George's Dog Days of Bummer

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  • 4.3

    oh my god, i think duane chapman needs to stick with his bounty hunting.

    By horselov64, Oct 25, 2005

    that was so painful to watch. i didnt really expect a lot but i did expect better then this. there was nothing there, it was like he was talking to thin air. no offense but thst acting was really horrible. once he came riding in on his motor cycle i was about ready to cry.

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  • 4.0

    Benny Loses Her dog and LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa threatens George

    By janlari584, Oct 13, 2005

    It was overall the same show with the mayor of Los Angeles (who looked incredibly uncomfortable) at the very end. Mayor Villaraigosa had a funny line though:

    "knock it off or we'll stop picking up your trash"

    Even though his facial expression made it look like he was giving a speech to the MTA.

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