Fox Cancels Gang Related After One Season

By HanhBNguyen

Sep 03, 2014

Gang Related has officially joined the ranks of one-and-done TV shows.

Fox has canceled the freshman drama about a Los Angeles Police Department task force taking—and in some cases, helping—the city's gangs, Deadline reports.

The series, which starred Ramon Rodriquez, Jay Hernandez, Terry O'Quinn, and the RZA, debuted in May to tepid numbers, drawing only 2.9 million viewers and a 0.9 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic. Over the course of its 13 episodes, the show averaged 2.5 million viewers.

According to Deadline, Fox considered bringing Gang Related back for a second season, but ultimately decided it was too heavily serialized for a summer run.

Will you miss Gang Related?

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  • lexlou74 Jan 20, 2015

    what I don't understand is how the networks can make a decision on whether a show lives or dies after only 4 eps, surely they must realise that a story doesn't start getting good till at least 6. just once I would like to see the networks give some thinking to what they are doing, may be if they read the comments of the fans just once a week, they actually find out we like and don't like then may be they won't time, money and resources producing shows they have to can after 4 eps, surely what we think and watch keep them in business specially given what is currently airing. if it doesn't work fix it, change things around don't can it because its easier

  • zemelya Jan 09, 2015

    I would absolutely watch the 2 season, 3 mil viewer is not enough??? How many do they need , a 100 mil. Awesome show!!!! Yes, what's wrong with FOX????

  • shannonwatson79219 Jan 04, 2015

    I will miss this show! Would be nice if Nextflix would pick it up and bring it back for season 2. What is with you FOX?! You just keep canceling great shows.

  • kaykayguarino Nov 16, 2014

    This was Freakng dumb on Fox! Yet his was an incrediBle series! I think the writers get a brain fart,and that's why it gets cancelled.. Ridiculous.

  • GillesMongeau Nov 15, 2014

    fox is dumb this was a good show

  • togomezcarlos Oct 26, 2014

    fox keeps cancelling great shows we should all have a voting choice here as a viewer or at least fox show sell this shows to Amazon or netflix im sure this shows would have better rating and more viewers just because of the flexibility of watching a show at your own time. well farewell GANG RELATED ANOTHER GOOD SHOW DOWN THE DRAIN.

  • littlelf Oct 23, 2014

    Well, that just sucks. I loved that show!

  • ahapple1 Oct 23, 2014

    NOOOOO.....Not Gang Related! I love that show...

  • fredcricehotmailcom Oct 23, 2014

    GANG RELATED/////ARE YOU FOR REAL?????????????????????????????????

  • gavinfza Oct 10, 2014

    Why start a series when you going to cancel it

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