Teach Me Tonight

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  • Information on the blackboard at Lanes and Jess's school test: "There is nothing fascinating on you palm, on your shoe, under your desk, on the floor."

  • Lorelai: Where are you going? Luke: I'm going to go find Jess. Lorelai: Yeah, well, I'll tell you one place he's not. He's not in the emergency room getting his arm plastered up! Luke: Hey! I am sorry about Rory. You know I care more about her than I do myself. But at least you know where Rory is, and at least you know that she's okay. Now I have to go find Jess, and I have to make sure that he's okay, so if that cuts into your screaming time, then that's just too damn bad! Lorelai: Go to hell! Luke: Right back at ya!

  • Luke: Was Jess hurt? Lorelai: No, Luke. Jess did the hurting. That little punk nephew of yours almost killed my kid tonight!

  • Luke: I asked you if anyone was hurt. Lorelai: Was anyone hurt? Well, let's see, Rory is in the hospital right now with a fractured wrist, so yeah, I'd say someone was hurt!

  • Jess: Okay, well, I’ll be right over there when you are. I just can’t wait for that learning to begin. Hey, are we gonna do some of those Schoolhouse Rocks songs? Rory: I’ll be right there, Jess. Jess: ‘Cause they say if you just make learning fun. . . Lorelai: Give us a minute, okay? Jess: Well, hurry – a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Luke: Uh, I made some brownies, I thought you might like some. Lorelai: Oh, gee, since I just ate half a bag of marshmallows, six Pop Tarts, four bagel dogs and a really stale Cheese Nip – yup, it’s brownie time, thanks. Hey, here’s a question for you. Luke: Yeah? Lorelai: Well, you probably have a diner full of people who would love these brownies – plus, I bet they’d pay you for ‘em. Luke: Well, I accidentally dropped triple the amount of cocoa powder in the batter so I either had to dump the batch or find someone with some sort of superhuman chocolate tolerance – only one name came to mind. Lorelai: God, I love being special.

  • (During a test. Jess asked Lane for a pen and she said that there was one in her backpack) Jess: My mother told me never go through a lady’s bag. . .at least, not until you’re a couple blocks away. I’m just kidding, she never said that. Though it sounds like pretty good advice, doesn’t it? Lane: Take it and shut up. (She hands him a pen) Jess: Well, I tell you, it’s true – small towns sure are friendly.

  • Rory: They’re not going to fire Dean. Lorelai: Really, why not? Rory: Well, for starter’s, someone stole Taylor’s ladder last week and Dean is the only one who can reach the top shelves. Lorelai: Huh, interesting. Rory: What? Lorelai: Just as Marty, aka Eve Harrington, shows up trying to take Dean’s job, Taylor’s ladder mysteriously disappears, suddenly making Dean invaluable no matter what fancy tricks Lon Chaney Junior over there pulls. Good thinking, Dean – smart thinking, my friend. Rory: You need to start napping in the afternoons.

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Notes (6)

  • German episode title: "Nachhilfe", meaning "Private Lessons". French episode title: "Cours Particulier", meaning "A Private Lesson".

  • Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) stated that this was one of his favorite episodes to film, because he and Alexis Bledel (Rory) were just goofing off and having fun that night.

  • Jess' Book List: Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

  • Lorelai: I hate crossword puzzles. They make me feel stupid. This is ironic because Lauren Graham (Lorelai) did several crossword puzzles on the set of Gilmore Girls every day during shooting.

  • Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore), Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore), Yanic Truesdale (Michel Gerard), Jared Padalecki (Dean Forester), and Liza Weil (Paris Geller) do not appear in this episode.

  • Music: "White Lines" by Grandmaster and Melle Mel "Car Song" by Elastica

Trivia (13)

  • In the opening scene where Lorelai and Rory are shopping at Doose's Market, when they get to the checkout the box of 'Kraft Easy Mac n' Cheese' is clearly standing upright, yet a split-second later, when Taylor picks up the basket, it has managed to turn itself on its side. Also, it goes from Rory sliding the basket along the counter to it being in Taylor's hands as the camera angle moves, when there was clearly no time for Taylor to have taken the basket from Rory.

