George Lopez

Prescription For Trouble

Season 4, Ep 11, Aired 1/11/05
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  • Episode Description
  • When Carmen asks for birth control, George is immediately angry with her reunited boyfriend Jason. But when Jason informs him it was Carmen's idea, George goes on a search to find out the real story, where the birth control seems to be everyone BUT Jason's idea.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Valente Rodriguez

    Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas

  • Belita Moreno

    Benita 'Benny' Lopez

  • Constance Marie

    Angie Palmero Lopez

  • George Lopez

    George Lopez

  • Masiela Lusha

    Carmen Conzuela Lopez

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  • Quotes (15)

    • Angie: She's not ready for the emotional consequences that go along with a sexual relationship and clearly we are not emotionally prepared to deal with our daughter crossing the threshold into womanhood! George: That's it! Angie: If you could teach Carmen to bore a guy like you just bored me, no one would want to sleep with her!

    • Carmen: (Dressed in revealing clothes) I'm gonna distract Jason with my body, and destroy him with my mind. Benny: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I've distracted with my body. Hell, I've destroyed with my body. I remember one time when I distracted one guy while I destroyed the other. George: I remember that day. You forgot to put a sock on the front door and I walked in on you. That was not a good Mother's Day for me.

    • Angie: Carmen's having her first meeting with the debate team. George: What? Carmen made the debate team? Angie: Uh huh. George: Did they need a cryer? (Imitating Carmen, sniffling) Testing makeup on animals should be outlawed. Because bunnies are cute! And it burns their eyes! And then they're blind and they hop into traffic! See, my mascara's running, they died for nothing!

    • Carmen: What other criteria do I have to meet in order to have sex? George: You have to be married... or have a letter from the Pope. Carmen: Don't be such a hypocrite dad. What, were you married when you lost your virginity? George: Your mother was the first woman I was with, and I married her. Carmen: Soooo, you've only had sex with one woman? George: Don't say it like that! That's the way its supposed to be! Angie: I'm many women for your father. Carmen: (disgusted) OH GOD! That's why you have the wigs!

    • George: Carmen, we're not getting you birth control pills! You're too young to have sex! Angie: Has Jason been pressuring you? Carmen: No, no, this is my idea. I want to take responsibility for my body. And when the time comes, condoms are important, but they're not gonna be enough. Its only 98% effective against pregnancy. I wanna be sure that I'm absolutely safe. George:... What do you mean "when the day comes?" Carmen: Well, lets talk about that together. (she grabs a calendar) How does March work for you? (George stares in shock) George: I'm not gonna pick the day my daughter loses her virginity! And I'm sure as hell not gonna do it on my nice golfing dogs calendar! That's just wrong!

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    • Carmen says that she will be turning 16 on Saturday, but later, Angie said she's turning 16 on Friday.

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