Gary the Rat

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  • 8.2

    It was quite original and very humorous

    By TheSwordDancer, Jul 09, 2006

    I really loved this show; the very concept of a snobby sleaze bag lawyer becoming a giant rat is great!

    With more teen/adult oriented cartoons coming out I would have thought this would be up there with “Space Ghost Cost to Cost” “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” and maybe even “Family Guy” . . . ok, so that’s stretching it.

    Nevertheless, the humor was good, the violence was comical and the over all plot was so goofy you couldn’t help but love it!

    I do believe this show was badly advertised and could have done much better if on Adult Swim.

    If it had lasted more then 13 episodes I believe it would have been an entertaining show even today.moreless

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