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    In this episode Benny is mad at George because he fixed a contest from Benny winning a trip to Reno. Then George goes to a bar and drinks the worm then he has vison on what would happen if Benny would have been nice to him.

    By Jman1223, Oct 09, 2011

    This episode is very creative and funny to see what would have happened if Benny would have treated him better. Personally, it is one of my favorite episodes. This episode kept me laughing and made me want to watch it again. The director's of this episode really had a good idea with this episode. Usally I don't like to see episode's that go through a different story than the original show but this episode was a definite exception. So, don't hesitate get this episode's point to watch the episode. So watch this episode now, go see it on Nick at night or My 24.moreless

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