Gilmore Girls

Back in the Saddle Again

Season 2, Ep 18, Aired 4/23/02
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  • Episode Description
  • Rory asks Richard for help in creating and marketing a first-aid kit for Chilton's annual Business Fair, which leads him to realize that he is unhappy in retirement and wants to start a second career; fresh from having underbid on Rory's lunch basket and the loss of the bracelet he made for her, Dean goes overboard in trying to be close to Rory, afraid that she is losing interest in him, and finally becomes resigned to her affection for Jess; at first, Michel is ecstatic when his flamboyant mother Giselle visits, but after Lorelai causes problems for him when she reveals to Giselle that Michel has been holding back from his mother, Michel quickly is driven crazy by his mother's incessant questioning.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Keiko Agena

    Lane Kim

  • Kelly Bishop

    Emily Gilmore

  • Alexis Bledel

    Rory Gilmore

  • Lauren Graham

    Lorelai Gilmore

  • Edward Herrmann

    Richard Gilmore

  • Fan Reviews (7)
  • Rory recruits Richard to help with her economics project and he and Paris get along smashingly. Also, Dean fears he is loosing Rory and tries desperately to hold on to her. Lorelai cause trouble between Michel and his mother, Giselle.

    By mcwilly104, Mar 04, 2009

  • Richard helps Rory with something at school. Great episode, Dean finally realised!

    By stewie1423, Jun 01, 2008

  • He is back!

    By karatiz, Sep 06, 2007

  • richard helps rory with a school project and michels mother comes to visit.

    By amfarley84, Jun 14, 2006

  • Dean's face is heartbreaking

    By Starlet2586, May 09, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Lorelai: You have a new special. Luke: I sure do. Lorelai: Nice. What is the special omelet? Luke: You won't like it. Lorelai: How do you know? Luke: Because you've been eating here for years and I know what you like, and you won't like it. Lorelai: Can I at least hear what it is? Luke: Fine. It's three eggs with bits of bacon. Lorelai: I like bacon. Luke: Cubed tomatoes. Lorelai: Sounds good. Luke: Swiss cheese and a dash of oregano. Lorelai: A dash, he says. Luke: I've got other customers here. Lorelai: I'm gonna go with the special omelet. Luke: Okay. Lorelai: With a side of bacon. Luke: There's bacon in the omelet. Lorelai: Oh, then skip the bacon. Luke: The side of bacon? Lorelai: The bacon in the omelet. Luke: Hold the bacon. Lorelai: Can I get Jack cheese? Luke: On the side? Lorelai: Instead of Swiss, Swiss is so stringy. Luke: Fine, Jack cheese. Lorelai: Also, I think I'm allergic to oregano so hold that, too, and some coffee. Luke: So, just the eggs, tomatoes, and Jack cheese. Lorelai: Not too many tomatoes. Luke: Light on the tomatoes. Lorelai: Very light, just a teeny-tiny amount, practically none. Luke: I'm skipping the tomatoes. It's an omelet with Jack cheese. Lorelai: Perfect. Luke: You did this on purpose. Lorelai: Did what? Rory: French toast for me. (to Lorelai) That was cruel.

    • Lorelai: Do you want a soda? Dean: No, thanks. I’m gonna go. Uh, don’t tell Rory I was here, okay? Lorelai: Hey, I’m just sitting here at the table talking to myself. . .again.

    • (Lorelai is sitting on the couch reading as Rory walks through the front door. The phone is ringing) Lorelai: Agh! Rory: Hey. Lorelai: Gah! Rory: Mom! (answers the phone) Hello? (hangs up) That ringing is not in your head, you know. Lorelai: Uh, you’ve gotta read this Motley Crue book. I swear, you get to the point where Ozzy Osbourne snorts a row of ants and you think, it cannot get any grosser, and then you turn the page and oh, hello, yes it can! It’s excellent! Rory: Why didn’t you answer the phone? Lorelai: Because I firmly believe that once you’ve experienced something five thousand times, you need to move on. Rory: What are you talking about? Lorelai: I knew who it was. Rory: Who was it? Lorelai: The same person who’s called the machine so many times now that I actually heard it sigh. Rory: Dean? Lorelai: Dean the determined. Rory: Oh man. (phone rings again) Lorelai: Five bucks says I know who that is. Rory: (answers the phone) Hello? Richard: Rory, it’s your grandfather. Rory: Oh, hey Grandpa. Lorelai: He did that on purpose.

    • Paris: Okay, has everyone finished reading? Louise: Oh, are we reading these now? Rory: That's why we've all been kind of quiet for the last ten minutes. Louise: I thought it was like, prayer time or whatever.

