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  • Three ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin set out in search of spirits while armed with nightvision cameras and digital recorders on this paranormal show based on the Sci-Fi channel documentary.

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  • S 12 : Ep 4

    Return to the Riviera

    Airs 2/20/16

  • S 12 : Ep 3

    Bracken Fern Manor & Tudor House

    Airing in 5 days

  • S 12 : Ep 2

    Secret Scientology Lab

    Aired 2/6/16

  • S 12 : Ep 1

    Black Dahlia House

    Aired 1/30/16

  • S 11 : Ep 11

    Lava Hot Springs Inn

    Aired 11/7/15

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    Tech Equipment Manager

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  • Bill Chappell

    GAC Scientist & Electrical Engineer

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    • Virginia: (addressing the spirit of Elizabeth) Can you talk to me? EVP: No.

    • Zak: (preparing to investigate the Old Washoe Club) When we were securing this location to investigate, we were informed by the manager in the bar downstairs that they had so much disturbance here that they hired a psychic to walk through here about five years ago to see if she could communicate with the bothersome spirits. The psychic stated she came into contact with a very evil spirit, and would never return here again. After hearing that story, we all became a little more focused.

    • Zak: (when Aaron's scared by an EVP in their cabin) I'm going to make sure you all don't back down. I know Nick's not, and our cameraman, I know you're... I'm freaked out too, bro! I'm freaked out too, but we've got to go along with this, to show, to prove, to do for everybody. What's the worst that could happen? (Aaron shakes his head) Don't answer that.

    • Male EVP: Is it the Devil?

    • Bishop Long: You're a tough guy, you're a strong guy, but you're thinking on a physical level. The thing is, is you've always got to remember you're investigating a spiritual level, not just a physical level. Yeah, you can hear bangs on doors, you can hear scratches- those are all physical, those are outward manifestations. But what are you going to do on a spiritual level, because that's where demons attack!

    • Bishop Long: (warning against provoking demonic spirits) This is very dangerous, guys! I'm an exorcist, and I would be ready to perform an exorcism! You guys are playing with fire. I understand that you are provoking to show people that, hey, this stuff is real. But I advocate that paranormal investigators should stay away from provoking, because things of that nature, like you being scratched... what you received was minor. Zak: Would I be crazy if I say I don't want to stop doing it?

    • Zak: (at the former slaughterhouse drainage well) If this is the portal to Hell... if this is the portal to Hell, then why don't you come up out of that ground and come and get us!

    • Nick: (after running out of the men's room) I went to go take a piss, and this ****er just banged on the wall like something wanted me out of there- twice, I heard that, dude! Zak: Shut up! Nick: (leading them back into the men's room) Come here, come here. That scared the **** out of me! I mean, I still have to button my fly up! (he reaches down to zip up)

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    Notes (84)

    • The DVD of this documentary was released on October 5, 2010 by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.

    • The Goldfield Hotel was featured on a second episode of Scariest Places on Earth titled "Goldfield Ghost Hunt".

    • This one hour version of the Live special is included in the Ghost Adventures season 2 DVD release.

    • The Ghost Adventures crew would return to reinvestigate the Old Washoe Club in the show's third season episode "Washoe Club and Chollar Mine", and to the Goldfield Hotel in the fourth season episode "Goldfield, NV". Several of the locations investigated by the GAC in this documentary have also been subsequently investigated by other paranormal TV shows. Both The Old Washoe Club and The Goldfield Hotel were investigated by TAPS in the fourth season Ghost Hunters episode "Spirits Of The Old West".

      The Silver Queen Hotel the Miner's Cabin at the Gold Hill Hotel would both be investigated again by the GAC in their fifth season episode "Return to Virginia City".

    • The haunted history of Bobby Mackey's has also been the subject of an episode of the paranormal show A Haunting in its second season episode "Gateway to Hell". In the episode, Bobby Mackey and others tell their stories, along with reenactment of the attacks on his family and colleagues.

    • Bishop Long: (warning GAC against provoking demonic spirits) ...I would be ready to perform an exorcism! Bishop Long would accompany the GAC on several future investigations of the site including the fourth season's "Return To Bobby Mackey's", and did indeed perform several exorcisms of the building and the people within it.

    • Zak and Nick would later claim that something followed them home from Bobby Mackey's and continued to torment them months afterwards. Aaron would also say that the nightmares caused by their visit to Bobby Mackey's was a factor in his eventual split with his wife. This would fuel their desire to reinvestigate the location, which they do in their fourth season episode "Return To Bobby Mackey's".It would also be investigated by Ghost Hunters in their seventh season episode "Distillery of Spirits".

    • This location was also investigated by the Syfy TV show Ghost Hunters in the third season episode "Shadow People", and the fourth season Paranormal State episode "Darkness Falls". It has also been featured on the British paranormal TV show Most Haunted in the eleventh season episode "West Virginia State Penitentiary". The Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab investigated the prison in their second season episode "Afterlife Sentence". MTV's Fear also filmed an episode here in their first season, "West Virginia State Penitentiary". The site was also used for the first season episode of the Travel Channel show Zak Bagan's Paranormal Challenge titled "West Virginia Penitentiary".

