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    I agree with a previous member, BRING IT BACK.

    By DaniLynn73, Mar 19, 2009

    I agree with a previous member, BRING IT BACK. At least give us some closure. Let it end like it should've, not like it was coming back the next week. I hate to say it, but lots of shows with primarily black characters seem to end this way and it's just not fair. We'd like to see our shows last and again even if it was coming to an end, let it end right. It would have been nice to see all of the ladies either get what they were looking for or go off into the sunset looking as if they were getting what they wanted.

    Bring it back...PLEASE!!!!! I miss it.moreless

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    please bring back "girlfriends" the fans deserve to have our show back or at the very least give some type of closure. also keep the dvd's coming

    By amaninocle, Mar 01, 2009

    girlfriends was a great. it was a good show for young woman and the fans deserve some closure to a great show. how about a made for tv moive 2hrs or 4 hrs over one day or two days. we deserve to see Joan get married and to see William and Monica have their baby, and Lynn getting her act together finally and maybe even bring Toni back so and have her Joan once and for all work out their issues and of course Maya and Darnell. bring the show back or give us something.

    give us our show backmoreless

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    I have to say this show is the best. The actress and actors did awesome jobs and the show will also influence to young women that we face today. We would love the show come back and so we can enjoy the life that we have today. I have to say that thisis gr

    By sofiall, Jan 05, 2009

    "Girlfriends" was the one the best shows I have ever seen it!I truly miss that show. so bring it BACK!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back. bring it back. bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back ymoreless

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    Bring My Girlfriends Back!

    By GhettoProud, Dec 14, 2008

    Since the very first day I picked up my remote and stumbled across my very first peek at the show, I was immediately hooked! It was soon after that that I saw a piece of me in each of the starring characters. From the youthful urban nature of Mya, to the manicured erratic Joan. I cited myself in the strings of each and every episode. I found comfort in Mya's fibroid removal surgery after I had cysts removed from my ovaries. I also connected with Lynn during her journey through celibacy(which I am still as of today). I even related to the excessive vanity of Toni. It truly feels as though A part of me was abruptly taken away. How do you finish a book if the ending is ripped out?moreless

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    It's a shame that a good show like this isn't returning! I wish the CW actually read these comments so they can see how people feel about their shows and how most of them cater to the CW--"CLEARLY WHITE" PEEPS!

    By lov1nlife, Sep 06, 2008

    IF they weren't going to bring it back, could they at least have given the show(after 8yrs)and its fans, the common courtesy to have a finale? As desperate as Joan was to get married, we should have been allowed to see her have a wedding!They could have shown Joan and Toni patching things up!What about Maya and Dornell's decision to adopt and Lynn finally becoming successful?That terrible show Gilmore Girls was allowed to have a finale-I HATED that show!! Watched it once-twice to actually have an opinion. I hate shows where the kid acts older than the parents! The CW is getting rid of all of their good shows. What's up with that new show "priviledged". That's what the CW needs-another show about rich,spoiled teenagers-I don't think they have enough shows like that! When they get good, true to life shows like Girlfriends and The Game, they put them in the worst time slots then wonder why ratings are low! They should have kept them on Monday nights-even Sunday was ok. Now they are moving The Game and Everybody Hates Chris to Friday nights--a night when no one's home. This looks like the last season for both of those shows. Why not put Gossip Girls and that Priviledged show on Fridays?moreless

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    i felt like one of the girlfriends lol

    By Heptagram, Jun 30, 2008

    i miss this show so much it was such a great show and so well created this would have to be one of my favorite shows because it was so nice to see a show based around four best friends that isn't like sex and the city where its kinda and i don't mean to be rude but kinda naughty where is this show just makes you feel like you are part of the gang not like your just watching a show and not doing anything. i really wish that Girlfriends wasn't canceled it was such a great show and so unique.moreless

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    By Aria427, Apr 11, 2008

    Airs Next: The CW at Sunday 9:30 PM (30 min.) ,

    Status: Ended, Premiered: September 11, 2000, Last Aired: February 11, 2008, Show Categories: Comedy, Drama. More Photos GIRLFRIENDS revolves around the friendship of three African-American women from different walks of life. They explore the many trails and tribulations that most women face today such as relationships, family, friends and other hot-topics that interest universal women. Whether is getting over a divorce, finding a career or simply looking for true love, GIRLFRIENDS delivers along with comedy and wit.

    GIRLFRIENDS is a production of Happy Camper Productions and Grammnet Productions in association with CBS Paramount Network Television Inc. Creator Mara Brock Akil, Kelsey Grammer, and Regina Hicks all serve as executive producers for the show.moreless

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    Girlfriends,I must say this show will be miss by many!

    By Lovely4779, Mar 03, 2008

    This is a great show. I can't believe they are canceling the one of few good shows that depict women in many different aspects of life.I am a busy woman who does not watch much tv but do if the show is worth watching and I can relate to the show. At least let the fans get a great finale ...Great show! It is both funny and deals with true life issues. I am very sad to see it go. Hopefully something can be worked out to save a great show. It has a lot of life. I strongly believe that!moreless

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    Please allow the show to tape a final episode!!!!

    By alymagee, Feb 18, 2008

    Girlfriends is one of the best shows that TV has to offer. We all know that good things have to come to an end. But at least allow this good thing to go off graciously. I have been a loyal fan of girlfriends since the beginning and I would love to see Joan finally get what she has always wanted, for her to get married. We all need to get closure from this show. Just cutting the show without a finally is like watching a movie for 3 hours and just as you are about to see who done it the power goes off in the last ten minutes Ending the show without a final espisode would be a tragedy.moreless

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