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  • S 7 : Ep 3

    Sleep Helps a Child Grow

    Aired 4/16/09

  • S 7 : Ep 2

    The Heavens Created Chonmage Above Man Instead of Another Man

    Aired 4/9/09

  • S 7 : Ep 1

    A Conversation with a Barber During a Haircut Is the Most Pointless Thing in the World

    Aired 4/2/09

  • S 6 : Ep 245

    Episode 245

    Aired 2/6/12

  • S 6 : Ep 244

    Episode 244

    Aired 1/30/12

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tomokazu Sugita

    Sakata Gintoki

  • Daisuke Sakaguchi

    Shimura Shinpachi

  • Rie Kugimiya


  • Mikako Takahashi


  • Susumu Chiba

    Kondô Isao

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  • show Description
  • Based on the manga series of the same name created by Hideaki Sorachi, this show is a Japanese animation that takes place in Edo, Japan (former name of present day Tokyo). The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have taken over the country. The Amanto have suppressed the samurai's resistance by imposing a sword ban. Sakata Gintoki is one of the few remaining samurai. Along with Shimura Shinpachi, and an alien girl named Kagura, Sakata and his friends act as freelancers, taking jobs to pay for their rent. Opening themes: Pray - Tommy heavenly6 (1 - 24) 遠い匂い "Tooi Nioi"(Faraway Smell) - YO-KING (25 - 49) 銀色の空 "Gin Iro no Sora" (Silver Sky) - redballoon (50 - 75) かさなる影 "Kasanaru Kage" (Overlapping Shadow) - Hearts Grow (76 - 99) 曇天 "Donten" (Cloudy weather) - DOES (100 - 125) アナタMAGIC "Anata Magic" - Monobright (126 - current) Ending themes: 風船ガム "Fuusen Gam" (Bubble Gum) - Captain Straydum (1 - 13) Mr. Raindrop - amplified (14 - 24) 雪のツバサ "Yuki no Tsubasa" (Wings of Snow) - redballoon (25 - 37) Candy Line - Hitomi Takahashi (38 - 49) 修羅 "Shuura" - DOES (50 - 62) 奇跡 "Kiseki" (Miracle) - Snorkel (63 - 75) SIGNAL - KELUN (76 - 87) Speed of Flow - The Rodeo Carburettor (88 - 99) "Sanagi" - POSSIBILITY (100 - 112) This world is yours - Plingmin (113 - 125) I 、愛、会い "Ai, Ai, Ai " - GHOSTNOTE (126 - current) Japanese title (kanji): 銀魂Japanese title (hiragana): ぎんたまEnglish direct translation: Silver Soulmoreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (33)

    • Gintoki: That’s…. Kagura: a sinus infection? Shinpachi: It’s an earthquake, dummy!

    • Gintoki: See you, Zura. Katsura: It’s not Zura. It’s Katsura.

    • Gintoki: Having no money is like having a sinus infection. You just have to ignore it and not pick at it, and it’ll go away.

    • Gintoki: What are you, some tantrum throwing brat who forgot to buy his Jump?

    • (Shinpachi has come out of the kitchen) Shinpachi: Gin-san, this isn’t looking good. Gintoki: Yeah, I know. It’s not good to be reading Jump at my age. Kagura: That’s true, the onigiri you roll taste terrible. Shinpachi: I don’t mean either of those! I’m talking about this! Gintoki: Our checkbook? Kagura: Ha! Don’t make fun of me. You can’t eat a thing like that!

    • (The “Bad Guys” are meeting and discussing their fiendish plan) Kariya: Yo! Shikei/Buu: Yo! Kariya: I can’t hear you. One more time. Yo! Shikei/Buu: Yo! Kariya: You’re still not loud enough. Wanna do it again? Ronin: No, we haven’t much time. Kariya: I see.

    • Samurai: We finally cornered you! Gintoki: What are you talking about? We LET you corner us. Kagura: Be thankful! Samurai: What the hell? Are you being a sore loser? Do you think we’re idiots? You led us all around town.

    • Shinpachi: Gin-san! S-save me! Gintoki: Oi, oi, why are you letting them chase you, idiot? Shinpachi: I’m not letting them chase me!

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    Notes (56)

    • Episode was dubbed on Italy's MTV.

    • Filler episode: This story was not based on any of the manga chapters.

    • opening theme: Pray by Tommy heavenly6
      ending theme: Fuusen Gam by Captain Straydum

    • Filler episode: This episode was not based on any of the manga chapters.

    • A Shinpachi centric episode.

    • Adaption of the Manga: This episode was based on manga Volume 1 Chapter 1.

    • This episode is the actual beginning of the series' story.

    • Adaptation from the Manga: This episode was based on manga Volume 1 Chapter 3.

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    Trivia (13)

    • The kanji character on both Gintoki's scooter and helmet says 'gin', meaning 'silver'.

    • Gintama means "silver soul".

    • This is the first episode that Gintoki openly admits that both Kagura and Shinpachi are his friends.

    • A clip after the ending theme and preview shows Sarutobi Ayame (Sa-chan) singing a tune about how the name "Sa-chan" came to be.

    • It is revealed by the priestess sisters, Ane and Mone, that Sadaharu's real name is Kamiko.

    • The clip after the end credits shows the Yagyû side is down to three players.

    • Part of the episode shows Hijikata's past, and how Kondô met him.

    • Touyako is the name of Gintoki's wooden katana.

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    Allusions (22)

    • Gintama appears in many ways to reference the Meiji era of Japanese history, when the country was being westernized. The premise of the show, Aliens invading, and restricting the resistance of the samurai, is very similar to the manner in which the British exerted control over Japan in the 1800's. Even more specifically, the sword ban seen in the show is a direct reference to a similar ban on carrying swords that was put in place by the Japanese government under pressure from British officials.

    • As Kariya's ship takes off, the Star Wars theme music played in the background. Kariya's sword is also a reference to the lightsaber's used in Star Wars.

    • Towards the end of the episode, Gintoki mentions "bankai", the final release of a zanpakutou (soul slayer/sword) in "Bleach".

    • "One Park" = One Piece parody When Gintoki is pretending to be a pirate, he states he wants to find the great treasure of "One Park." It is a goof of another manga/anime series "One Piece".

    • "Gintoki: You should hate me more, curse me more, detest me! Then you should take the power oh hatred and use it to survive this rotten world." Uchiha Itachi from Naruto said that.

    • "Kagura: "You should call me the Ultimate Tongue"." A reference to the anime "The Gorurmet"

    • "Sa-chan: Punishment, punishment, I wanna get punished, too! Oh, no, not punishment!" A reference to "Yatterman".

    • The three pictures on the bike passing Kondo and Sa-chan are the "Dorombo", the main antagonists of the show "Yatterman", a 70s anime.

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  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • Simply the best 4/20

    By J03y69, Jun 09, 2015

  • Gintama is like glue, so many elements stick with each other, not only hilarious; but also heart-warming.

    By Spectrumatic, Aug 04, 2012

  • Gintama is set in an alternate reality, where aliens took over the age of samurai and now they rule the world. The Story follows Sakata Gintoki and his friends as they try to do whatever they can in this messed up timeline!

    By KH_DJ, Aug 07, 2008

  • The show can be said to be on a league of its own, which should not be compared to other shounen series.

    By ore-wa, May 29, 2007

  • If you like various animes like Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, etc, then this show is right for you!

    By weluvyou, Jun 25, 2008

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