General Hospital

Ep. #11835

Season 47, Ep 60, Aired 6/24/09
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  • Episode Description
  • Andrea confesses to Robin and Patrick that she hired a P.I. to follow her husband and suspected the affair. Michael offers to help Jason track down this guy together. Sam tells Kristina that she's waiting for Alexis so she can tell her about her stealing her mother's car. Alexis arrives and Sam learns that Kristina was seen at Jake's with Michael. Claudia hides Dominic in her bedroom and scrambles to cover her tracks, Dominic threatens to take Claudia down with him. Matt lashes out at Epiphany and Maxie overhears him ranting when he can't have access to his office. Toussaint catches Maxie attempting to break into Matt's office and he can't wait to hear her excuse. Claudia tells Dominic not to threaten her and that she can bury him, Dominic says that Johnny saved Jason's life by pushing him out of the way. Michael gets angry when Jason refuses to listen about joining the business. Robin and Patrick go to the Mayor's office and wait hoping to get some answers. Matt overhears Maxie and Toussaint's conversation and immediately intervenes. Jason tells Sam that he knew about Michael being at Jake's but didn't know Kristina was there too. Claudia wants an explanation from Johnny in why he saved Jason instead of letting him die. Michael tells Kristina that he thought taking that guy down was his way into his father's business, Alexis arrives and they wonder what to do if she catches Kristina there. Maxie makes things straight and says Matt was a jerk and isn't interested and owes Spinelli an apology. Epiphany explains to Toussaint that a reunion of his group the Saint is possible. Jason tells Sam he doesn't want Michael in the mob period. Mayor Floyd tells Patrick and Robin that he was gonna ask his wife for a divorce and wonders how Brianna really died. Andrea tells Ric that Garrett could be Governor if he's re-elected as Mayor one more time. Michael goes to Johnny and says he knows his garage is a front and wants to learn what he knows. Andrea slaps Matt cause of his incompetence during the surgery. Kristina comes face-to-face with Dominic and says for her not to make a sound.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jill Farren-Phelps

  • Robert Guza Jr.

  • Garin Wolf

  • Michael Conforti

  • Meg Bennett

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