Goodnight Sweet Skipper

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Quotes (5)

  • Skipper: Are you sure you wrote those instructions down correctly? Professor: I'm positive. Gilligan: Are you sure you dreamed the instructions correctly?

  • Mary Ann: Golly, how long do you think we'll have to wait before something happens? Ginger: By the time [the Skipper] starts sleep walking that lady can go around the world on a raft.

  • Thurston: Gilligan, my boy, let me tell you something. Look behind every successful man, and you will find a woman. Gilligan: Yes, sir. Thurston: Just make sure his wife doesn't fine her.

  • Gilligan: Skipper, how about a nice warm cup of coconut milk to make you sleep? Skipper: I've had 34 cups of that already. I never want to see another coconut. Or a lamb chop. Gilligan: Lamb chop? Skipper: I also counted 19,000 sheep today.

  • Skipper: Gilligan! You're soaking wet. Gilligan: I know. The lagoon's full of water.

Notes (1)

  • Theme of this episode: Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.

Trivia (1)

  • One would think the Professor would automatically know about re-wiring the radio to become a transmitter, especially with his later maintenance of it in this series.