See Topanga on the Cover of Maxim, All Growed Up (PHOTO)

By Staff

Mar 08, 2013

Well, this should explain why #Topanga is currently on trending on Twitter: The mom on Girl Meets World is gonna be a total MILF. 

What say you, @IndianaMom?!?

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  • IndianaMom Mar 09, 2013

    As Cory and Shawn said several times on Boy Meets World, *gasp* Topanga!

  • bleumystique Mar 09, 2013

    Awww Topanga!! :)

  • BrokenArrow1119 Mar 09, 2013

    Umm what's the word I'm looking for here? YUMMY

  • Llostris Mar 09, 2013


  • prowly Mar 09, 2013

    "Seriously?" No, I think the words you were looking for were "Thank you."

  • Marburg66 Mar 09, 2013

    I propose a compromise. How about, "Seriously. Thank You."

  • prowly Mar 12, 2013

    That's tough, but fair.

  • avulsed Mar 09, 2013

    i live in belgium and they showed boy meets world here for quite some while,even had reruns.
    it was back in the time where those 20 minute family/comedy shows were abundant,but always had to wait ages for the really good stuff to reach our shores.

  • KevinG87 Mar 09, 2013

    what would Corey say?! and Shawn!

  • lady_catseyes Mar 09, 2013

    Cory: Topanga? UNDAHPANTS!

  • BrokenArrow1119 Mar 09, 2013

    That's easy. NOTHING There isn't a word for that. :D Well not that can posted here anyway

  • sleepy-sonic Mar 09, 2013

    Never heard of her but may be that's cause I'm not from the states

  • Fallon21 Mar 09, 2013

    Her body looks good but her head looks funny--like it was rotoscoped or something

  • IndianaMom Mar 09, 2013

    Just noticed the shoutout under the picture. Thank you, Staff.

  • numberonecubsfa Mar 09, 2013

    Why WERE you shouted out?

  • IndianaMom Mar 09, 2013

    The staff knows I'm a big Boy Meets World fan.

  • shocker713 Mar 09, 2013


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