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  • Gavin is from Essex, Stacey is from Wales. Things have been going great with their telephone romance, but now they are about to meet. Will things turn sour when they meet face-to-face, or will their meddling friends and family be their downfall? Tune in to see if Gavin and Stacey's love can endure tough tests.

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  • S 3 : Ep 6

    Season Three, Episode Six

    Aired 1/1/10

  • S 3 : Ep 5

    Season Three, Episode Five

    Aired 12/25/09

  • S 3 : Ep 3

    Episode 3

    Aired 5/28/10

  • S 3 : Ep 3

    Season Three, Episode Three

    Aired 12/10/09

  • S 3 : Ep 2

    Season Three, Episode Two

    Aired 12/3/09

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  • Rob Brydon


  • Alison Steadman


  • James Corden


  • Larry Lamb


  • Ruth Jones


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    • Nessa: A'right Stace, how'd you wanna do this? Stacey: Well we'll have this bed, you have that one, switch the lights off and get on with it. Nessa: Right. Gavin: Oh hang on are you serious? 'Cause those beds are like, two feet apart. Smithy: I don't give a shit. Gavin: I just feel a little bit uncomfortable. Smithy: Okay, okay. As a mate, we'll go in the en suite.

    • Dave: Smoking? Yeah. My motto is, "fags and weed, glue and speed, but I draws the line at crack."" That way, everyone knows where they stand. Stacey: Ahh, fair play.

    • Smithy: This is a nightmare of epic proportions. Gavin: (about Nessa) What's wrong with her? Smithy: A how old is it, B have you seen the tattoo and three, look at the size of it. Gavin: What do you mean? Smithy: She's massive.

    • Stacey: Oh, my god. What you doing here? Gavin: I said I'd see you soon, Didn't I ? What's up ? Stacey: Nothing Gavin: What Stacey: It's stupid Gavin: Stace? Stacey: It's just...I told myself if I ever saw you again, in the flesh, like, that I... Gavin: What? Stacey: ..That I'd tell you something. But I can't Nessa: Oh, Stace! I'm going for a curry with Dave. I'll call you tomorrow. Gavin: If you say it, I'll say it back. Stacey: I love you. Gavin: I love you, too. (Stacey jumps on Gavin in the excitment her rape alarm goes off) Gavin: What's that? Stacey: Just my rape alarm

    • Smithy: You got any johnnies? I ain't goin in there bareback Gavin: We'll have to stop at a garage on the way Smithy: Are you in ? Gavin: I think so. Both Quality! Smithy: We'll have to make a stop, girls Stacey: What for? Gavin:Well, We might have to, erm...get some... Nessa:Don't worry, I got a stash. Ribbed. Smithy: Taxi !

    • Smithy: All right ? Gavin: Been powdering your nose Nessa: Aw, Thanks, Stace. Thanks alot. Stacey: What? Nessa: Let's get one thing straight. I don't touch that **** no more, all right? I did, and now I don't. So let that been an end to it.

    • Doris: Hiya stacey. Stacey: All right, Doris. How's the leg? Doris: Oh, love, I wish they'd cut the bugger off. Stacey: Oh, you don't mean that. Doris: Oh, yes, I do. You hand me the axe, I'll do it myself. You still going up london then, on your blind date? Stacey: Well it's not really a blind date. We've been talking on the phone for six months, just haven't met in the flesh like. Doris: What time you off? Stacey: First thing. Dave's coaches. Cacking myself, I am. Doris: Stace love you've got to chill out. The thing to remember is, don't go giving him nothing on the first night. Stacey: Really? Doris: Well, no, not nothing. A kiss, a cuddle, a cheeky finger. Just don't go selling him the whole farm. Stacey: Oh thanks, Dor. Doris: See you, love.

    • Nessa: You ever coming back? Stacey: Nessa, I'm back wednesday Nessa: That's what Carol Powell told me. Stacey: Who? Nessa: Carol Powell. First best friend. She met a guy, jockey, his name was, Scottish. She went up, never came back down. Haven't seen her since '82. March 14th. I remember the date because we'd just been to see Gary Numan as St David's Hall. For all I know, She could have been sex trafficked out of here. I doubt it, mind. She's bigger than me Gwen: All right, love. Now, I've done you both an omelette. One cheese, one ham, and there's £10 for gavin for petrol. Where's he to? Stacey: Uncle Bryn's doing him directions. He don't need 'em. Gwen: I know, love, but let him be. You know Bryn's a giver

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    • Featured Music In The Morning By Razorlight Last Request By Paolo Nutini Don't Look Back into the Sun By The Libertines She Moves In Her Own Way By The Kooks'You And Me By Lifehouse

    • The credits theme is Stephen Fretwell's first single, Run

    • This Series was filmed at Barry, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK.

    • The credits theme is Stephen Fretwell's first single, Run

    • Featured Music In The Morning By Razorlight Suddenly I See By KT Tunstall

    • Featured Music: Something About You By Jamelia Thong Song By Sisqo Boogie 2nite By Boogie Love Just A Little By Liberty X

    • Gavin & Stacey's song is Last Request by Paolo Nutini.

    • Featured Music: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol Million Love songs - Take that Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Alison steadman and Larry Lamb Summer Nights - Cast

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    Trivia (6)

    • The slogan for Dave's Coaches is; We'll get you there... If we possibly can!!

    • Bryn tells Stacey he has bought a new fawn suit, especially for Gavin's stag night. When they go out later that evening the suit he wears is actually grey - despite fawn being a yellowish brown colour.

    • Stacey's fiancés: 1.Hywel 2.Kyle 3.Leighton 4.Achmed 5.Cliff 6.Gavin

    • Gavin and Stacey's first dance is to 'A Million Love Songs' by Take That. In the previous episode Stacey and Gavin were deciding between this, and 'How Deep is Your Love'. They went with Stacey's choice in the end.

    • When Nessa refers to Pete Townshend and asking where the book is. She's talking about some legal trouble he had in 2003 in which he was cautioned by police due to child pornography on his computer in which he said was for a book he was writing based on a essay posted in 2001 on his website.

    • Nessa and Dave get engaged.

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    • Nessa: I've already spoken to Noel. He said, "Wherever I go, whatever I do, he's gonna be there, pure and simple." This is the chorus from the band Hear'say's biggest hit Pure and Simple. Hear'say were the first reality show band from the series Popstars.

    • Ness's father Neil tells mentions that he had just done a role in Holby - a refernce to Holby City the medical drama.

  • Fan Reviews (10)
  • a new kind of relationship comedy

    By Grumpyclown, Jan 17, 2013

  • This is one of the worst series I ever had a chance to watch. A complete waste of time. Rude people. No character, no charisma. Not funny at all. Complete rubbish. I do not understand how this was ever nominated for any award. A shame for British Tv.

    By fran899, Dec 21, 2008

  • Typical UK Rubbish.

    By LegoTrooper, Mar 10, 2009

  • An Absolute Legend of A Series. Love The Characters, And The Plot. utter Classic.

    By salopianbubz, Jan 16, 2009

  • Gavin & Stacey is all about a young couple who meet, fall in love and get married and it shows their relationship with each other and their family and friends. Its comedy genius!

    By Jemzym, May 22, 2010