Gilmore Girls

Written in the Stars

Season 5, Ep 3, Aired 10/5/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Luke and Lorelai go on their official first date at a restaurant owned by old friends of Luke's parents. Luke reminds Lorelai of how they met, shows her a horoscope she gave him for good luck that he's kept in his wallet, and assures her that he intends to go the distance with her. Lorelai spends the night at Luke's place; in the morning, she goes down to the diner to get coffee, and the breakfast crowd sees her wearing only Luke's shirt. There's surprisingly little gossip about Luke and Lorelai until the next town meeting, where Taylor uses charts to show how disastrous a breakup between them would be for Stars Hollow. Meanwhile: Rory meets a rich Yale student named Logan and chews him out for being rude to her friend Marty; Paris holds a wake for Asher that all the guests assume is a keg party with a weird theme; and Emily freaks out when she discovers that Richard has a social life she doesn't know about, so she invades Rory's dorm during the wake.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sean Gunn

    Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

  • Keiko Agena

    Lane Kim

  • Kelly Bishop

    Emily Gilmore

  • Alexis Bledel

    Rory Gilmore

  • Lauren Graham

    Lorelai Gilmore

  • Fan Reviews (31)
  • Luke and Lorelai go on their first date.

    By JavaJunkie4Life, Sep 04, 2008

  • Luke and Lorelai go on there first date, Rory meets a guy named Logan and Paris holds a wake for Asher who has recently died. Great to see them dating, the new character could be interesting.

    By stewie1423, Jul 17, 2008

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    By kaylee2012, Jul 12, 2008

  • Luke and Lorelai's first date :D

    By gosoxjavajunkie, Jan 04, 2008

  • Luke and Lorelai's first date, AMAZING!!! lol Love this one

    By karatiz, Dec 29, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (19)

    • Lorelai: (Smiling brightly) I can't believe you won't flirt with me in front of my daughter. She's gonna think there's something wrong with me. Rory: Please. I got that confirmation letter a long time ago. Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and half bacon, half sausage.

    • Rory: A real date! Finally! Lorelai: Yeah, finally. Rory: What are you gonna wear? Lorelai: Glass slippers, a backwards baseball cap... Rory: ...And nothing else.

    • Luke: What can I get you? Lorelai: A foster home.

    • (At the town meeting, Taylor begins discussion of Luke and Lorelai dating) Luke: OK, that's it. I have heard enough. This is my relationship. Mine, not yours, not yours, not yours (pointing to Lorelai) yours, but not yours (pointing to Taylor). Mine and hers but not yours. There is not going to be anymore debating about whether or not is a good idea if we are in a relationship 'cause we're in a relationship. Lorelai: Show them the horoscope.

    • Logan: Tell Marty I said hi, and I promise to remember you instantly next time. (He smiles broadly.) Now, tell me that wasn't fun? Master and Commander. Rory: The movie? Logan: No, that's what I want you to call me from now on. Rory: Ugh.

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    Notes (6)

    • German episode title: "Der Kaffee danach", meaning "The Coffee After".
      French episode title: "L'horoscope", meaning "The Horoscope".

    • Kathryn Joosten (Maisy Fortner) and Pat Crawford Brown (Mrs. Cassini) who both appear in this episode, co-star in Desperate Housewives as Mrs. McCluskey and Ida Greenburg, respectively.

    • This episode drew 6.10 million viewers.

    • In this episode we discover that Luke is a Scorpio according to the horoscope story.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Logan.

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    Trivia (11)

    • Surprisingly, Luke and Lorelai spend the night at his place and end up in a double bed. However, in season 2, episode 15, "Lost and Found", Lorelai mocks his single bed and in season 3 episode 17, "A Tale of Poes and Fire" when Lorelai stays in Luke's apartment, she sleeps in his bed which is a single. Possible explanation: It has been 3 years. Luke could have bought a new bed.

    • When Rory and Logan are talking in the hall outside of Rory's dorm room and Rory moves closer to Logan, you can see the yellow X where Alexis is supposed to stand.

    • At the town meeting, Babette fills the town in on the situation between Fay Wellington and Art Brush. She explains that Fay owned a flower shop and Art owned a candy shop. Then Babette explains Art met Margie the fudge queen and broke up with Fay. Then she says... Babette: Fay never married. She stopped making candy. It was very sad. But Fay owned the flower shop not the candy shop.

    • In this episode Luke says that he met Lorelai eight years ago, but two episodes later Lorelai says that she's gone to Luke's for ten years.

    • During the scene in Sniffy's Tavern, when Luke is telling Lorelai the story of when they first met, the volume of champagne in Lorelai's glass goes up and down several times, though the glass never moves.

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    Allusions (16)

    • Lorelai: Don't be so puritanical. After all, Heather has two mommies. Heather Has Two Mommies is a children's book, written by LeslĂ©a Newman, about a girl raised by two lesbian women.

    • Lorelai: Shaken not stirred, please, Jeeves. The phrase "Shaken not Stirred" is a famous line from the James Bond 007 films on how he likes his martinis.

    • Character name: Madonna Louise (Emily's maid) Famous queen of pop Madonna's full name is Madonna Esther Louise Veronica Ciccone Ritchie (born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone)

    • Kirk: We think Fay still lives in the caves above the Clancys' mill. We can't prove it, but every so often we hear Delta Dawn playing over and over. Delta Dawn was a hit 70's song by Tanya Tucker. Helen Reddy also had a hit verison after Tucker did in the 70's.

    • Babette: The times, they are a-changin'. The title of a Bob Dylan song (and the album it premiered on).

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