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    Aftershock Shows

    By juliaackinson, Jun 28, 2014

    My family and I love Ghost Adventures, but we dont like these new Aftershock shows. Why are you guys not investagating anymore? Theres so many places left to ghost hunt. We are not Ghost Hunter fans, but theres alot of places theyve hunted that we would Love to see you guys go to!! We live in Delaware n ghost hunters came here to investigate our PeaPatch Island, We want you guys to come here n see what you find. So many places for you to hunt, Please, Please,Please, stsrt doing more Investigations and stop with the aftershock shows.moreless

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    By jeaniemyers10, May 30, 2014

    I like your show but don't like the unprofessional yelling of "WHOA" when someone manifests themselves or makes requested sounds. If you're afraid, let someone else do it.

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    By gailtaylor129357, May 03, 2014

    I am appalled at the negative press about the ghost busters. Especially the piece done by the "medium" in San Diego who is mad because she couldn't investigate with them. She has gone out of her way to really slam them and she is clearly hurt because they didn't include her in a lock down and is showing her wrath because of it.

    Ghost Adventures and its crew have painstakingly and passionately opened the door for millions of viewers to realize that there is life after death. They don't make claims of anything other than spirits are real and they are everywhere. I have had numerous experiences in my life to know that this is true so I believe what they do is real and appreciate how much they repeat their tests to make sure that there is no other explanation other than being authentic spirit communication.

    I am sad that they aren't getting as much air time as they used to and hope that they will return with many more shows and even showing on more evening or daytime TV. The guys are humble, sincere, and very natural, showing their fear when it is appropriate and their excitement when they make contact and have been doing this long enough to where they are very easy on camera and with each other giving the viewers a valid and authentic experience of spirit communication and existence. Thanks GA Crew, you are important and we need you to come back and present us with more shows.


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    this is crap

    By darkenedrose198825, Apr 19, 2014

    While I adore Ghost adventures, If the website is free, the shows should be as well. why do we have to buy each and every one?

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    Rock-n-Roll Ghost Adventures

    By therazorsedge62, Apr 11, 2014

    The best show on . Been watching since the beginning!

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    Just wanted to say.

    By Justmecarmen, Mar 03, 2014

    Love you guys. Great job, love what you guys do. I just wish you guys had more show time i hate when the show starts to get good evidence and then the show is over. Your last show in katies.. And in the mansion great evidence was caught in the mansion. I wanted to see more lol. But then the show was over and it pissed me off cause it left me wanting more lol. We want more :) please. I had my share of expiriences and always thought maybe it was just my mind playing tricks but because of you guys i know the things i saw and heard and caught were actually true. Thank you for that. But again good luck, stay safe and please more showtime.... Lolmoreless

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    "Sharon Tate Ghost/The Oman House"

    By Beth1954, Feb 21, 2014

    Big fan - love you guys - I never miss an episode - but I was very disappointed in this one - you guys could of done better if you had a clear mind going into the investigation - everyone got freaked out before you even started. I think most of the "symptoms" everyone was having were due to listening to all the stories before you began. It's amazing that Dave Oman who lives there everyday isn't freaked out and appears fine... I know you guys are experienced and smart - trust your gut and not what other people say about their experiences to cloud your mind. I hope you do follow-up investigation at the Oman House. Hope to hear a reply! Thanksmoreless

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    its now on saturday nights

    By onlyre28, Feb 17, 2014

    First of all great show... since watching this show it made me realize the others can not compare! Ghost hunters is so painful to watch and i would usually have to skip to the end pass all of the omg did u c that and blah blah blah. how can i see anything when the camera is pointing at their faces?! ugh! Plus with all those people around most what they call evidence can be faked. my only concern with GA is I didnt like them spending so much time in nerve center also they are not really locked in anymore. the last couple episodes seem to be back on track. I love the different personalities and the content and they can actually back up their evidence unlike the other shows. Looking forward to season 9. I hope they go on to like season 20 lolmoreless

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    One of my favorite showand how it can be better going back to the root of things.

    By calvinwhite102, Jan 04, 2014

    Zak stop being so bossy seems like you are always picking on Aaron and given him the suck assignment him or nick in the beginning of the show broadcast it was a better show now you're being to bossy which takes away from the show mellow out man smoke a bowl of some of that good California weed before you shoot a show that way you won't be filling yourself so much nice new car, I'm a fan of the show and a fan of all you guys continue success guys. Zak I'm a former Marine you take some those assignment that you quick to give Aaron if he can do them you as a leader of men lead by example and do the shit jobs to Bro, I bet a will raise the show ratings and yours to on camera and off. Love what you guides do wish I was there scary as hell keep up the good work gentlemen.moreless

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    New Orleans episode

    By MrKrinkle, Dec 21, 2013

    When Arron is sitting on the attic stairway there are four evp's in a row, the second they claim says "they're coming". It is clearly a commercial female voice saying "1-800" proving there is interference and every peice of evidence captured with the spirit box cannot be believed.

    I grew up in a house with activity, I know it exists, but it's made me question every piece of "evidence" they catch and has left me not able to take it seriously anymore.moreless

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