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    I don't know where to begin. I just hate it when Luke and Lorelai fight :'''(

    By helloshanaynay, Aug 04, 2012

    I really hate what is happening right now. Everything is messed up. Luke should've tried to get Lorelai back. How can he have just watched her walk away from him?! Did he just stand there watch the love of his life walk away?? Is that really who he is? I hate that the writers felt this whole break up thing was necessary.

    And Christopher, what kind of a guy is he? Why would he sleep with Lorelai like that even though he probably knew that Lorelai and Luke just had a major fight/break up ???!! (because Lorelai probably would have told Chris about Luke since she never comes to Chris' door all sad and moody) Why would Chris sleep with Lorelai when she is in her most vulnerable stage?? He's being so selfish, and especially at the end when he just comes back to the bed and hugs Lorelai while he smiles and pretend he did nothing bad. He should've just given her comfort, not go to bed with her! How can Lorelai even think about being with Chris again, after all he has done, or in this case, not done, given the fact that he was away for most of the time when she was raising Rory. And since I grew to love this show so much, i read ahead and found out about her and Chris' upcoming relationship in season 7. (don't wanna spoil it too much for the others) But It's unbelievable! Why is that necessary?

    I think from the very beginning Luke and Lorelai are always and have been meant for each other and that the writers made a mistake with separating them for a period of time. But then i guess that is what makes television shows so great, ahh the drama! :/ sigh.

    And as for Rory, I've had enough of her drama in the beginning of the season so im not really feeling that much pity for her saying goodbye to logan, even though that was a tough thing for her.

    Anyway, I teared up so much when Luke and lorelai were fighting, ahh... good show, good show.. there's nothing like the Gilmore girls!moreless

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    The end was painful to watch.

    By nuria_er_gg, Jan 27, 2011

    About Logan and Rory I don\\\'t relly care so much, If they are happy I have no problem. I prefer Jess but he won\\\'t be again with Rory :)

    The BIG problem is what Lorelai did! I hope it\\\'s Luke\\\'s baby, if it\\\'s Chris I won\\\'t see the show any more.

    I HATE CHRIS!!!!!!

    I can\\\'t understand why she went to his house. She could gave Luke some days to think about the ultimatun. But not go to Chris\\\' and sleep with him.

    She could go to talk with Rory or Sooki if she needed support.

    Lorelai and Luke forever!!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 9.5

    This was an awesome way to end the season!!

    By nofeartina, May 26, 2008

    Wow - so much happened in this episode.

    First of all - Rory was really sad to see Logan go to London, not just because of the fact that he was leaving, but also because she was convinced that Mitchum only did it out of spite, to cause damage to Rory and Logan's relationship. After a bit of a show-down in the elevator, Mitchum gets Rory to see that it has absolutely nothing to do with her, and everything to do with Logan. Mitchum wants Logan to grow up, and is convinced that going to London will do this. Rory silently agrees, as it is obvious from previous episodes that she also thinks he could use a bit of growing up... :-) The scene where Logan and Rory says goodbye is soooo sad, and I couldn't help but cry a little... It was a really nice way to end things.

    Then to the whopper - Lorelai and Luke!!! First you can see that things aren't going to well, Lorelai is avoiding Luke, and doesn't want to see him. She's beginning to realise that she has been putting her own wishes too much on hold in their relationship, but is afraid of telling Luke she wants things to change, because she doesn't want to loose him. After a friday night dinner at the parents, she ends up talking to the girl Emily tried to set Christopher up with, who just happens to be a shrink. She puts things into perspective for Lorelai, and she realises that she has to do something about it. She returns to the diner only to give Luke an ultimatum: They have to elope to get married now, or else it's over. Luke is confused, and tries to slow things up, and thereby ends up saying no to the ultimatum. Lorelai then realises that she just broke up with Luke, leaves, showing that she is willing to put herself first. Then she shows up on Christopher's door step and end up spending the night with him... OOoopppsss... Not good... Season 7 is going to have a lot of things to work out... :)moreless

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    Logan leaves for London, and Lorelie gives Luke an ultimatum

    By leo23dc, May 16, 2008

    Lorelie begins and ends this episode in exactly the same way, lying in a bed not her own with her eyes open, pretending to sleep. It starts with her at Sookie and Jackson's house, as they bustle around her trying (and failing) to be "super quiet". When Rory calls to ask her what's going on, she says everything is fine. But clearly things between her and Luke are not fine. At Friday night dinner, Emily is trying to set Christopher up with a psycologist (or was she a psychiatrist?), Lynnie. Lorelie ends up pouring her heart out to her in Lynnie's car, talking about what getting married means to her. She says her wedding dress is sitting in the closet "mocking her." Lynnie tells her she has to ask for what she wants. So she does, she tells Luke she wants to get married "now". But Luke demurs, so Lorelie walks away from him. She goes to Christopher's house, saying it's been a bad night and she just doesn't want to be alone. And in the final scene, she's lying in Christopher's bed as Gigi bursts in and out.

