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  • General Hospital, the multi Emmy Award-Winning drama series hailed by critics as the 'The Greatest Soap Opera of All Time', will celebrate 50 years of broadcasting in 2013. The tradition of passion, intrigue, and adventure takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles, set in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves, and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. And, as always, love and danger continue to abound whether on the docks, in the ER, at brownstones, or trespassing on Quartermaine property with contemporary story lines and unforgettable characters. In the past several years, General Hospital has been praised by national organizations for elevating the public awareness of several important social issues. It has received three SHINE awards for its continued contribution to the awareness of sexual responsibility. The Ryan White Foundation presented its 1996 Ryan's Angels Award to "General Hospital" for the moving and thorough examination of HIV/AIDS through the characters of Robin, Stone, and the Nurses' Ball. The show was further honored by the American Red Cross for its HIV/AIDS-related storylines. Several other prestigious awards have been bestowed upon "General Hospital" for confronting sexual child abuse, organ donation, and other social issues as well. The program inspired Port Charles, the spin-off series that premiered in June 1997, and ended October 2003. In 2007 the 3rd spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift premiered which revolves around the interns and the doctors working the night shift at the hospital and ended October 2008. GH has had lots of movie and tv stars (and those in the making) over the years such as Demi Moore, Jack Wagner, Vanessa Marcil, Elizabeth Taylor, Ricky Martin, Rick Springfield, John Stamos, among others, as well as other soap opera stars. General Hospital is the longest-running dramatic serial on the ABC Network, and is the longest-running daytime drama produced on the West Coast. In May of 2000, General Hospital made Daytime Emmy history as the only Daytime drama to ever receive the prestigious Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama series a record seven times, marking the show's fifth win in six years (1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2000). It had also garnered the Emmy Award as Outstanding Daytime Drama Series in 1980-81 and 1983-84. In the 40th Anniversary Special Edition of TV Guide, General Hospital was hailed as the "All-Time Best Daytime Soap." General Hospital was created by Frank and Doris Hursley. General Hospital currently airs Monday-Friday (2:00-3:00 p.m., ET; & 1:00-2:00 p.m., PT) on the ABC Television Network. GH also reruns current episodes at 10pm, 3am, and 10am-as well as a weekend marathon on SOAPnet, the 24 hour Soap Opera Network.moreless

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  • Cast & Crew
  • Anthony Geary

    Luke Spencer (1978-1983, 1984, 1993-) / Bill Eckert (1991-1993)

  • Jane Elliot

    Tracy Quartermaine (1978-1980, 1989-1993, 1996, 2003-)

  • John J. York

    Mac Scorpio (1991-) / James Meadows (1997-1998)

  • Finola Hughes

    Anna Devane (contract 1985-1992, 2012-, recurring 1995, 1999, 2006, 2007, 2008)

  • Maurice Benard

    Sonny Corinthos (1993-1997, 1998-)

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    • Lyrics to Brad Maule's song: "35 year ago, when I was just a lad I wanted to be a doctor... so bad. My father said, "Work had son," My mother said, "Have faith." Little did they know... I meant on GH. I want to be good like Steve & Audrey, I want to be bad like the Cassadines, I want to be hot like Luke & Laura, And freeze Port Charles just a couple more times. I want to be honest, kind and caring, Cold and ruthless and insane, With multiple personalities, I want to be a Quartermaine!"

    • "She truly is probably the greatest slut that has ever entered daytime." -Stuart Damon (Alan), jokingly commenting on his on-screen wife Monica's affair with Rick.

    • "They were the two people who should have always been together and never were." -Rachel Ames (Audrey), reflecting on Dr. Steve Hardy & Nurse Jessie Brewer.

    • Kristina:[asking bout the fighting] Is this a quartermaine new year's tradition? Ned: Actually, this is only the pregame warmup. By the time we ring in 2002, you'll get a chance to experience my family in all their dysfunctional glory.

    • Edward: Bitterness just doesn't become you, A.J.

    • Jax: That was rude. Skye: What can i say? I'm known for my personality flaws.

    • Scott: Going to Audrey's party? Luke: I got an invitation Scott: I didn't know you where so community minded, or did you hear that there was an open bar, Spencer? Luke: Oh, is there Scott: Yes Luke: Well, in that case I can be community minded

    • Edward:"Reginald get the door or your fired"

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    Notes (236)

    • This episode marks the last time GH uses the opening sequence with an ambulance rushing to the hospital.

