George and Mildred

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Quotes (36)

  • George: You tell your dad that I'm working class and bloody proud of it.
    Tristram: My daddy says you should be put up against the wall and shot.
    George: Your dad sounds a right toffee nosed twit.
    Tristram: That's what my mummy says.

  • George: I don't see the point in having two loos.
    Jeffrey: Supposing you both wanted to ... at the same time?
    George: Then she can wait. And that little one hasn't got a lid on it.
    Mildred: George, that is a bidet!
    George: Oh? Oh, yeah, that'll come in useful to wash the mud off my wellies.
    Mildred: George, how can you be so ignorant? They don't have mud in Hampton Wick.

  • Jeffrey: (showing the house) This is the last remaining unit in this small, rather exclusive development. And I may say they're rather sought after.
    George: Yeah, we had trouble finding the place.

  • Mildred: That's just the difference between you and me. I'm gregarious, George, you are not.
    George: I don't see what astrology has to do with it.

  • Mildred: Apart from being an MP, what do you do?
    Margaret Partridge: I am a Parliamentary Private Secretary
    Mildred: Aah, I always wished I had learned to type.

  • Employment clerk: When did you leave school exactly? Do you remember?
    George: Well, ... it would have been about half past four, I suppose.

  • Employment clerk: I assume you have no O or A levels?
    George: They didn't have education when I was at school.

  • Mildred: It's worth going to the interview, George. After all, he is a friend.
    George: He's not a friend, he lives next door.
    Mildred: Well, at least you know him.
    George: Yeah, but he doesn't like me.
    Mildred: It's the same thing

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Notes (13)

  • This was the first episode of George and Mildred produced and was a spin-off of the popular British series Man About the House. This episode in particular was Americanized for the American version, titled The Ropers.

  • This episode is the first to feature Mildred's mother, played by Gretchen Franklin.

  • This episode marks the start of Series 2.

  • A similar episode was produced for the American version of this series entitled The Ropers with the same episode name. Stanley Roper tries to sell the house behind Helen's back when Larry shows up at the door with a deal Stanley can't refuse.

  • This episode starts Series 3.

  • Ann has her baby in this episode.

  • The opening credits change once again. Now we only get a silhouette of the two main characters, changing colour when the actor's name is mentioned.

  • This episode starts Series 4.

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Trivia (2)

  • The Ropers celebrate their twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.

  • For the third series the opening credits change again. The theme music stays the same, but now we see George and Mildred trying to have a barbecue in their back garden, ... with hilarious consequences.