George Shrinks

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Quotes (4)

  • George: (Taped up inside his package) This ought to hold it until I can repack the box...without me inside!
    George: (Being bounced around inside his package)Boy oh boy! This is more fun than the tilt-a-whirl ride at the County fair!

  • Junior: (sitting at ham radio with headphones on) George? Hello? Hello?
    Dad: Now that's using your melon for more than a hair pot!

  • George: Becky, you're a genius. Becky: Can I get that on tape?

  • George: Aunt Eunice thinks I'm George the hamster-boy.

Notes (1)

  • Episodes obviously aired out of order, since George and Becky meet for the first time in this episode.

Trivia (3)

  • George's dad plays two Alice In Wonderland characters; the Caterpillar and the Mad Hatter.

  • When george is talking to his dad, george is leaning on a block with all yellow E's (which is a goof in it's own right) then, there's a close-up of dads face, and when it goes back to george, it's all green

  • When George goes to rescue the ring, he goes DOWN the sink drain, but in the end, he comes OUT the tub's faucet! I don't think I'd like to drink that houses water!

Allusions (14)

  • Title: If I Ran The Circus This is an allusion to the Dr Seuss book If I Ran The Zoo. It is also an attraction at Islands of Adventure in Florida.

  • Title: Becky in Wonderland This is an allusion to Lewis Caroll's book Alice in Wonderland.

  • Title: Lost and Found This is a reference to the saying "lost and found".

  • Title: Journey To The Center Of The Garden This is a reference to H.G Wells' novel Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.

  • Title: Close Encounters of the Bird Kind This is an allusion to the film Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

  • Title: Return To Sender This is a reference to the Elvis Presley song of the same name.

  • Title: Round up the Usual Insects A reference to an episode of Switch called Round Up the Usual Suspects.

  • Title: A Star is Shrunk This is an allusion to the movie A Star Is Born.

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