General Hospital

Ep. #11958

Season 47, Ep 184, Aired 12/21/09
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  • Episode Description
  • Rebecca tells Lucky and the rest that she'll be leaving Port Charles and needs to do this for herself. Carly sees through Franco and the two headed coin he had to get her tree, he gets shaky when he sees Josslyn. Robin treats Ronnie and he fights her every step of the way. Sonny tells Jax that it's not too late and to use his connections to get the investigation buried. Franco tells Carly she can go ahead and have the tree and not to take her beautiful daughter for granted and opens up about his daughter who died and to say hi to her friend and he knows where to find him. Jason finds a formidable opponent in Franco. Lucky sees that Rebecca has no regrets and changed her mind about telling him something important. Robin thanks Steve for stepping in when he did, cause considering her H.I.V. status, Patrick comes to Robin and says that the patient wasn't infected at all. Jason tells Dominic that if Franco comes back to shoot him on sight. Lucky sees Luke buying a tree for the Haunted Star and catches him with contrabrand cigars. Lisa lays into Patrick for not telling her about Robin's health issues. Carly looks all over and can't find Josslyn's hat anywhere. Franco goes to see Ronnie in the hospital, and tells Lulu that it doesn't look good for him. Sam and Spinelli tell Jason they suspect Franco maybe a serial killer. Monica and Tracy argue over the star on top of the tree, Rebecca comes and says she's taking Monica up on her offer to go to Paris, Edward feels she should stay in town. Lulu finds the CO77X tag sign and calls Dominic that Ronnie was involved in a hit and run, he and Jason head over to the hospital. Patrick helps Lisa pick out a tree. Rebecca clashes with Elizabeth saying secrets have a way of coming out, and Lucky overhears it. Jason reads Ronnie's note that Franco wants him to choose. Franco enters the restaurant and says he has a package for Jason Morgan and he'll wait.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jill Farren-Phelps

  • Robert Guza Jr.

  • Meg Bennett

  • Garin Wolf

  • Michael Conforti

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  • Monday.

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