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    Right on EllieMae.

    By JimC39, Aug 17, 2015

    Shows like this are so phoney. People who actually believe in these should have their heads examined.

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    Phoniest show on earth!

    By EllieMae13, Jun 05, 2015

    I can't believe there are people lame enough to actually enjoy this show. Now that's a scary thought. I've only seen a handful of shows, but its the same thing - the guys pretending something happened, but the audience can't hear or see anything. In the first place, have more respect for the spirit world. Do you really think spirits are going to show themselves to idiots like these guys? I doubt it.

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    By SarahCappelletti, May 16, 2015

    Me and my sister love the show! And the drewry house is creepy as he'll....

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    I Hate it

    By anthonygalloway79, Apr 21, 2015

    It is so dumb

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    By pwainwrightrome, Mar 29, 2015

    Used to love watching this show. 3 unknown innocent guys searching for what lays beyond. Every week was something new to watch and see how they handled the supernatural as it came at them. It was enjoyable and something to make time for. Not so now, I would rather watch paint peel. I don't understand the appeal of Repeats and Aftershocks. Boring and self serving, somebody hoping to become a Star. I'm out.

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    By ronalsmith146, Mar 01, 2015

    Zack is going for rating. Get real Zack.. Seattle Washington .. U r hurting.. Love it..

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    I like-a de ghosts

    By jeffgarney, Feb 03, 2015

    I like-a de Zak, de Aaron, de Jay, and de Billy too.

    They use technology to find truth. I love that idea. They don't rely on someone else's best practices; they create their own best practices. New tools all the time. Awesome camera work not found on similar shows.

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    Don't LIke How Josh Treats Aaron At Times

    By MariaRose, Jan 09, 2015

    I watch this show all the like the different places these guys go and the history behind some of the places they only thing I don't like is the way Josh treats Aaron at gets on him for some things he may say or when he drops something does this right in front of all the people watching this know I'm not the only one that notices has made me so mad at times for the way he treats Aaron I have turned the show feel sorry for Aaron at times and wonder why he allows Josh to say some of the things he does to him and even screams at act like a bully at times and need to lighten up on Aaron after all he is your friend and you never talk to Nick the way you do him at times.moreless

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    Very Good

    By JordanReid2353, Jan 06, 2015

    I really think of all the Paranormal Shows this is my favorite.

    The main point is the Crew of Ghost Adventures are there to help, they don't just tell the people whats wrong and leave.

    In my dealings with clients when I had my computer company going some of them were affecting the computer which made me look incompetent.

    The Point I am trying to make was I intuitively new how to protect the equipment I tested it out on the same client, I think I baffled him, LOL.

    We use protection before we enter the building, and I am not talking about SSD's. When I did my First Cleansing I was coached Prior by the Sweat Lodge Leader and he Knew I had forgotten to use the Protection without me telling him I was amazed.

    But the Point is he said to me your Lucky they decided to help you anyways, if not you could have been scratched or most importantly it can go after your Heart or make you sick.

    He was completely right, this thing we were up against was trying to knock our protection out of our hands.

    But that's another story in itself.

    Thanks Guys,


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    Flim Flam

    By antiparanormal, Nov 11, 2014

    All of those "ghost shows" are rubbish. "Ghost Adventures" is akin to a National Lampoon comedy, but only worse. Zak and the gang are in it for the fame and fortune. These guys have absolutely no scientific backgrounds and seriously lack social decadence. And about the only people who take these guys seriously are giddy teenage girls. It doesn't surprise me that rubbish like "Ghost Adventures" remains in production. With so much sub intelligent junk permeating television nowadays it's only a matter of time that another "ghost show" shall surface. When will this insanity cease and desist?moreless

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