Get Smart

And Only Two Ninety-Nine

Season 5, Ep 21, Aired 2/20/70
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  • Episode Description
  • Max comes home from work one evening to find 99 in bed,with a back eye.99 explains it away as nothing.When he inquires about 99's visit to her Mother,99 says that she did'nt feel much like visiting her.This makes Max suspicious,and before he inquires about anything else,the telephone rings.It is the Chief who informs Max that the woman in his Apartment is not 99.This is true since the real 99 is in the Chiefs Office.The Chief lets 99 talk to Max on the telephone,and this confirms to Max that it is the real 99.The Chief will explain everything to Max in the Morning,but that Max should at the present time should pretend that the woman imposter is 99.99 herself explains to the Chief what had happened that morning.While some furnisher men were moving furniture into her,and Max's apartment,the imposter 99 pulls a gun on her.She then instructed 99 to accompany the moving men(who are Kaos agents)back to their secret place.In response 99 punched the imposter,thus giving her the black eye.She was takened anyway.She managed to escape,and went straight to the Chief's Office.The Chief wants 99 to return to the secret place where Kaos had imprisoned her'So that they can learn what Kaos is planning,99 agrees.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Barbara Feldon

    Agent 99

  • Jane Dulo

    99's Mother (1968-1969)

  • Robert Karvelas

    Larrabee (1967-1970)

  • Dick Gautier

    Hymie (1966-1969)

  • David Ketchum

    Agent 13

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  • Quotes (3)

    • Melnick: When will the first symptoms of the poison start to show? Imposter 99: It should start shortly after lunch. He'll begin to get very sleepy. And then he'll lose his equilibrium and fall down a lot. Melnick: Won't that attract suspiscion? imposter 99: Not with Maxwell Smart.

    • Max: Chief, if I have to spend a week with this woman to help CONTROL solve this cae, I'm willing to do it. Chief: I'm proud of you, Max. Max: And if I have to spend two weeks with this woman, I'm willing to do that too. Chief: Remember you're a married man. Max: You're telling me? I've got two wives.

    • Chief: I'm going telephone Max and tell him to wake that woman and kiss her. 99:What? Chief: 99, no two women kiss alike. The second Max kisses her, he'll know it's not you. 99: Chief, that's a terrible idea. Chief: Why? 99: (worried) What if she's better?

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