    • Paris: (passing out binders advertising her idea for a product) The average teenager spends seven hours a day at school. Seven hours where he or she is busy walking from class to class – indoors, outdoors, in all types of weather. At the same time, that same teenager is going through major physical changes within his or her own body. The combo of the action with the environment in addition to the hormonal imbalance can only lead to one thing – accidents. Madeline: What are you talking about? Paris: Monday morning, Muffin wakes up and looks in the mirror. ‘Oh no, I have a zit on my face. I’ll just look down when I walk so hunky football player won’t notice.’ And bam – Muffin smacks right into the cafeteria wall. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Madeline: Who’s Muffin?

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    Notes (4)

    • German episode title: "Auf ein Neues", meaning "Let's Try Again!". French episode title, "Projet d'Economie", meaning "Business Class Project".

    • On the way into the second Friday night dinner in this episode, Lorelai jokes that Richard gets taller when he gets mad, using the example of when she told him she was pregnant. But in episode 1.6 "Rory's Birthday Parties," she told Rory that when she told her parents, "It was the only time they ever looked...small to me."

    • Lorelai's Book List: Motley Crue by Seamus Craic

    • Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano) does not appear in this episode.

    Trivia (6)

    • Lorelai is astonished at Michel's great relationship with his mother. She finds it difficult to fathom someone having such a close relationship with their mother, given her relationship with her own mother. Though, Lorelai and Rory have an extremely close relationship. Why then was it such a foreign concept to her?

    • At the beginning of this episode Emily tells Richard that in no uncertain terms would they begin supper without him; that in thirty seven years of marriage, she had never started dinner without him. That, however, is not true. In the season 1, episode 18, "The Third Lorelai", the Gilmore women are clearly eating dinner when Richard comes in apologizing for being late. Earlier in this season, in the episode 2, "Hammers and Veils" Emily, who is upset with her daughter for not sharing her upcoming engagement with her, starts dinner without him claiming that they need to be finished early because he has a 6 a.m flight

    • When Rory and Lane are talking, Dean stops them to talk to Rory. Rory's hair then changes several times. First, the back of her hair is pushed up on her right shoulder, but a split second later, it's straight down her back. Later in the scene, Rory's hair is gently flying backwards because of the wind, but the very next time the camera is on her, the wind has stopped and her hair is back to being straight. Unless Rory fixed her hair after the wind blew, it wouldn't have been straight. Finally, her hair also changes from all of it being behind her hair, to some of it, then all of it, and so on.

    • The phone and answering machine are on the table with the monkey lamp in this episode. In every other episode they are on the table by the stairs.

    • At the beginning of this episode Lorelai and Rory notice how Luke's specials board now says Luke's Special Omelette and Rory, looking very distressed, says it has not been changed from 'Four Slice French Toast' since she was born. She's being utterly silly and facetious, of course. In 'Hammers and Veils' after their Friday Night Dinner in Luke's you can cleary see that the specials board says 'Meatloaf, Mac & Cheese, BBQ Burger.' Further, Lorelai and Rory did not move to Stars Hollow and meet Luke until Rory was around 8. Correction: Actually, Lorelai moved to Stars Hollow when Rory was at most a year old. If you remember, Mia told Emily that when Lorelai appeared at the Independence Inn with a baby in her arms, she took her in and gave her a home. Also when Lorelai addressed the town at the Town Hall Meeting in 'Chicken or Beef', she said, "... you know me. I've been a part of this town for. . .well, look how big my daughter is - for that long." (There are many others but space is short) Although there are references that may be inconsistent with these statements, they are the goofs and inconsistencies that make Gilmore Girls interesting.

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    Allusions (23)

    • Episode title: Back in the Saddle Again -Popular expression concerning when someone returns to a job or hobby that they have not done in awhile. As well as a hit song from Aerosmith, in the 70's.

    • Michel: You do know what happens when you assume, don't you? Lorelai: What? Michel: I don't know. Something about a donkey. It's a stupid American phrase! The expression Michel means is "When you assume, you make an ass out of U (You) and ME."

    • (when Richard, her father, walks into the dining room, late for dinner, wearing a pair of mechanics' overalls) Lorelai: Hey, no one told me it was Casual Friday! In the USA, places of business which have relatively high standards for dress often allow for a relaxation of them on Fridays, hence the phrase, applying in this case to someone dressed beneath their usual standards or, alternately, inappropriately for the circumstances. Since their dinners occur on Fridays, and Emily considers the dinners to be semi-formal, this comment is doubly appropriate.

    • Madeline: I’m still reading mine. Paris: What? Madeline I read slow so I don’t miss anything. Paris: It’s not the Bhagavad Gita, Madeline. It’s simple instructions for the business fair. The Bhagavad Gita when translated into English means "Song of God". It is a sacred text of Hindu philosophy.

    • Lorelai: (arguing that it's OK to start dinner while her father changes out of his mechanic clothing) But Gomer said it was OK. Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) was a gas station attendant in Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show before getting his own show, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.

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