Dave had spoken to the gaming press, telling them that he would not play the game until it was officially released in the UK in 1997, since the massive amount of attention centered around the N64 was hurting the video-games market during the holiday season of 1996.

      When Dave asked the other three commentators if any of them had played the game, it was revealed that only one did -- Kirk, who was real-life best friends with series host Dominik Diamond. Not only had he played Mario 64 thanks to Dominik buying him both an N64 and a copy of the game on import, but Kirk had been playing it for three months in advance and beaten it a couple of times while helping VIS Entertainment develop Earthworm Jim 3D.

      Dave did complain to series director Steve Wright, who told him not to worry since Kirk would not make it to the play-off. If he did, then the game would be changed.

      Eventually, Dave played well, winning every round. But when they got to the fourth and final round, Dominik asks Kirk two Earthworm Jim-related questions, which he answers correctly, securing a place in the Mario 64 play-off against Dave.

      When Dave went to tell Wright about his promise that this was not supposed to happen, Wright told Dave that there was no time to change the game because the play-off had to commence immediately. Even worse, Wright told Dave that if he walked out on the challenge, Dave wouldn't be allowed to use Hewland's hire car that brought him to the studio anymore, and he would have to walk home on his own, since the Hewland studio was in the middle of an industrial estate.

      Dave tried to play his way out of the Mario 64 challenge by finding a sneaky shortcut on the Cool Cool Mountain Slide, only to mess up and lose in under thirteen seconds.

      After being defeated by Kirk and taunted by Dominik, Dave felt betrayed that the TV show he helped create and served so much loyalty to did this to him. Dave admitted that he could have reacted better at the time, but he just wanted out, proving his inability to "go with the flow".

      From that point, Dave quit GamesMaster and sat out the seventh and final season to go appear on the fourth and final season of Games World.

      Since then, Dave never did play Super Mario 64 when it finally arrived in Britain, claiming that he has "always hated those cutesy Nintendo games."

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  • Gamesmaster series was one of the first, if not the first tv program to cater for computer / console game fans.

    By scott_naylor, Jul 30, 2007

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