In God, and Nobody Else, We Trust

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Quotes (4)

  • John: What do you want me to do? Gidget: Well, first you have to learn how to mumble. There’s a certain way to walk and dress. Then I’ll have to introduce you to the Monkey, the Jerk, and the Dog. John: Fine, fine. I want to meet all your friends. Gidget: Those are dances.

  • Gidget: Ergo, if everybody notices them, they’re bound to notice me if I’m with one of them. Russell: Ergo, absolutely no. Before I’d let you go out with somebody like that, I’d take you myself. Gidget: You prefer I commit instant social suicide? Go with my father? In this day and age?

  • Gidget: (to Russell) I’m very open about Jeff. All I do is talk about Jeff and how much implicit faith and trust we have in each other. I let the fellas know, right off, that I could never be interested in them, so they don’t have to waste any time being interested in me.

  • Gidget: (on the phone) Hello, operator. Would you please ring this number? It must be out of order. (pause) Because I haven’t had a call in over a week. Not even a decent wrong number.

Trivia (1)

  • Watch the girl called "Treasure" when she talks with Ann at the luau. She says Panther should be locked in a cage and the next shot is of her across the beach dancing!