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  • Gidget: Funny thing about life. A few hours ago, I hit the lowest point of my whole absolute existence. And now I’m riding so high, I can’t even see Cloud 9 when I look down. John would say that shows a lack of maturity, and I can’t argue with him. When you’re young, it’s not easy to level off and fly right. It’s too bad you can’t be born with maturity… and then lose it later on when you’re old enough not to need it anymore. (gasps) I wonder if thinking about stuff like that means I’m a philosopher. (yawning) Oh, I hope not. Because I’m too tired for all that jazz.

  • Gidget: Now Jeff has me exactly where he wants me. And when I think it was my idea… Russell: Your idea? Gidget: You don’t think Jeff would suggest it? When it comes to things like that, he’s not square. He’s cube.

  • Gidget: (narrating) I was telling myself to face facts. I was not Sofia Loren. Good grief. Even she would have to think twice about Cornbread.

  • John: I don’t suppose there’s anything I could say. Russell: John, for the first time, you and I are in complete agreement.

  • Gidget: Well, I’ve learned my lesson. I’m through with Jeff once and for all. Larue: You’re through with him? Then what are we doing at the beach? Gidget: I’m gonna give him a second chance.

  • Gidget: (narrating) Meanwhile, to pass the time of day, I decided to make some extra entries in my diary. (reading from diary) “And then, dear diary, I knew I had no choice but to give in, and he kissed me as he’s never kissed me before.” (thinking of what to write next) And I… And I got goose pimples all over. Blech. And I fainted dead away? Yech. Sank into nothingness. (sinks down to the floor with a smile)

  • Anne: Dad. You’re being entirely too permissive with Gidget. John: She’s right, Russ. Permissiveness is out. Strong discipline is in. Russell: Okay. How about disciplining yourself to pay me $3.75?

  • Gidget: (narrating) I’ll never forget the first time he told me he loved me. (They’re both on a surfboard, Gidget’s in front) Jeff: Hey, what was your name again? (Gidget turns her head and makes a face at him) Jeff: You know somethin’? You are kinda cute. (Gidget, with a smile, falls off the surfboard)

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  • There are several different things in this episode than in the rest of the series.. 1st Ann has Black hair not Red 2nd Gidget's front room, the stairs go to the left instead of the right and the front door is in a different place 3rd Gidget's bed is a double not 2 twin beds 4th The outside of Gidget's house is Major Nelson's house on I Dream of Jeannie..But, later its the house from Leave It to Beaver.

  • Martin Milner is better known for his roles on Route 66 and Adam-12.

  • Look for Joy Harmon (Treasure from episode "In God, and Nobody Else, We Trust")in a dance scene.

  • The late Noam Pitlik is better know for the recurring role Officer Swanhauser on Sanford and Son or as Mr. Victor Gianelli on The Bob Newhart Show (1972-1973).

  • Actor Kevin O'Neal is Ryan O'Neal's brother.

  • Pay attention to Gidget's kitchen and dining room..they are the same as on tv's Hazel.

  • Look for Judy Carne from future Laugh-In fame as Pat Taylor.

  • Trivia:The film that Gidget was watching is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939).

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  • Watch the girl called "Treasure" when she talks with Ann at the luau. She says Panther should be locked in a cage and the next shot is of her across the beach dancing!

  • It seems they forgot to put on the blue filter to film the night scene as Mr. Lawrence and the cop enter the driveway. It's 11 PM and it's bright as day! Then Mr. Lawrence gets to the front door and it's night again!

  • Bonnie Franklins character is Jean in this episode. However, in earlier episodes its Janie.

  • As Gidget enters her math class with the other students and says "hello" to several of them, a male student can very clearly be heard saying "Hi, Sally!" instead of "Hi, Gidget".

  • Robert Beach's character from here on out is named Toby. However he played Pete in episode Chivalry isn't Dead.

  • Tim Rooney's plays Ken in this episode.However he played Tommy in episode Operation Shaggy Dog.

Allusions (2)

  • Gidget: "When it comes to things like that he's not Square he's Cube"
    Square was a term used in the 60's for someone not being cool.

  • Gidget: "I was telling myself to face facts..I was not Sophia Loren"
    She was a popular sex symbol of the time.