Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures: The Beginning

Season 0, Ep 0, Aired 7/25/07
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  • After being haunted by the spirit of a young woman, Zak Bagans sets out on a personal quest to document the existence of ghosts. He travels to Nevada along with his friends Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin and investigate several sites that claim to have regular paranormal activity, including Virginia City's Old Washoe Club and the Goldfield Motel in Goldfield, Nevada. This pilot first premiered in July of 2007 on the Syfy Channel, and was relaunched in October of 2008 on the Travel Channel, where the Ghost Adventures Crew were signed to create a series documenting their experiences in some of the most haunted locations around the USA and the rest of the world.moreless

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  • Zak Bagans


  • Nick Groff


  • Aaron Goodwin (I)

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  • Great Start! This Is the Begining of a Great Show!

    By Soccerbri, Sep 03, 2012

  • The beginning of Zak, Nick, and Aaron

    By jmbsonic555, Oct 10, 2011

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Virginia: (addressing the spirit of Elizabeth) Can you talk to me? EVP: No.

    • Zak: (preparing to investigate the Old Washoe Club) When we were securing this location to investigate, we were informed by the manager in the bar downstairs that they had so much disturbance here that they hired a psychic to walk through here about five years ago to see if she could communicate with the bothersome spirits. The psychic stated she came into contact with a very evil spirit, and would never return here again. After hearing that story, we all became a little more focused.

    • Zak: (when Aaron's scared by an EVP in their cabin) I'm going to make sure you all don't back down. I know Nick's not, and our cameraman, I know you're... I'm freaked out too, bro! I'm freaked out too, but we've got to go along with this, to show, to prove, to do for everybody. What's the worst that could happen? (Aaron shakes his head) Don't answer that.

    • Male EVP: Is it the Devil?

    Notes (3)

    • The DVD of this documentary was released on October 5, 2010 by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.

    • The Goldfield Hotel was featured on a second episode of Scariest Places on Earth titled "Goldfield Ghost Hunt".

    • The Ghost Adventures crew would return to reinvestigate the Old Washoe Club in the show's third season episode "Washoe Club and Chollar Mine", and to the Goldfield Hotel in the fourth season episode "Goldfield, NV". Several of the locations investigated by the GAC in this documentary have also been subsequently investigated by other paranormal TV shows. Both The Old Washoe Club and The Goldfield Hotel were investigated by TAPS in the fourth season Ghost Hunters episode "Spirits Of The Old West".

      The Silver Queen Hotel the Miner's Cabin at the Gold Hill Hotel would both be investigated again by the GAC in their fifth season episode "Return to Virginia City".

    Trivia (3)

    • Also Appearing: Joyce Cole - Virginia City Resident and Descendant of a Member of the Donner Party Slim Ritchie - Professional Video Analyst Edgar "Red" Roberts - Owner of the Goldfield Hotel Virginia Ridgeway - Former Caretaker of the Goldfield Hotel Victor H.S. Kwang - Physics Professor, UNLV Jim Paulis - President of the Goldfield Historical Society

    • Locations Investigated: The Silver Queen Hotel - Virginia City, Nevada The Gold Hill Hotel - Virginia City, Nevada Old Washoe Club - Virginia City, Nevada Virginia City Cemetery - Virginia City, Nevada The Goldfield Hotel - Goldfield, Nevada

    • Aaron does not accompany Zak and Nick on their investigation of the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. This is the only time Aaron does not take part in one of the GAC's investigations. This is also the only investigation that includes a "lockdown", which is one of their signature parts to the Ghost Adventures series. They did not complete the lockdown, however, but jumped off a second floor fire escape after having witnessed several objects seemingly levitating in the basement; this is the only incomplete lockdown of the series, as well.

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