    • The episode ended with the Beatles song, "In My Life," sung by Bette Midler.

    • Complete Cast List and Storyline Update for April '93

    • Beginning with this episode, General Hospital had new opening credits featuring the faces of its regular cast with a new theme song, "Faces of the Heart," by saxophonist Dave Koz. This opening replaced the previous opening that had been used for years showing an ambulance and its wailing siren outside the hospital.

    • Guest star Jana Taylor was an original cast member of the show and reprises her character, Angie Costello, for this episode. Flashbacks from GH's very first episode are included in this episode and feature scenes with Taylor, Beradino and the late Emily MacLaughlin (Jessie Brewer).

    • This episode marks General Hospital's 30th anniversary and was introduced by original cast member John Beradino (Dr. Steve Hardy), who spoke to the camera out of character.

    • Kin Shriner (Scott) departs the cast for the 3rd time in this episode. He previously left in 1981 and 1983. He'll later return for the spin-off series, Port Charles in 1997, before making a permanent return to GH in 2001.

    • Guest star Finola Hughes reprises her former GH role in this episode.

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    Trivia (42)

    • General Hospital accurately promoted this episode as Luke & Laura's 15th wedding anniversary as it aired almost 15 years to the date of Luke & Laura's wedding (November 16 & 17, 1981). However, months prior this episode, GH had recently introduced a storyline involving Laura's secret 16-year old son Nikolas, who was born after Luke & Laura's wedding. For continuity's sake, the show couldn't have it both ways- either Luke and Laura were married for more than 15 years or Nikolas (who was played by a then 24-year old Tyler Christopher) was younger than 15.

    • At the end of the "Sympathy" scene Alan pushes Skye off in her chair.But as they left the scene you could clearly see him push her chair away at they exited the scene.

    • For Skye and Carly's hairdo's to change from day to day wasn't all that alarming. I could even except Brenda's change from curly mop to straight crop. But Sonny's sudden and not to mention goofy as hell new doo, took the cake.He looked like a modern day version of Ricky Ricardo.

    • A 180 pound (or possibly more) man falls 14 floors off a hotel balcony. Landing on a car and the only damage to the car is a shattered windshield. Seems to me if a guy fell that far, the car would have more than a few large dents in the hood and the roof (at the very least). Not on GH appearantly.


    • It has to be cold enough for a coat in Port Charles, considering that snow was falling the night Luke saved Summer from the hit and run. But color me curious as to why, at the end of her "date" with Luke. Summer refuses (several times) the offer of a cab ride home and then leaves Luke's without her coat. Must have been a heatwave in PC today.



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    • Guest at Kelly's: "Can you turn on the tv, so I can check the Eagles score"
      Although it was used as a plot device so Courtney could see the news of Alcazar's death. It was still very interesting, because it dated this episode and the time it took place. Being that the Eagles where scheduled to play the 49ers on Monday Night Football that very night.

    • "Richer-than-Croesus husband" compares Jax's wealth to that of legendary King Croesus of Lydia in what is now called Turkey. The king was supposedly one of the first, if not the first, to mint coins.

    • The movie that Reese and Sonny were watching was reminescent of Casablanca, a movie about two lovers separated by WWII, who reunite and decide to do what is right and needed, as opposed to what they want to do. Since the dialogue was written to reflect Reese and Sonny's situation it is a stylistic nod, not a substance reference.

    • Lucas: To quote my seriously out-of-touch father, "when pigs fly." This phrase wasmade popular on the sitcom Alice, describing something very likely impossible.

    • Dillon: Just the facts, ma'am. This line references the signature line from the classic TV police procedural, Dragnet.

    • Jeffrey: Is that J.Lo and Marc? This is alluding to Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony.

    • Patrick: She's like a mix between Lara Croft and Emma Peel. Lara Croft is a fictional character in the video game series Tomb Raider which was later made into a movie with Angelina Jolie as the title character. Emma Peel was a fictional spy on the TV show The Avengers played by Diana Rigg.

    • Mayor Floyd: This genius has visions of Eliot Spitzer dancing around in his head. Eliot Spitzer was the Governor of New York until his involvment in a high-priced prostitution ring became public knowledge.

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