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    Trivia (122)

    • Also Appearing: Sue Parker - Former Asylum Employee Kathy Turner - Former Asylum Employee Sarah Kennedy - Tour Guide Tammy Wilson - Psychic

    • Also Appearing: Joyce Cole - Virginia City Resident and Descendant of a Member of the Donner Party Slim Ritchie - Professional Video Analyst Edgar "Red" Roberts - Owner of the Goldfield Hotel Virginia Ridgeway - Former Caretaker of the Goldfield Hotel Victor H.S. Kwang - Physics Professor, UNLV Jim Paulis - President of the Goldfield Historical Society

    • Locations Investigated: The Silver Queen Hotel - Virginia City, Nevada The Gold Hill Hotel - Virginia City, Nevada Old Washoe Club - Virginia City, Nevada Virginia City Cemetery - Virginia City, Nevada The Goldfield Hotel - Goldfield, Nevada

    • Aaron does not accompany Zak and Nick on their investigation of the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. This is the only time Aaron does not take part in one of the GAC's investigations. This is also the only investigation that includes a "lockdown", which is one of their signature parts to the Ghost Adventures series. They did not complete the lockdown, however, but jumped off a second floor fire escape after having witnessed several objects seemingly levitating in the basement; this is the only incomplete lockdown of the series, as well.

    • Also Appearing:
      Bobby Mackey - Musician and Owner of Bobby Mackey's
      Douglas Hensley - Author of Hell's Gate
      Carl Lawson - Former Caretaker, Bobby Mackey's
      Ritch Lawson - Eyewitness
      Donna Clifton - Manager, Bobby Mackey's
      Bishop James Long, D.Min. - Presiding Archbishop, US Old Catholic Church and Exorcist

    • This investigation took place on June 6-7, 2008, according to the date embedded in their camera footage.

    • Also Appearing:
      Paul Marino - North Adams Historian
      Rachel Branch - Step Great-Great Granddaughter of A.C. Houghton
      Paul Oleskiwsisc - Mason/Eyewitness
      Nick Mantello - Mason/Eyewitness
      Greg Onorato - Mason/Eyewitness
      Randy Ransford - Mason/Eyewitness
      Josh Mantello - Former President of North Adams Masonic Association/Witness
      Jeff Kemp - President of North Adams Masonic Association/Witness
      Michael Carrico - Lead Investigator, Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations

    • Also Appearing: Paul Kirby - Ex-Warden, Moundsville Ed Littell - Ex-Guard, Moundsville Polly Gear - Eyewitness Barbara Applegarth - Eyewitness Lori O'Neil - Eyewitness Ray Gaugenbaugh - Ex-Guard, Moundsville Pat Davis - Ex-Guard, Moundsville Tom "Redbone" Robinson - Ex-Inmate, Moundsville Todd Richie - Eyewitness Linda Davis - Eyewitness Tom Stiles - Internal Coordinator, Moundsville

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    Allusions (8)

    • Zak: (as he climbs a snake infested hill) The ground is moving! I swear, this is Indiana Jones!
      Zak is making a reference to the 1981 adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which the archaeologist Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) sees an entire floor of a buried room he has to enter covered with poisonous snakes. At first, he doesn't realize that the snakes are there, however- the floor just seems to be moving.

    • Zak: (pointing to a sign warning about rattlesnakes in the area) You see this right here? History has a way of repeating itself, and what happened to us in Idaho... so hopefully we won't see any of those on the way down. When Zak and his crew investigated the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, they climbed into the hills, as they do here, to get a better overall view of the site. While they were in the Idaho hills, they ran into at least four or five snakes, many of which were rattlesnakes.

    • Zak: (told the name of one of the convicts) Elmo Smith? Tickle Me Elmo? Zak wants to provoke the ghost of Elmo Smith by comparing him to the lovable Sesame Street Muppet character Elmo, whose giggling likeness was the hottest toy during the 1996 Christmas season. In one way, the allusion is particularly apt, since parents literally fought each other and trampled toy store employees to get them when there was a shortage of the toys available. It's doubtful that Elmo Smith has any idea who "Tickle Me Elmo" is, however, since he died before the Muppet was created.

    • Zak: Here we are at the ancient Ram Inn, and before we get locked down, Shaggy, Scoob... Aaron: Zoinks! Zak and his team are referring to the cartoon Scooby Doo Where Are You!, in which a team of teenagers and their dog Scooby Doo investigated paranormal claims (which actually always turned out to be fake). Shaggy and Scooby were the two cowardly comic relief characters, not un like Aaron, who uses Shaggy's favorite exclamation, "Zoinks!"

    • Zak: Who you gonna call? Ghost Adventurers!
      Zak's doing a parody of the Ghostbusters movie theme song, which was performed by Ray Parker Jr.

    • Zak: (embarrassed about not knowing the difference between an incubus and a succubus) Now I had to have Talk Soup make fun of me for that one. Talk Soup is the 1990s comic, 'in your face' satire show hosted by various comedians, such as Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks and Aisha Tyler. Apparently they found Zak's ignorance that the incubus spirit he was tempting to come for him sexually was supposedly a male demon (as opposed to a succubus, which is said to be female) worthy of lampooning.

    • Gopher Puppet:
      While playing Haunted Golf, a gopher puppet pops up in front of the camera and giggles. This is a tribute to the ultimate golf movie Caddyshack.

    • Zak: I'm going to call him Bluto.
      Zak has nicknamed one of Fort Erie's docents after the cartoon character Popeye's nemesis on the cartoon Popeye the Sailor. Like Sam the docent, Bluto is a tough, hefty fellow who is best treated with caution.

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