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  • Paris: Janet, wait, wait! (runs into the room and hugs Janet) I hate that our little clique is breaking up. It's so the end of something. JANET: You off your meds, Paris? Paris: You never get emotional at goodbyes? Janet: With people I like. See you.

  • Liz: Were you this nervous on your wedding day? Lorelai: Mmm, never been married. Liz: You have a kid! Lorelai: Yeah, found a way around that. Liz: I see. You want to get married? Lorelai: Oh, now, Liz. It's inappropriate for you to propose to me on your wedding day.

  • Liz: This is the first of my weddings I've been sober for, so I'll probably remember this one! Miss Patty: Ooh, the ones you remember are the ones that stick!

  • Jess: (Jess knocks on the door as he walks in) Are you ready? The crowd's getting restless. Liz: You're getting restless. Hey, do you two know each other? Lorelai: Oh, Jess and I go way back. He dated my daughter. Liz: Oh, you broke her daughter's heart? Jess: Ah, I, uh... Lorelai: No, no, he didn't. It just didn't work out. Liz: Good, 'cause I don't want him to be like his father, breaking hearts. I want him to be like T.J. Or my second husband or, like my boyfriend after my third husband, who died. THOSE were good guys.

  • Jess: Yeah, but, in a relationship-any relationship-it's important to let the other person know you appreciate them so you don't create barriers that delay any hope for reciprocation. Luke: I think I read that somewhere. Jess: Yeah? Luke: You were hoping for reciprocation? You got it. I'm here, Jess. I'm always here. Jess:Thanks.(They shake hands then hug)The tie work out? Luke: The tie was perfect.

  • T.J.: Well, I wrote something down, but for all the good points about tights, and there are a lot, they don't have pockets. So I gotta go off the cuff. I love you. Lorelai: Aw, that wasn't so funny. Luke: No, that wasn't funny at all.

  • Minister: (strolls into the gazebo singing and strumming a guitar) As kids we shared our toys/with all the girls and boys/barrel of monkeys/your battleship sunk me/please recall the joy/Wheelo, Clue, Mousetrap/bash and spirograph/kaleidoscopes spinning/Yahtzee I'm winning/think of how we laughed/but today we share our love/today we share our love/for love is the greatest toy around/around, around Luke: [trying not to laugh] Help. Lorelai: Think of something not funny. Luke: Can't. Minister: You may plant the ceremonial sword. [Together, Liz and T.J. plunge a sword into a tree stump.] Lorelai: Avalanches, earthquakes... Luke: Not doin' it. Lorelai: Famine...and I'm out.

  • Jess: Maybe it's time to put on a shirt. T.J.: Why, am I getting you hot?

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Notes (7)

  • While at the bar, Graham and his friends are discussing the upcoming men's college basketball season. Graham predicts that North Carolina will dominate the ACC in the 2004-2005 season. The 2004-2005 season was indeed dominated by North Carolina as they were the ACC regular season champion as well as the NCAA Tournament Champion.

  • During the bachelor party, we are introduced to T.J.'s brother. The actor who plays T.J.'s brother is actually the brother of the actor who plays T.J. The brother is played by David DeLuise, and T.J. is played by Michael DeLuise.

  • German episode title: "Unter der Haube", meaning "Married".
    French episode title: "Des hauts, des bas", meaning "Ups and Downs".

  • Jill Brennan, the actress who plays Crazy Carrie in this episode was also in the Pilot episode. In the "Pilot" she played Mrs. Traister, Rory's English teacher at Stars Hallow High.

  • Graham Sullivan, the boy Emily hooks Rory up with, is played by Teddy Dunn who was on Veronica Mars as Duncan Kane. Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars will air back to back on the CW in fall of 2006.

  • Dave Gruber Allen, who played the second troubadour in past episodes, is the minister that marries T.J. and Liz in this episode.

  • Music: "Reflecting Light" by Sam Phillips "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood "In a Big Country" by Big Country "Jacqueline by Franz Ferdinand "Too Shy" by Kajagoogoo

Trivia (16)

  • In this episode we learn that Liz has been married three times.

  • Liz and T.J.'s wedding is the only wedding in which the vows are shown almost entirely. All other weddings between core characters only show pieces of the ceremony.

  • When Mrs. Kim knocked at the door the second time at Lane's, you could see that Lane lifts up the curtain to see who's at the door, but when she opens it she is surprised to see Mrs. Kim there. Now wouldn't she have seen her through the window when she lifted up the curtain. So then why was she surprised?

  • When we first see Jess in this episode, it looks like he is reading a magazine. When the camera pans around, you notice that he is actually reading one of the self help books that Luke gave him in the previous episode; he is just hiding it behind the magazine.

  • Neither Rory or Graham are 21 so how could they even buy beer at the bar? Explanation: She was not carded

  • Liz bragged to Luke about how she was wearing a white dress. Her dress was not white.

  • If you look close, you can see that a picture of Rory that Tanna points to is on her collage twice. One is in the upper right and the other is in the lower middle. She is wearing a green shirt in it.

  • Mrs. Kim tells Lorelai that she's been in this country (America) twenty years. But in "It Should Have Been Lorelai", she tells Kirk she's known him since he was two. So either Kirk is a lot younger than he appears or Mrs. Kim met him when he was two and then returned to Korea and stayed another ten years before coming to America again. Possible explanation: Kirk is a little younger than he looks (26,27)and Mrs Kim was exaggerating about how young he was when they met

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Allusions (2)

  • Lorelai: It involves the "J" word. Rory: Oh, not more about Jesus. I'm sick of him and Mel Gibson.
    Rory is referring to the 2004 movie The Passion of Christ, which was co-written, co-produced and directed by Mel Gibson. It was considered by some to be one of the most controversial movies of all time.

  • Lorelai: Think they know any Zeppelin? (Two women dance down the aisle tossing roses) Ooh, roses -- nice. Luke: Does she remind you of someone? Lorelai: Can you say Leslie Van Houten? (A jester tumbles down the aisle) Now, that's impressive. Leslie Van Houten was a member of Charles Manson's 'Family'. She was convicted of the murders of Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. She was sentenced to death in 1971 but a year later her sentence was commuted. She has applied and been denied parole 16 times...the last time being September 7, 2006. This is the second time Lorelai has referenced a member the murderous Manson Family. The last time was in Season 2, Episode 12, "Richard in Stars Hollow" when she spoke of Patricia Krenwinkle... Lorelai: Rory's my kid and I make the rules, so if she comes home one day and says, 'Hey, uh, I'm gonna spend the weekend with Patricia Krenwinkle' I say, 'Okay, grab a sweater,' you just have to deal.