Garfield & Friends

CBS (ended 1994)
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  • S 8 : Ep 18

    Pet Force


  • S 8 : Ep 17

    Garfield Fun Fest


  • S 8 : Ep 16

    Garfield Gets Real

    Aired 11/20/07

  • S 8 : Ep 15

    Garfield: A Tail of 2 Kitties

    Aired 6/23/06

  • S 8 : Ep 14

    Garfield: The Movie

    Aired 6/11/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Frank Welker

    Bo/Booker/Sheldon/Mort/Fred Duck/Edward R. Furrow

  • Howard Morris

    Wade Duck/Wart

  • Julie Payne


  • Lorenzo Music


  • Thom Huge

    Jon Arbuckle/Binky the Clown/Roy Rooster/Gort

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  • show Description
  • Based on the highly popular comic strip by Jim Davis, Garfield and Friends was considered the best long-running cartoon on CBS. This Saturday morning series featured the adventures of that lovable, hungry fat cat Garfield, his yellow dog friend Odie, and their cartoonist bachelor master Jon Arbuckle. Garfield cartoons shared the spot with a new cartoon series created for this series called U.S. Acres (also based on a comic strip by Jim Davis). U.S. Acres was a cartoon about a group of barnyard animals who run a farm. The leader was Orson Pig, the bookish and perceptive pig. His friends had many different qualities: Wade Duck was the scaredy-cat duck who runs away from everything, no kidding; Booker was a crafty little chick whose main goal was to chase a worm, and his brother Sheldon was nothing more than an egg with two legs sticking out; Roy Rooster was the practical joking rooster who puts everyone in trouble with his jokes; and two sheep, Bo and Lanolin, were always bickering with each other about nearly everything. Bo being a nice guy and Lanolin a cruel girl. Each episode, they had to protect the farm from Orson's big bad brothers and a crafty weasel. Before this series, Garfield cartoons were shown as yearly specials on CBS, and the specials were so great that CBS decided to turn Garfield into a cartoon series. In the first season, each 30-minute episode was packed with three 8-minute shorts, two Garfield shorts and one U.S. Acres short. In the second season, Garfield and Friends expanded to an hour, consisting of four Garfield cartoons and two U.S. Acres cartoons. It remained at this format until the show ended in 1994. 'Garfield:The Movie' was released on June 11,2004 & so far has made over $75 million at the box office. Thanks to the success of the movie, 20th Century Fox is now working on a CGI/live action movie version of 'Alvin & The Chipmunks' & coming to theathers on December 25th is 'Fat Albert', which is of course a live action version of the classic 1974-1984 cartoon 'Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids'. DVD Releases Garfield As Himself - June 29,2004 Garfield & Friends Volume One - July 27,2004 Garfield:The Movie - October 19th,2004 Garfield's Holiday Celebrations - October 26th,2004 Garfield & Friends Volume Two - December 7th,2004 Garfield's Travel Adventures- February 15,2005 Garfield & Friends Volume Three- April 19th,2005 TV Theme Lyrics! (from Seasons 1-2): Ladies and Gentleman, Garfield & Friends Friends Are There To Help You Get Started, To Give You A Push On Your Way Friends Are There To Turn You Around, Get Your Feet On The Ground For A Brand New Day They'll Pick You Up When You're Down Help You Swallow Your Pride When Something Inside's Got To Break On Through To The Other Side Friends Are Someone You Can Open Up To When You Feel Like You're Ready To Flip When You Got The World On Your Shoulders Friends Are There To Give You A Tip Friends Are There When You Need Them Their Even There When You Don't For A Walk In The Park, For A Shot In The Dark Friends Are There (garfield) I Don't Care But Friends Will Care For You-u-u-u-u-u-u! (different dialogue for each show) TV Theme Lyrics! (effective from Season 3-7): Ladies and Gentleman, Garfield & Friends We're (We're) ready (ready) to (to) party! (let's go!) We're ready to party, we're ready! I hope you bring lot's of spaghetti! (don't forget) Come on in , come to the place where fun never ends! Come on in, it's time to party with Garfield and friends! Dancing , Fiesta! , Romancing, Siesta! , Samba , La Bamba, Eye Carumba! Disguises (Disguises) Surprises (Surprises) and pies of,(and pies of) All sizes! Come on in, come to the place where fun never ends. Come on in, it's time to party with Garfield and Friends! Garfield and friends! -Garfield says something funny-moreless

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  • Quotes (828)

    • Garfield: Whoever invented Christmas trees should be drug out into the street and shot.

