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    Comedic Spies?

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    1st ep (09)

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    What a "Smart" show this one was!

    By Jaykeson, Feb 06, 2011

    I don't see how anyone could possibly ever dislike this show. Even though it is a late 60s show, it still manages to obtain an ever-growing fan base, even 4 decades later.

    I have often wondered though, was Maxwell Smart's name meant to be ironic? "Max Smart"? I am surprised he wasn't killed 100 times during the show's run - though you can't have a show without the main character can you? And I think making him a 'bumbling' character was part of the charm.

    Of course the legendary Don Adams would once again rise in popularity during the 80s with the introduction of the classic kid's cartoon "Inspector Gadget" (which I always felt was a "spin" on 'Get Smart').

    Classic stuff all round.moreless

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    The best commical satire of spies. Funny, and useful? A classic among all others.

    By kpride7290, Nov 05, 2010

    A very good satire, and funny too. Don Adams is the perfect person for max smart. The gadgets are very funny, and 99 isnt bad herself. nothing really bad about this show at all. Was a hit back then, and if it premired today, it would still be a hit. A comedy where sex and violence was in the future. Good, clean fun.

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    The Best!

    By RobaForce, Nov 05, 2010

    I love Get Smart! Ben Franklin once said there are two thing in life that are guaranteed: Death and Taxes. Well, I have a third. The Cone of Silence will never work. No matter what.

    What can I say? This show IS the definition of classic! It's amazing!

    Agent 86 Forever!

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    If the FBI has agents like Max working for they have nothing to worry about would you believe ?

    By Flexie52, Jun 10, 2009

    Get Smart is a show based around Maxwell Smart who is an agent of Control trying to be a force good and niceness if only Kaos would do the same. 99 who is Max's partner is the better spy out of the pair but she lets Max take the credit for it and also her name is never revealed which is a bit more spy like compared to Max who every Kaos agent knows my name and number.And we can't forget the beloved Chief of Control who has to put up with Max all the time and clean up the mess which Max gets himself into.

    Overall the show is funny and has a whole pile of catch phrases which you will know and love by a couple of episode but the lines still stay good.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Maxwell Smart is Agent 86 working for CONTROL, a secret spy organization fighting criminal activity, usually from KAOS, an organization of evil doers.

    By drwoowoocl, Nov 22, 2008

    Get Smart is one of those shows that seems to get better and better as time goes on, even though the spy craze and the Cold War that gave birth to it have both long passed into almost irrelevance. Perhaps because it was a satirical take on the genre has given it more of a shelf life. Indeed, really good satire has been hard to find on network TV over the years. GS helped open the door for sit-coms to do satire, but even there, only a few sit-coms have done satire as well as Smart. With the catch phrases, the wild physical humor and silly sight gags, these shows are still hilarious. And dont underestimate the talents of Don Adams. He was just an absolutely brillant performer on this show. Its kind of sad that nothing else he ever did came even close to matching his work here. And the chemistry between Adams and Agent 99- Barbra Feldon cant be overlooked either. The first 2 seasons were almost flawless thanks in large part to that chemistry. Then in the 3rd season, the producers made a mistake that would haunt them the rest of the series. With the spy craze already starting to fade, they decided, in order to add some life to the series, they would have Max marry 99. At first it didnt seem to hurt, it seemed to add an interesting new element, but soon it became clear that the show had become domesticated and for the final season, they changed the opening and added babies, and further doomed to the show. Fortunately, the first 2 seasons live on in syndication and now on DVD, so some the best satire in the history of American TV can be seen over and over and theres nothing wrong with that. And to further confirm the shows significance, last year saw the release of Get Smart, the full length feature film.moreless

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  • 9.5

    One of the best tv shows of all time

    By stoudemire08, Nov 12, 2008

    The series Get Smart is a true television classic. It has the perfect blend of comedy mixed with strong plots involving dangerous situations in the world of espionage.

    Don Adams is absolutely hilarous as Agent 86, Maxwell Smart. His one-liners are legendary, especially when he finds himself in a troubled situation. While he can seem a little slow-witted at times he always manages to find a way to prevail and ruin the evil KAOS plans - even if its slightly by accident! Agent 99 who Smart eventually marries in the series is very stylish and sexy, and the Chief is very funny to watch as he is constantly frustrated by Smart's silliness.moreless

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  • 9.3

    KAOS, CONTROL, Inept agents a recipe for greatness

    By whitewiz, Sep 05, 2008

    What a great show, i started watching this show due to really enjoying the film that has just been released. As long as you remember when the show was made its brilliant. The corny one-liners and the really useless gadgets.

    Maxwell Smart is the main man as agent 86 of CONTROL he spends each week going on a mission of some nature and somehow manages to complete them in his own comedic way.

    To help him he is normally assigned agent99 who is much more adept at spying than 86 and she constantly comes up with good ideas that max steels.

    Other key characters help to round of the show, even some who are just plain silly but get the laughs, like the agents who are constantly put in the most ridiculous of places to assist Max.

    The show is set against the cold war where KAOS is an eastern European organisation that CONTROL is endeavouring to liquidate. Funny one liners and a blast to the past make this a show to watch. I thouroughly enjoy it. I think it could be funy to see a remake of this show in the form aof a tv programme rather than a filmmoreless

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  • 9.6

    We are safe only because the intrepid agents of CONTROL are constantly endeavoring to thwart the powers of evil, namely the sinister organization known as KAOS!

    By raygoshay, Jun 17, 2008

    As a child I watched the episodes as they originally aired, growing to appreciate them more and more with each year. It was one of my first "favorite shows" going back to just before I began going to school. Here are a few personal musings:

    1. Edward Platt was a great straight-man, his Chief was a work of art. I felt secure knowing he had things under control.

    2. As a kid I wondered if Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) ever hung out with Emma Peel (Dianna Rigg). I knew there was a difference between the two ladies because sometimes my Dad would declare "This show isn't for you tonight" (yeah, Miss Emma and Co.)

    3. I was totally certain Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) could beat up John Steed (The Avengers' Patrick Mcnee). 4. The Cone of Silence has always ranked as possibly my favorite simple gag device on any television series. 5. Every time I watch Blade Runner I can't help but think of the Cone of Silence during the Voight-Kampff test sequences. Now I imagine some of you will think of it too next time. Thank me or curse me then.

    6. I used to think it unfair how Max was referred to as being a total klutz, bumbling about until he accidentally got lucky or 99 saved the day. Only years later did people admit that he could definitely hold his own in hand to hand combat. And not enough is said about his ingenuity and never-say-die attitude.

    7. I let out a big laugh whenever Agent 44 (Victor French - the original) popped up from inside a mailbox or a trash can.

    8. Michael Dunn scared the bejeezus out of me in the 60's. He was Kaos Agent Mr. Big in the first Get Smart episode and the ever creepy Dr. Loveless on the Wild Wild West. 9. As much as I always had a fascination with robots, I never cared much for Hymie (Dick Gautier).

    10.Did I mention the CONE OF SILENCE?moreless

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