George Lopez

Love Bites

Season 2, Ep 8, Aired 11/20/02
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  • Episode Description
  • After George notices that Carmen is growing up (especially in the body), he and Angie warn her about boys. After that, she comes home with a hickey. Ernie pays Max to pretend he's his son, so he can meet single moms.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Valente Rodriguez

    Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas

  • Belita Moreno

    Benita 'Benny' Lopez

  • Constance Marie

    Angie Lopez

  • George Lopez

    George Lopez

  • Masiela Lusha

    Carmen Lopez (seasons 1-5)

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  • Quotes (14)

    • George: This isn't over, is it?
      Angie: Nope.
      George: There's gonna be more guys, more lies.
      Angie: Oh, yeah.
      George: I think they had it right 200 years ago. You get married when you're fourteen, and by thirty you're dead.

    • Angie: You should wait so that your first time is special.
      Carmen: Oh believe me, it was. (Pause) That was for Dad.
      George: I'm not listening!

    • Carmen: Hey, Dad. What's up?
      George: Carmen, I feel bad about all that stuff I said to you this morning. Not all guys are bad, there are good guys out there. Like Tom Hanks... the Pope.... Regis always seems pretty friendly...

    • Carmen: I'm not going to get a disease, I can control myself. Benny: Yeah, control yourself, try that one with a wine cooler in your gut and Smokey Robinson on the radio. Carmen: Grandma, you're not helping. Benny: Yeah you're right, what would I know? George: Wait a minute. Tell her, Mom. Benny: Tell her what? George: Tell her about being 17 and pregnant. Tell her how I ruined your life. Benny: Aw, you didn't ruin my life. George: This is no time for jokes! Benny: (to Carmen) Your father didn't ruin my life. I ruined my life. You fall in love with the guy, and you think its gonna last forever you get all caught up in the moment and you forget about what's right and wrong. So you go to bed with him and it's pretty good! George: Mom! Benny: I'm not going to lie...but then he doesn't turn out to be the guy you thought he was and he leaves you. And while all your friends are living it up and having a great time, you're all alone raising a kid, working two jobs, up to your strech marks in dirty diapers. I gave up all my pretty years (she points at George) for this.

    • George: (about Carmen) Just yesterday she was my little girl holding on to her teddy bear. Now, there's no room for the teddy bear!

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