G.I. Joe

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Quotes (205)

  • Destro: You are my slave, Duke. And soon the whole world will bow to Destro and Cobra.

  • Cobra Commander: Welcome to the Cobra Arena of Sport, Duke. We are pleased you have agreed to participate in our games. (Laughs) Duke: I've agreed to nothing, reptile breathe. (Climbing up Cobra flag leading to Destro & Cobra) And the only game that interest me is kicking in your fangs.

  • Dr. Vandermeer: I can begin construction on the Mass Device at once. But the three substances that power it are extremely rare. We must get them before Cobra does or all is lost.

  • Cobra Commander: Citizens of the world. We have a power greater than any in the history of man kind. Look and tremble. (Activating the Mass Device which makes the Eiffel Tower disappear) This is but the first in a serious of demonstrations of the awesome power of Cobra. Beg your leaders to surrender to Cobra at once. You have 24 hours. Cobra.

  • Cobra Commander: You incompetent steel head! Your bumbling has cost me dearly. Destro: Premature panic is the sign of an immature mind! I have mastered the device.

  • General Flagg: (To Duke) It looks like your team blew it on the first try. Major Hooper: The notion of the G.I. Joe team could breech these defenses was totally ludicrous. (Snake Eyes, Scarlett & Stalker drop out of a panel from the ceiling) Stalker: You were saying.

  • (After joining Scarlett & Snake Eyes on the roof) Scarlett: Thanks for dropping in Stalker. Shall we do out thing. Stalker: Après vous, ma chère, Scarlett. Scarlett: (With a southern accent) Why, thank you, sir.

  • Cobra Commander: We are disappointed. You were expected days ago, Destro. Destro: (Dropping cloak) The shipment was difficult to assemble and I lost more time climbing to this ridiculously, melodramatic location. Cobra Commander: I designed the Cobra Temple to guarantee us secrecy and security.

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Notes (99)

  • Christopher Collins is credited as Christopher Latta in the closing credits.

  • Snake Eyes, Gung-Ho, Wild Bill, Flash, Clutch, Grunt & Rock 'n Roll appear in this episode but do not speak.

  • First appearances of Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Major Bludd, Destro, the Cobra Commander, General Flagg, The Baroness, Breaker and Steeler along with various back ground Joe & Cobra officers.

  • Christopher Collins is credited as Christopher Latta & Lisabeth Aubrey was credited as Liz Aubrey in the closing credits.

  • Tripwire reveals that Snake Eyes has a Sixth Sense.

  • Snake Eyes, Gung-Ho & Grunt appear in this episode but doesn't speak.

  • First appearances of Snowjob, Tripwire, Blow Torch, Doc and Cover Girl.

  • Christopher Collins is credited as Christopher Latta & Lisabeth Aubrey was credited as Liz Aubrey in the closing credits.

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Trivia (137)

  • Goof: When Baroness unmasks herself, revealing her true appearance, she's seen with blue eyes. But through the rest of the series, her eyes are brown.

  • Goofs: When Cover Girl prepares to place the explosive canister in the jeep, Snake Eyes' wolf Timber is seen both inside and outside the vehicle. And how did she know his name even though Snake Eyes can't speak?

  • Goof: Just before Gung-Ho jumps out of the helicopter with his jetpack, his vest is colored a dark shade of green instead of its usual powder blue.

  • Goof: In a closeup shot as the Joes raid the Cobra helicarrier, Stalker's skin tone is pale.

  • Goof: When Gung-Ho raids the Cobra fortress, he seems to be speaking with Stalker's voice.

  • Goof: In the overhead shot where the Joes are cheering after their mass beam cancels out Cobra's efforts to destroy New York City, Scarlett is seen even though she's imprisoned at enemy headquarters. The next shot correctly shows Cover Girl in her place.

  • Goof: When Scarlett and Selena are imprisoned after their failed attempt to free the other slaves, Scarlett is speaking with Selena's voice when she says "Yes, you are very brave" before speaking with her own when saying "But Duke's our only hope now."

  • Goof: When Doc is prepping to probe Duke's memories in an effort to locate Cobra's base, Breaker is briefly seen with a blond beard instead of brown. And in the first showing, young Duke looks exactly the same as the bully he fights (with brown hair and pants and a green shirt), before he changes to blond hair, blue shirt and jeans.

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Allusions (12)

  • Episode Title: Twenty Questions The title of this episode is a reference to the children's game of the same name where you try to guess what a person is thinking of by asking twenty questions or less.

  • In a scene, Shipwreck drops a coyote down a canyon while on a Cobra flight pod imitating The Looney Tunes Show Roadrunner, saying "Beep! Beep!"

  • (Attempting to balance himself above the steaming pit of oil) Shipwreck: Do you expect me to talk? Cobra Commander: No, we expect you to fry. This quote is a take off of a scene from the James Bond movie Goldfinger in which Bond who's strapped to a table with a laser beam coming at his crotch, asks, "Do you expect me to talk?" Goldfinger replies, "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die."

  • Quick Kick: Good evening. Welcome to bomb theater. The use of a profile in silhouette and the introduction "Good evening..." is a reference to the opening of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

  • While Quick Kick is rescuing Lady Jaye from the Enforcers, he sings "I'm the Barber of Seville," which is a line from the comic play "The Barber of Seville", which was written by composer Gioachino Rossini in 1816.

  • Mr. C: I pity the fool that doesn't join Cobra. I pity him. One of Cobra's television series is The C-Team, a parody of the The A-Team complete with a Mr. C who mimics Mr. T.

  • (As Shipwreck's ordering the Joe's around, Wet-Suit thumps a piece of metal in his hand) Wet-Suit: What's that you say, Captain Bly?" The character mentioned by Wet-Suit is a sinister captain who was kicked off his own ship in the film Mutiny On The Bounty.

  • Shipwreck's story character finding a can of spinach is a gag to Popeye the Sailor Man, who's been featured in various comics and cartoons since his debut in 1929.

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