Metal-Head's Reunion

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  • Metal-Head: Well, Grid-baby, some guys got it and some guys, such as yourself, don't. Grid-Iron: I think I'm gonna be sick. Metal-Head: Mock me if you will, but I have the formula for XR-75 and I got one heck of a smackaroo as well!

  • Cobra Commander: Metal-Head, How could you do this to me?!

  • Cobra Commander: Metal-Head, this has been a job well done. How may I reward you?

  • Metal-Head: Susanne, I didn't know you cared! Susanne: I don't!

  • Grid-Iron: Uh-oh, he's starting to lose it, I've seen that look before.

  • Metal-Head: Well, if you still like me, why won't you give me the formula for XR-75?

  • Susanne: So, what have you been doing since high school? Metal-Head: I'm a specialist... (brief pause while Metal-Head bumps into George and his date, knocking them into a waiter) destruction... Susanne: How appropriate!

  • (Metal-Head accidentally burns down the food table) Susanne: That could only be one person in the whole world...

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Trivia (3)

  • Goof: How come nobody else on the reunion boat realises what's going on? The boat sinks and nearby a heavy war takes place, but nobody reacts on any of these events...

  • Goof: How come granny got to speak on that altered disk, since she was nowhere near the room where the disk was overwritten?

  • Metal-Head was the high school football mascot back in his time.