Ghost Hunters Live From Fort Delaware

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Quotes (4)

  • (The Miz complains that nothing's happening, so Kristyn suggests he try provoking) The Miz: I find it amazing, you have done nothing to show me you're here. You haven't said anything, you haven't done anything! How about this, if you are here, big dawg, how 'bout this, how 'bout you come here and you do something! (Kristyn laughs) How was that? Kristyn: That was... provoking. The Miz: (to any listening spirits) Wuss!

  • Grant: How's that backpack, as light as a feather? Jason: Stiff as a board.

  • Dustin: Don't say 'please' when you're provoking! That's nice; you've got to be fresh. Robb D, show her how it's done. Amanda: Manners are important. Robb: Absolutely. Amanda: Especially when dealing with somebody from such a different time period. Robb: Sure, you know prisoners love manners!

  • (in the dungeons) Amanda: This would be a horrible place to spend your last hours. Steve: Yeah, and I would say it's a horrible place to spend Halloween but I'm having a blast!

Notes (1)

  • Fort Delaware has been the subject of several other paranoral TV investigations. TAPS visited the Fort earlier in season four, in the episode "Fort Delaware". It was also investigated by the second of cadets of Ghost Hunters Academy in the episode "Island Castaway". It has also been investigated on the British paranormal TV show in their eleventh season episode "Fort Delaware".

Trivia (2)

  • Also Appearing: Investigation: Fort Delaware - Pea Patch Island, Delaware Lee Jennings - Historian Danielle Parody - Great American Ghost Hunt Finalist Tammila Wright - Great American Ghost Hunt Finalist Erick Wright - Tammila's Husband Lauren Telarole - Great American Ghost Hunt Finalist Doug Voorhees - Former Employee, Beardslee Castle

  • Jason and Grant announce the winner of the Great American Ghost Hunt contest, Danielle Parody, during the broadcast. Her home is investigated in the fifth season episode "Bat Out Of Hell". Jason and Grant say that they will likely investigate all the finalists' places, and visits the Briarhurst Manor suggested by Tammila and Erick Wright in the fifth season episode "Rocky Mountain Hauntings". Beardslee Castle, the site suggested by the finalist Lauren Telarole, will be investigated in the sixth season episode "Home Is Where The Heart Is".