    • Binky: (Dressed as Santa) Ho ho ho! Merry Birthday! Ho ho, yes. It's Santa Clown! Ho ho ho! Garfield: Santa Clown? Give me a break Binky: Have you been a good little cat this year? Here's a gift for you cat(Gives Garfield a present). Ho ho ho and so forth Garfield: (Reads tag) Warning: splut inclosed What's a splut? (Opens present and a pie spluts him) Oh right. I keep forgeting

    • Binky: Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Whoop-dee doo! Whoop-dee doo! May your day be pleasant! Open up your present! Just for you! Just for you! Happy Birthday! Happ- (Garfield slams the door on him, but Binky knocks on the door and Garfield opens it) Binky: -Pee Birthday! Whoop-dee doo! Whoop-dee doo!

    • Binky: Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday! Whoop-de-doo! Whoop-de-doo! Garfield: The way I figure it I'm also doing Mrs. Forgerty a favor. She doesn't hafta listen to this. Binky: May your day be pleasant. Open up your present. Just for you! Just for you!

    • Binky: Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night--nor cat with bad disposition--will stay this clown from his appointed rounds.

    • TV announcer: Tune in next week for our 16-hour investigative report: Cotton Swabs: A Blessing or a Curse?

    • Garfield: You folks have this confused. I'm real, and you're animated.

    • Roy: I can sleep longer now that they brought a hole compound disc of rooster crows

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    Notes (522)

    • Title card- Garfield trying to plug his ears but insted pluging Jon and Odie's ears

    • This episode contains the series first "Splut".

    • From the looks of it we see that Jon sorta sees himself as Garfield's parent.

    • The scene in the theme song where Garfield gets hit in the face with a pie is from this episode.

    • The scene in the theme song where Garfield opens a "Beware Of Splut" package and gets hit in the face with a pie is from this episode.

    • Apparently, this episode takes place on June 19th (Garfield's birthday, as observed in the strip).

    • This is the first episode of Volume 1 of the DVD set.

    • "Peace and Quiet" (Garfield)/"Wanted: Wade" (US Acres)/"Garfield Goes Hawaiian" was the first episode to air, but was actually the fourth one produced. The first episode produced ("Garfield's Moving Experience"/"Wade You're Afraid"/"Good Mousekeeping") would air a month later.

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    Trivia (277)

    • The cotton swab that the host was holding was ridiculously huge.

    • Binky spent 5 minutes at Garfield's House to wish Edna a happy Birthday and then 1 minute later, Binky comes back to Garfield's house. He should've known that that was the same house he'd just been at. Is Binky completely stupid?

    • Garfield's bed changes position once.

    • After Binky squirts the flower water in Garfield's face, Garfield storms off in the direction that originally led to the front door, but now it appears to lead to another hallway.

    • Jon says that he left the television on all night, but we can't hear the television until shortly after Odie starts licking him.

    • Roy's Coop is bigger on the inside than the outside.

    • Roy was wearing pajamas when he first went to sleep, but when Orson wakes him up, he isn't wearing pajamas.

    • Where did Booker get a squad car from, anyway?

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    Allusions (88)

    • The Parrot's Impersonates various celebrities including (in order of impersonation): Bill Crosby Pee-Wee Herman Jack Nicholson Bob Hope Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry) Mr. T

    • The Parrot: "Go ahead! Make my cage!"
      The parrot is doing Clint Eastwood. His catchphrase was used in "Dirty Harry" and he said, "Go ahead! Make my day!" (George Bowin)

    • The Parrot: "I pity the fool who doesn't give me a cracker!"
      The parrot was doing Mr. T's impression and saying his famous catchpharse. The hairdo is also similar to Mr. T's.

    • The Parrot: .
      The impression where the Parrot is balancing on a golf club and wearing a baseball cap reminds of the late Bob Hope.

    • Unidentified Flying Orson=Unidentified Flying Object Unidentified Flying Orson is a spoof of Unidentified Flying Object(aliens)

    • Garfield: Woo hoo! Mr. Spock! Mr. Spock is the name of a charecter in Star Trek.

    • Garfield: "For a moment there, I was afraid this dream was gonna get silly"
      As Garfield climbs up a skyscraper a la King Kong he says this. He was afraid that iit would become King Kong

    • The title Friady Cat is an obvious spoof of the line, Friady Cat.

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