Get Smart

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Quotes (82)

  • 99: I'd like to know where you were when the professor was abducted. Max: If you don't mind, 99, I'd like to handle this myself... 99: Right Max: I'd like to know where YOU were when Professor Dante was abducted...

  • Chief: Max, you realize you'll be facing every kind of danger imaginable... Max: And...lovng it!

  • (Speaking under the Cone of Silence) Chief: How much do you know about KAOS? Max: What did you say, sir? Chief: KAOS. Max: What? Chief: KAOS!! Max: Oh, KAOS. Yes, of course. Well, that's an international criminal organization that was founded...oh, I think in 1957. Chief: How's that? Max: '57. Chief: What? Max: '57!! Chief: Agent 57 is in Hong Kong. Max: What? Chief: Hong Kong. Max: What about Hong Kong? Chief: What? Max: Hong Kong! Chief: (exasperated) Why are we talking about Hong Kong?!? Max: What? Chief: Hong...(pressing the intercom button) Hodgkins, raise the Cone of Silence. Hodgkins: (over the intercom) What?? Chief: (really exasperated) RAISE THE CONE OF SILENCE!!!

  • Max: Seven Coast Guard cutters are converging on this boat. Would you believe it? Seven! Mr. Big: I find that pretty hard to believe. Max: Would you believe six? Mr. Big: I don't think so. Max: How about two cops in a rowboat?

  • Max: Alright, gentlemen, stand back! How big is this room? The Claw: About ten by fifteen... Max: Perfect! Don't move or I'll blow you all to kingdom come!! Bobo, drop that gun! The Claw: He's bluffing! Bobo, get him! (Max tosses the pill, but nothing happens) Max: Wrong pill. I think I've just poisoned the room!

  • The Claw: I suppose you can guess what they call me...(he shows his left arm, which ends with a metal horseshoe) Max: Lefty? The Claw: No, Mr Smart! I am employed by KAOS, the international organization of evil. My name is the Craw! Max: The...Craw?!? The Claw: No! Not the Craw! Craw!! Max: Oh, yes, the Craw...

  • Chief: If you are captured and it looks really tough, this may be your one ace in the hole. This pill, when swallowed, will bring painless death in about twenty seconds. Are there any questions? Max: How do I get them to take it?

  • Chief: Now, I've written the location of your contacts on this piece of paper. Be sure to destroy it. (Max lights the paper on fire without reading it) Chief: No, no, no, Max! First memorize it, THEN destroy it!!

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Notes (132)

  • This is also the only episode in which Mel Brooks was personally involved in.

  • Along with introducing all the main cast, this episode also marks the first appearances of the shoe phone and the cone of silence.

  • This is the only episode of the entire series run of Get Smart filmed in black and white.

  • The opening credits has Max driving up in a Red Sunbeam Tiger Convertable.

  • German Titel: "Blondinen für Fernost" which means: "Blondes for the Far East"

  • German Title: "Man lernt nie aus" which means "You never stop learning"

  • Edward Platt does not appear in this episode. Also of note, throughout this whole season he is not in the opening credits, only at the end of each episode he's in.

  • German title: "Unser Mann in der Spielzeugabteilung" which means: "our man in the toy section".

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Trivia (53)

  • Agent 86 and 99 were NOT their original numbers. Originally Don's character was going to be agent 68, and Barbara's was to be agent 69. Go figure. The censors had a problem with that and made Mel change the numbers around.

  • Mel Brooks must have used a crystal ball to see 40 years into the future and glean the theater-goer's bane.

    The first episode opens with Max at the symphony in his best tuxedo, surrounded by the rich and affluent. Max is enjoying the concert from 5th row center when his shoe phone starts to ring. He looks embarrassed as the people around him look around puzzled. Then he scoots past everybody in his row to the isle and walks the full length of the theater to the lobby. All the time, his shoe is ringing.

  • For this inagural of the series, the only B&W episode, Maxwell Smart drives a different dark colored model Sunbean instead of his customary red Sunbeam Tiger. Moreover, Agent 86 enters the offices of CONTROL through the sidewalk stairwell to the basement instead of the lobby as seen throughout the remainder of the series' run.

  • When Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 and Fang leave the rubber novelties factory parking lot-supposedely in New York City, as the limo turns onto the street one can easily see palm trees and mountains indicating this was shot at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

  • In the first scene where Max attends a symphony concert, the orchestra is playing Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, 3rd movement.

  • This was the first time Maxwell Smart drove a red Sunbeam Tiger convertible.

  • This was the first of two appearances for the Claw.

  • Max states that all three suspect agents are left-handed but when they get Zukor to sign his name, and then pick up papers he dropped, he uses his right hand.

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Allusions (114)

  • One training exercise is to use a garrote wire in a watch to strangle an enemy. This is taken from the James Bond film From Russia With Love.

  • One exercise has students decapitate a dummy using a bowler hat with a stiffened and razor sharp brim. This type of stunt was also shown in the James Bond film Goldfinger.

  • This episode is remarkably similar to The Avengers episode Death At Bargain Prices which had its original transmission exactly two weeks after this Get Smart episode.

  • Episode Title: Our Man in Toyland This is one of two episodes this season with titles inspired by the classic spy film Our Man in Havana (1959). The movie was based on a novel by Graham Greene and was directed by Carol Reed.

  • Custer One of the generals Smart meets with is named after the general whose men were destroyed in the Battle of Little Big Horn.

  • Captain Kangaroo Alma gives herself away when, supposedly under the effect of the regressor ray, she mentions Captain Kangaroo. Captain Kangaroo was one of the most popular children's shows in TV history featuring Bob Keeshan (formerly Clarabell the Clown on "The Howdy Doody Show") as the good captain. The show ran from 1955 to 1984 meaning it premiered only ten years before this episode aired, well after Alma's childhood.

  • Episode Title: Satan Place The title of this episode is an allusion to Grace Metalious's Peyton Place.

  • Episode Title: Our Man in Leotards This is one of two episodes this season with a title inspired by the classic spy movie Our Man in Havana (1959). The movie was based on a novel by Graham Greene and directed by Carol Reed.

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