Geordie Shore

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    Such good fun!

    By DSOPunk, Jul 03, 2013

    Despite the fact the show consists of nothing but drinking and having sex, the content is actually good fun. A lot of people complain because the show is "Fake" and "Scripted", but c'mon, what isn't scripted on television these days. Television is about entertainment, so the producers will create content that is entertaining weather they try to pass it off as real or not, but that doesn't decide a shows level of fun. It's a good natured and fun show all together with loveable characters and a great team, keep it up!moreless

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    The Most fake Reality show with an addiction !

    By AyoubOu, Dec 24, 2012

    Let me just put it this way , This show is so fake many reasons .

    It's all scripted and well acted . You can see clearly that the producers want this to be about nudity and promoting sex and those wilds clubs life . However , it does contain some point of excitement that make you want to check out the next episodes .

    Every person in that house has been given a script and a role to play ... and that's not what reality tv is about .

    The american version is more original and better , at least Jersey shore was real and had some soul on it .moreless

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