  • When Rory is in the car with Jess after getting ice cream, it's obvious that the images outside the window are on a loop. The same white car passes Jess's side of the car more than once and you can see the same cars passing along Rory's side as well.

  • While Kirk tells Lorelai about his self-made movie, Kirk refers to several of his jobs: Kirk: It’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I love the blue collar work. I enjoy the plight of the every man. But as much as the mailed letter delivered and the DSL line installed and the latest J. Lo flick rented fills me with a deep sense of pride, in my soul I am Akira Kurosawa.
    But he was not the DSL installer. It was the same actor (Sean Gunn), but another character: Mick as seen in Season 1, episode 2.

  • All the movie descriptions that Lorelai and Rory read from Taylor's huge binder, Arctic Flight, Where Are Your Children?, for example, are actual B-movies from the '40s and '50s.

  • The book that Jess is reading throughout the episode is "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut.

  • If you watch closely when Jess is doing the magic trick with the table cloth, you can see a flash of the apple when he is waving the cloth around.

  • The principal at Stars Hollow High tells Luke that Jess stole every single baseball in the school, but he never specifies how many. However, in a later scene, Luke asks Jess what he could possibly need with 500 baseballs. Where did he get the number 500? Possible explanation: Luke attended the same high school when he was young. Actually he was on the track team (we find this out in the 3rd season, ep.4 One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes) so he might know the inner workings of the school.

  • When Lorelai is talking about Kirk's film she says, "He raps later," when really, the film ends after Kirk's dance when the family is going to eat.

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Allusions (20)

  • Lorelai: Hey, do you remember in Terms of Endearment that scene where Shirley MacLaine...


    Terms of Endearment is a 1983 movie based on a novel about a mother/daughter pair and their relationship through ups and downs and romantic entanglements.

  • Lorelai: Okay, I have now finished going through every single one of these movies. I've read them, reviewed their merits, and I'm proud to announce that I have chosen our movie. How does The Yearling sound to you? Rory: Perfect. Lorelai: And buh-bye. (There is a knock at the door) Lorelai: Oh, that must be Pauline Kael rising from the dead. Rory: Tell her hey. (Lorelai gets up to answer the door to find Luke standing there with a box of brownies) Lorelai: Pauline! Pauline Kael was a film critic who published her movie reviews in The New Yorker magazine from 1968-1991. She died in 2001.

  • Rory: I'm going to be a journalist. Jess: Paula Zahn? Rory: Christiane Amanpour. Paula Zahn is an anchor for CNN. Christiane Amanpour is an international correspondent for CNN.

  • Rory: The stuff they gave me at the hospital made me a little dopey. Lorelai: My little Marianne Faithfull. 1960's singer/songwriter Marianne Faithfull was known for her drug use.

  • Episode Title: Teach Me Tonight Teach Me Tonight is the name of a song by Sammy Cahn & Gene DePaul, recorded by Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford, and others.

  • Lorelai: You have your CD player, assorted CDs. Stan Freeberg. Stan Freeberg is a radio comedian, recording artist and influential adman.

  • Rory: Do not give me that "I'm so misunderstood" Kurt Cobain-y thing. Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana. He committed suicide at the age of 27, leaving behind his wife Courtney Love, lead singer of Hole, and his daughter. So later in this scene when Jess says, "So Courtney, what about you?" he's calling Rory, Courtney to his Kurt.

  • Rory: You've tired to explain to me how on earth Coldplay could be considered an alternative band. British band known for writing beautiful, simple songs that gently pull at the heartstrings of a nation. Their debut album, Parachutes, hit number 1 in Britain and they were soon after called Band of the Year in 2000.

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