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    WTF Was This Movie. This Movie Suck

    By RobertWatt, Mar 09, 2014

    Two hours 33 minutes of what. The heroes were villains killing everyone in sight. The laughing Man was just talking out of his ass. Everything was a bad joke. Screw this movie. Just you know what fuck this movie. It just bad.

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    If you're interested in science fiction with depth, this is one of the best animated shows you can watch.

    By rot-chan, Aug 12, 2011

    GITS: Stand Alone Complex is about a police unit that solves cyber oriented crimes. The show has amazing music that fits the futuristic and technologic elements; its characters are so dynamic and each bring something very unique to the plot.

    Unlike other action shows I've watched, Ghost In The Shell's characters all work. They all complement each other and their interactions are highly believable. The Major, aka Motoko Kusanagi, is probably one of the best animated heroines of all time. The show, in S.A.C. and later 2nd G.I.G., gradually reveals her dark history and the incredible way she transformed from a regular human being to a cyborg that will gain both respect and infamy. GITS really makes you think. Some of the crimes and characters are so complex, and it can be fun to try to figure out the motives of the villains while you watch.

    But I think one of the greatest parts of this show is that it's possibly a look into our own future, and it makes the viewer think not only about technology but also about its consequences on society and the human mind. It makes you think about how different the world will be in the next 25-30 years; it makes you wonder about the possibility of humans getting the opportunity to exchange their organic bodies for a powerful cyborg one, where you can retain your 'ghost', or your own self, by keeping your brain within. Although, what will this do to ourselves and our world? That's what the core of GITS is about. Injustice, sacrifice, philosophy.moreless

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    One of the best anime shows you will ever see, this is without a doubt an all time classic.

    By drdan2410, Jan 28, 2009

    If you are reading this and don't know the plotline then where have you been for the last decade! It is basicly a spin-off of the movie of the same name. it is set in a future where the line between man and machine has become blurred and follows a team of police officers/para-military types lead by a full cyborg known as the Major.

    The shows real beauty is it's fantastic plot's and very intellectual and philosophical tone. It also has some beautiful animation and some of the best characters you will ever see.

    All in all this is an excellent show and one that I think everyone should see at least once.moreless

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    I like this show its neat.

    By jo_21, Sep 19, 2008

    It kinda gets boring sometimes with all the useless chatter but its still a really great show. I love the animation and the song is really great and even though it has too much talk it still has a good amout of good action. When i first saw the show i thought it sucked but that was only because it confused the hell out of me but when i got the plot down and understood it i really liked it. And usually i dont go for shows like this but for ghost in the shell i make an exeption. hmoreless

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    One of the most enthralling anime one might ever encounter.

    By MasterOJR, Jul 13, 2008

    This show is among the most compelling of all anime. Its popularity is completely justified and it deserves the status of classic. Although the plot is complex, it is all very logical and extremely interesting for a wide range of viewers because it covers issues in economics, politics, psychology, sociology, history, technology of various kinds as well as a real human story. Not only are the personalities complicated, but they are sympathetic in many cases. Major Kusanagi is portrayed as strong and tough, yet she has softer feelings hidden deeper which surface in such cases as her encounter with the rebel Kuze. Batou also has a softer side, showing that full-cyborgs can be human as well. The action is extremely compelling, not only because it is so fast and vivid but because it involves such complicated futuristic weapons and scenarios. The visual art is also well-done, with a mix of CG and traditional. It is able to depict any scene with the utmost detail, including those of cyberspace. The music by Yoko Kanno also compliments the plot and the art nicely. In all this is a very well executed adaptation of a masterpiece manga.moreless

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    ghost in the shell a high action anime is great in my opinion

    By goldenalchemist, Apr 09, 2008

    this show is very good in my opinion the plot is understandable no matter where you are picking up exept for a few choice episodes but the idea that a supersecret taskforce that tries to stop terrorism and their number one enemy the laughing man it is so interesting in the technology and how the characters change little by little and you can see it as their own personal stories on how they got prothstetics and wehatnot comes out this show gets a 8.1 for being superb and a anime people can base others on but also needs a little fine tuneingmoreless

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    Less than 3 decades, and 2 world wars, in the future, the world is a much different place. The world is defined by super high technology and an internet that is pervasive in all aspects of life. Heads of state and business use technology for domination.

    By SsriTelQuessir, Jan 10, 2008

    This is a fantastic show. I was intigued from the first show I saw during the 1st season. Unlike so many other animes that rely on fantasy, mythology, or romance, Ghost in the Shell is a pure action/adventure. But unlike other action/adventure animes that focus on quests, Ghost in the Shell developes on a subtext of contemporary economic theory, political science, and sociology. Anybody who has read C.Wright Mill's The Power Elite or Chomsky's Class Warfare will recognize the conceptual structure of a postmodern information state. Even the lingo used in the English dubs - such as Military-Industrial Complex and Consumer State - come straight from postgrad theory. The basic premis of a micro-intgrated internet that connects all aspects of daily individual life to macro level social events such a war, revolution, politics, commerce, and social control is intiguing. But as intriguing as this presmiss is, the details with which the setting and story line really define how thorough this anime is. As eluded to above, the subtext is perhaps the best I have seen to date in an anime. The subtext of structure vs. agency, freewill and freedom, power, politics, and corruption is relevant to our current social, political, and economic environment. Similarly, the historical reflexivity towards World War II, the Holocost, the cold war, islamo-fascism, and macro coruption of the capitalist state is poignant to the world we face today. There are two seasons, and a number of movies, so far. Each of the two seasons has it's own superplot, culminating at the season finaly. The story revolves around an independant special operations unit, engaging in covert paramilitary actions and information warefare against criminal organizations and corrupt government and business officials. The picture drawn of this futuristic postmodern information-militocracy is frightening to the extream - let me draw the historical reference: A union between heads of state, military, and business using the media as a tool to enforce and maintain their nationalist, pro military hegemony...hint, hint, anybody remember Nazi Germany? The primary literary devices are narrative, internal monologue, foreshadowing, and flashback. Character development is exceptional and the characters themselves have an interesting interdynamic. The characters develop in a way that encourages the viewer to empathize with them. Despite the overwhelming presence of an oppressive social structure and power hungery elite, there is an undertone of heroism thoughout the series; individuals, good men and women, can make a difference in the world - the 'powers that be' can be fought, justice can be upheld, and the inocent can be protected.moreless

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    Based in the future, a cop who happens to be in the body of a \"robot\" (whatever they call it)

    By LeeRocks, Sep 21, 2007

    A cool show with some interesting ideas but all in all, the story line is very hard to follow in my opinion, not very worth the watch unless your an anime finatic or just don\'t care. The idea of being able to have a persons entire memory and personality downloaded is cool and all but it seems to me like its been done before. I believe that the \"ghost in the shell\" refers to a memory trapped in a robotic body, the residual \"spirit\" resides within the body even after replaced or removed. That is if i understood what i\'ve been watching. Hope you like it.moreless

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    A Personal Favorite!

    By dfoboost, Aug 17, 2007

    Out of my opinion this is one of the Best Animes I have ever seen im not sure if they have made a manga for it but if they did I have to check it out.The good opinions I have on this show is how it is also a long series but it has different storys such as Gig1 and GiG2 that explain different parts of the entire show.Another good opinion is how the storyline is hard to understand.To me when a storyline is hard to understand it makes you have to keep watching because if you don't then you might miss something important and then you will get lost.The things bad about this show is how they have all this high tech stuff but still have a hard time find these serial killers.moreless

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