    As for Rory, she deals with her impending separation from Logan by giving him a huge party with an English theme. She cries as she says goodbye to him.moreless

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    One of the saddest yet the best episode of the series..

    By saxa246, Sep 16, 2007

    Amazing. Ever since April showed up it was beginning to grow and with this shocking season finale it just exploded. Luke and Lorelai, two people unable to commit, yet just so perfect for each other. But some problems are more then they can overcome. For the first time in her life, Lorelai is in love and ready for marriage. Luke's behaviour is saddening her. She keeps it in, pretends that she understands, she is happy with waiting, but she is not. So coming to a realization, she goes and confronts Luke. His slowness costs a lot. At least, a season with them apart. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was when Lorelai went to Chris for comfort. If this hadn't happened, maybe we could have a better 7th season. Maybe not... Still one of the best episodes of the whole series!!moreless

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    Best and saddest episode of the season!

    By rorylogan_LL, Mar 05, 2007

    This episode was by far the best and saddest episode of season 6! So much happened in this episode, it is hard to explain! Though I am a Luke and Lorelai fan, and this is the big break-up episode, I still loved it!!! Ok, first off, Logan graduated from Yale, then Mitchum (Logan's father) kept him out very, very late so that as soon as Logan got home, Rory had to leave for Friday night dinner. Rory confronted Mitchum in the elevator, and Mitchum told Rory it was time for Logan to "grow up". Rory left after cocktail hour to go set up a farewell party for Logan, and Lorelai ends up talking to Christopher and "Lizzie" (for people in "the know")who were also invited as a set-up for Christopher. Lizzie is a psychologist who, after dinner, helps Lorelai with her problems with Luke. Lorelai goes to Luke's diner and issues and altimatum to elope, Luke wants to talk things through, Lorelai leaves and goes to Christophers. Meanwhile, Logan comes home and finds the party Rory planned, they have a great time. Next morning Rory wakes up and Logan is ready and leaving, he leaves *cries*. It shows a scene where Lorelai is in Christophers bed and Chris is helping GiGi get ready for school.moreless

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    *Sigh* what a blowup! and the writing ...

    By Der_Mixer, Feb 10, 2007

    I don´t know where Rory was this whole episode. Okay, her boyfriend is sick, but she knows her mother is having an emotional crisis. And all she can do is leave it up to Daddy to see to her. Why can´t she go to Luke and tell him that despite the way she says she´s feeling ( NOT okay, clearly !) he has to cut Lorelai some slack and let her at least a little bit partisipate in April´s life. He has seen how good the two of them interact. Rory should have the nerve to tell Luke that despite the fact that he´s the father it is breaking up Lorelai. But no, the whole Town is into this sham. They all cover up the meltdown at the wedding. Miss Patty and the rest of the lot are just as responsible for the breakup as Lorelai and Luke !moreless

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    this story was titled partings because both lorlie and rory say bye to their relationships at the end of the show logans wakes rory to tell her he\'s leaving for london and lorlie wakes up in christophers bed

    By _gilmoregal_, Jan 07, 2007

    i loved this episode i was alomost crying it was sooooo good i was soo sad that logan left for london i also wonderd if christopher and lorlie get back together or if lorlie makes up with luke im gettina sooo tired of luke i think she should stay with christopher omg if you saw how logan says bye to rory you\'d be sad too logan wakes rory up and says my bags are in the car rory looks puzzeld then realizes he was leaving for london so gets right out of bed but logan wont let her come he said if she came he wouldnt get on the plane to londen so rory stays in the apartment.but when logan leaves and walks out the door rory waves bye to logan in the elevator you can see they were both holding back their tears then the elevator closed and the scene was over.that was my favorite part of the episodemoreless

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    Lorelai gives luke an ultimatum, logan has to go to london.

    Very sad episode

    By FriendsSvuLost8, Jan 07, 2007

    This was probally on of the saddest episodes of gilmore girls i have ever seen.

    We've all seen how hurt lorelai was the last couple of episodes. Everytime anyone mentioned april or anna she got this look on her face. Like someone punched her in the stomach. I think it's really stupid of luke that he didn't see this. Especially after he gave this speech to TJ about women. En he couldn't even see what lorelai was going through. Sure I get that it was a shock that he had a daughter but still. He didn't treat lorelai right. And I understand that she stepped in and gave him an ultimatum. But what I didn't understand is that she went to christopher. Who I never liked. Because it reminds me a little of Friends when ross and rachel where on a break. I really hope there not gonna have that discussion in gilmore girls because that is only fun in Friends. But I am a Die Hard luke & lorelai fan and I think that they will work this out. (and christopher can go back to sherry with G.G.)

    Now the logan and rory goodbye scene that was beautiful. Because i showed how much they love eachother. I almost cryed when that elavator closed. And i don't even like logan that much. So it wasn't a very bad episode, just a little sad.moreless

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