Glee "Tina in the Sky With Diamonds" Review: Bigger Than Jesus?

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Oct 04, 2013

Glee S05E02: "Tina in the Sky With Diamonds"

Better, Glee! That was better than last week's travesty of a premiere, though admittedly, "Love Love Love" set the bar pretty low to kick off the season. Whatever, McKinley had a Brundleprom and Santana did a glorious commercial for a yeast infection medication. Santana also found herself a new ladyfriend in the form of Demi Lovato, and Sam hit on the school nurse because if there's anything Glee has a weird fascination with other than teenage marriage, it's technically-not-inappropriate-but-still-kind-of-awkward student/employee romances.

Including Tina's name in the episode title was a good indicator that this would be a Tina-heavy episode—and it was—but not really. Tina won prom queen (alongside prom king Stoner Brett) and found herself humiliated a la Carrie by the newest face of Cheerios evil, Bree, because why not? Saint Kitty the Reformed let Tina borrow her dress so everyone's favorite walking pity party could make a grand reentrance to yet another life-affirming sing-along aaaaand back to Rachel, Santana, and Kurt in New York. 

At it's weakest, "Tina in the Sky With Diamonds" suffered from the same ailment as much of Glee Season 4—the split between New York and Lima just wasn't even. We've seen Glee do prom. We've seen Glee thrust an unlikely candidate into prom queen glory. In comparison, Rachel's "struggle" to get over herself, Santana's new-found love interest, and Kurt's sudden decision to take a job at the ol' singing diner (because in addition to the magical money they use to travel between NYC and Lima every five seconds, these kids also have an abundance of time, given Kurt's ability to balance a theoretically demanding course load at NYADA, an internship at a major publication, and a job) were much more interesting, if only because they were new. Sort of. I mean, Rachel inexplicably won the part of Fanny Brice, which was such a ham-fisted happy ending that I gagged a little, but it wasn't entirely unexpected. 

Still, a semi-predictable, albeit coherent, story was a big improvement over the WTF-ery of "Love Love Love." Sue was back to form as the cold, harsh voice of reality crushing the special little flowers of New Directions (still <3 her). We haven't paid any attention to Ryder, Puck Jr. or Marley in two whole episodes. Also, there were some genuinely funny moments in "Tina in the Sky With Diamonds," which was actually rather confusing because I've been laughing at Glee mostly for unintentional reasons for about two seasons now. I forgot what it was like to laugh when our Glee overlords command it. I think I liked it? I'm also nervously waiting for a slushie to the face. 

Despite Rachel winning the part, I'm not entirely convinced that she'll actually play Fanny in Funny Girl. I'm also really worried about next week's "goodbye to Finn" episode. HOLD ME. 

In the meantime, what did you think of "Tina in the Sky With Diamonds?" Was it an improvement over the premiere-from-hell? 


– Fave covers of the night? Santana and Dani's "Here Comes the Sun" was nice. "Let it Be" was pretty, even though I'm pretty sure the meaning was lost when, for some reason, it was deemed an appropriate victory song for a bunch of characters who just won at everything. It's like "Oh, I was just cast in the revival of Funny Girl because of course I was because I'm Rachel—let me celebrate with this song about making peace with my crappy lot in life." Oookay. 

– "I like yeast in my bagel, but not in my muffin." Santana's entire commercial was perfect. 

– Sue insisted that New Directions made her hate the Beatles. I wouldn't go that far, but it would have been fun to see them try something from when the Beatles got weird

– Tina's pre-slushie dress was actually really pretty! Kitty's kind of hurt my eyes—and I love pink

– Bree's little "speech" to Kitty in the beginning of the episode was a reference to the crazy sorority email that made the rounds on the internet last spring.

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  • Red_Diamond Oct 10, 2013

    The chemistry between Santana and Dani was just great. I got goosebumps listening to them singing together. Too bad Demi will just be in 6 episodes only.

    Uh oh... "The Quarterback" is coming...

  • Atlantida Oct 09, 2013

    MaryAnn, u were not that harsh on that episode - THANK YOU!!!
    the best part 4 me was Santana+Demi o/c (what's their ship name???) - but i just love naya rivera/anybody so... i'm biased.
    rachel getting everything - just deal w/it. u r like "wow" every time when it's really "duh". personally i don't like it v.m. but i've been over it since the 1st season i think.
    also i like new kitty. she'll never be new santana but she tries. good 4 her.

    P.S. MaryAnn, please, don't laugh or write smth ~witty on the cory monteith tribute ep. WE GET IT U R COOL! just... it's real person tragedy ok. if u don't like it - just don't write anything at all. ty

  • hbf716 Oct 07, 2013

    I'm not sure what the goal of this episode was except to make me utterly distrust school nurses and the administrations that hire them and completely dislike Tina. She was totally wretched in the episode and I can't think of anything that she has ever done to make her a redeeming character. When she was hit with the slushee I was really hoping that she wasn't going to rush off and whine but instead punch her fist into the air and scream "party!" - then start rocking out with the other glee kids. Ugh, Kurt, working at the diner but yeah, Santana leaping for yeast infection treatment!

  • ark1317 Oct 06, 2013

    Or course Tina was humiliated multiple times! When she finally got her firts "Hit it!" the bell rang and everyone left, the the slushie! And of course, no king!
    I also have this feeling the show was making fun of the fun's critics, what with the reference to Smash season 1...
    Bree looks too child-like and I didn't like her acting.
    In the end, I liked it more than the previous episode, but Tina keeps on being a loser, even if this was her episode :(

  • Georgie81 Oct 06, 2013

    Enjoyed it more than last weeks premiere.
    As long as they keep Santana around, I will keep watching!

  • Georgie81 Oct 06, 2013

    Oh and also looking forward to seeing Bree try to take down Glee Club.
    There really needs to be an edit button.

  • vcivi Oct 06, 2013

    Loved Dantana!!! They look very cute together...!!
    Cool that Rachel got the part...
    Poor Tina...must be horrible..still nicely solved..
    I thought that Sue was all over the place this moment, she is against glee, then she isn't...liked her better when she was coach...

    Very curious of next weeks episode the Farewell episode for Finn...saw some bits of it....

  • ben45tpy Oct 06, 2013

    Beatles was a missed opportunity. All of the songs sucked this week and most did last week. What a shame.

  • irehawk20 Oct 05, 2013

    I agree about that commercial that it was excellent. Naya/Santana looks 100% attractive in her turquoise skirt. She would have looked more prettier if she pinches both sides of her turquoise skirt and twirl around both ways to make it more realistic!

  • ElisabethMuld Oct 05, 2013

    That commercial was hilarious and I love me some Demi Lovato, but any good will this episode may have conjured up for me (I haven't watched it for quite some time), was all cancelled out with the biphobia. I keep going back hoping things will be different, but they never are (I just realized I am in an abusive relationship with Glee. I need to re-evaluate my life).

  • radiumgirl Oct 06, 2013

    (I just realized I am in an abusive relationship with Glee. I need to re-evaluate my life).

    You're not alone. I'm totally here for moral support. Or something.

  • ElisabethMuld Oct 06, 2013

    Maybe we should form a group. Glee Anonymous. GA we can call it. We'll meet once a week and discuss what keeps drawing us back and then just trash it ;).

  • shae_SA Oct 04, 2013

    Demi is the cutest dumpling! Love her and Santana together, they have good chemistry, kiss could have been better though...

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