George Lopez

George Watcha's Out For Jason

Season 4, Ep 18, Aired 3/1/05
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  • Episode Description
  • When Angie and George discover Carmen has been going to Jason's unsupervised for the past month, they confront the couple, only to find Jason's parents are out of the country - because they've moved. When Jason goes to jail for throwing a party where drugs were brought, the police have to send him out of town, thus ruining his possible chance at a pro baseball career. Much to George's chagrin, he allows Jason to stay with the Lopez's -- as long as he and Carmen can keep their hands off each other.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Valente Rodriguez

    Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas

  • Belita Moreno

    Benita 'Benny' Lopez

  • Constance Marie

    Angie Palmero Lopez

  • George Lopez

    George Lopez

  • Masiela Lusha

    Carmen Conzuela Lopez

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  • Quotes (6)

    • George: You know when I was your age, I used to dream about playing pro baseball.
      Jason: This is different, Mr. Lopez. I'm actually good!

    • George: Why did you lie? Carmen: 'Cause I knew you'd freak out if you knew Jason's parents were out of town. Angie: Well what kind of parents just leave their kid and then go off to live in another country? That can't be legal. George: No, it's not, it's called abandonment... at least that's what the cops said when they dragged my mom back from Dwana, and made her untie me from the lemon tree.

    • (George and Angie caught Carmen in Jason's house) George: Carmen, we talked about this! You agreed you wouldn't have sex! Carmen: Dad, I'm not having sex! I'm cooking and doing Jason's laundry! George: (to Angie) When we get home, we need to go on the internet and find out what "cooking and doing laundry" mean in slang.

    • Carmen: (to the cop) Jason can't spend the night in jail! George: I spent the night in jail once and nothing bad happened to me. Carmen: Dad this is different. Jason's pretty!

    • (George takes a picture of Benny for Carmen) Benny: What are you doing? George: Showing Carmen what a hard life of partying does, now show me your ankles. (Benny chases him out of the house)

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    Notes (1)

    • The person that Max says was disqualified from the science fair has been named after the writer of this episode, Kaplan.

    Allusions (1)

    • In the last scene of this episode, the chalkboard on the side of the fridge appears to read, "Be the miracle!" This could possibly be a reference to the 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty.

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